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Books, p. 349).

Wordsworth's Poetry, The Growth of the Classical in. James W. Tupper 95
Working Woman, The Modern, and Marriage.. ...Anonymous 409

Books Reviewed: American People, The Rise of: A Philosophical Interpre-

tation of American History, by Roland G. Usher (S. L. Ware), 252. Aus

Deutschen Dörfern, by Menco Stern and Robert Arrowsmith (G. M. B.),

256. A Bar of Song, by Henry E. Harman, 508. Biblical Libraries, by

Ernest Cushing Richardson, 503. Chaucer and His Poetry, by George

Lyman Kittredge (Frederick Tupper), 494. Chief Contemporary Dra-

matists, by Thomas H. Dickinson (Archibald Henderson), 478. Child

of the Nations, The, by Lucy McDowell Milburn (R. I. R.), 124.

Church, The Reconstruction of, with regard to its Message and Program,

by Paul Moore Strayer (James Bishop Thomas), 381. De Rerum

Natura. T. Lucreti Cari. Libri Sex, edited by William Augustus Merrill

(L. P. Chamberlayne), 238. Democracy and Race Friction, by John

Moffatt Mecklin (J. G. Stevens), 374. Deutschland und Die Deutschen,

by Decker and Märkisch (G. M. Baker), 123. Drama, Aspects of

Modern, by Frank W. Chandler (Archibald Henderson), 471. Drama,

The Changing: Contributions and Tendencies, by Archibald Henderson

(Pierce Butler), 243. Drama, The Modern, by Ludwig Lewisohn

(Archibald Henderson), 472. Elegies of Albius Tibullus, The. The

Corpus Tibullianum, edited, with Introduction and Notes on Books I,

II, III, 2-4, by Kirby Flower Smith (L. P. Chamberlayne), 238. Evo-

lution of Literature, The, by A. S. Mackenzie, 501. Für Kleine Leute,

by Anna T. Gronow, 508. Geographic Iufluences in Old Testament

Masterpieces, by Laura H. Wild, 504. Germany and England, by J. A.

Cramb (Edward Raymond Turner), 113. Giles, William Branch, by

D. R. Anderson (S. L. Ware), 506. Greek Romances in Elizabethan

Prose Fiction, The, by Samuel Lee Wolff (L. P. Chamberlayne), 372.

Greek New Testament, A Grammar of, in the Light of Historical Re

search, by A. T. Robertson (H. L. J. W.), 122. Hernando de Soto, by

Walter Malone (L. Wardlaw Miles), 246. History of England, A,

from the Defeat of the Armada to the Death of Elizabeth, Vol. I, by

Edward P. Cheyney (Edward Raymond Turner), 115. History of the

United States, The Riverside, edited by William E. Dodd (S. L. Ware),

380. How to See a Play, Richard Burton (Archibald Henderson), 475.

In Dialect and Other Poems, by Nicholas M. Williams, 508. India and

the War, with an Introduction by Lord Sydenham of Combe, 505. Japan

To-day and To-morrow, by Hamilton Wright Mabie (Shinjiro Kitasawa),

250. Legends of Old Honolulu, by W. D. Westervelt, 501. Major

Prophets of To-day, by Edwin E. Slosson (Archibald Henderson), 476.

Mediaval Popular Ballad, The, translated from the Danish of Johannes

C. H. R. Steenstrump, by Edward Godfred Cox (Henry M. Belden),

484. Moralities, The English, from the Point of View of Allegory, by

W. Roy Mackenzie, 124. New Movement in the Theatre, The, by

Sheldon Cheney (Archibald Henderson), 474. Oxford University Roll

of Service, edited by E. S. Craig, 504. Paul's Doctrine of Redemption,

by Henry Beach Carré (T. P. Bailey), 382. Plane Surveying, by W. G.

Raymond, 126. Police Control of the Slave in South Carolina, The, by

H. M. Henry (T. P. Bailey), 251. Political Economy, by Charles Gide.

Third Edition (James G. Stevens), 119. Polk, Leonidas: Bishop and

General, by William M. Polk (A. H. N.), 507. Pro Fide: A Defence of

Natural and Revealed Religion, by Charles Harris (T. P. Bailey), 251.

Race Orthodoxy in the South and Other Aspects of the Negro Question,

by Thomas Pierce Bailey (R. H. Dabney), 378. Reconstruction, The

Influence of, on Education in the South, by Edgar Wallace Knight (T.

P. Bailey), 250. Rice Institute Pamphlets, The, 512. Richard Henry

Lee, The Letters of, Collected and edited by James Curtis Ballagh, Vol.

II (S. L. W.), 379. Rise of Classical English Criticism, The, by James

Routh, 503. Roman Elegiac Poets, The, edited by Karl P. Harrington (T.

S. Duncan), 122. Sannazaro, Jacopo, The Piscatory Eclogues of, edited

by Wilfred P. Mustard (T. S. Duncan), 120. Sappho and the Island of

Lesbos, by Mary Mills Patrick (A. W. McWhorter), 121. Sex and

Society, by William I. Thomas (James G. Stevens), 500. Shifting of

Literary Values, The, by Albert Mordell (Archibald Henderson), 477.

Social Forces in England and America, by H. G. Wells (J. G. Stevens),

376. Social Problem, The, by Charles Ellwood (James G. Stevens),

498. Southern History and Politics, Studies in, inscribed to William

Archibald Dunning (S. L. Ware), 379. Star-Book, A Beginner's, by

Kelvin McKready, 126. Stepdaughter, A, of the Prairie, by Margaret

Lynn (W. S. Rusk), 125. Stories of Red Hanrahan, the Secret Rose,

Rosa Alchemica, by W. B. Yeats (George Townshend), 255. Studies

in Philology, 506. Supreme Court and Unconstitutional Legislation,

The, by Blaine Free Moore (S. L. W.), 225. Tennessee Historical

Magazine, The, 511. Texas Review, The, 511. Virginia Under the

Stuarts, by Thomas J. Wertenbaker (St. George L. Sioussat), 118.

Whig Party in the South, The, by Arthur Charles Cole (S. L. Ware),

252. Wild Bird Guests, by Ernest Harold Baynes, 504. Written

English, by Edwin C. Woolley, 502.

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Contributors to the January Review

R. D. O'LEARY is Professor of English in the University of Kansas.

SIDNEY J. COHEN, recently a member of the faculty of the University of South Carolina, is now connected with the Charleston (S. C.) Evening Post.

GAMALIEL BRADFORD, novelist and critic, lives in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts.

LOUIS MARTIN SEARS is a teacher in the Hyde Park High School, Chicago.

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JAMES BRANCH CABELL, author of numerous short stories and novelettes, makes his home in Dumbarton, Virginia.

A. R. H. RANSON lives in Catonsville, Maryland.

FRANK FROST ABBOTT is a member of the faculty of Princeton University.

JAMES W. TUPPER is Professor of English in Lafayette College, Pennsylvania.

H. MERIAN ALLEN is an attorney-at-law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Statement of the Ownership, Management, etc., of The Sewanee Review, published Quarterly at Sewanee, Tennessee, required by the Act of Congress of August 24, 1912: Editor, John M. McBryde, Jr., Sewanee, Tenn.; Business Manager, James C. Preston, Sewanee, Tenn.; Publisher, University Press of Sewanee, Tenn.; Owner, The University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn., a corporation; no stock issued. No bondholders, mortgagees, or other security holders. (Signed) JAS. C. PRESTON, Business Manager.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1st day of October, 1914.
(Signed) D. L. VAUGHAN, Notary Public.
My commission expires Oct., 1916.



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