Domestic Violence: The Forgotten Victims

Xulon Press, 2008 - 128 páginas
The Forgotten Victims is a real story of one family's struggle with the legacy of domestic abuse and suicide. Monica Soileau father's abuse led him to shot her mother and him committing suicide. Monica speaks to today's victims and survivors of abuse or suicide from her unique perspective. She speaks frankly of how faith helped her family cope; brought about through her mother's miraculous recovery from grievous emotional and physical wounds, and eventually resulting in her own mature understanding and empathy for everyone caught in a vicious cycle of abuse. The author embraces her mother's compelling memories, as well as includes her younger brother's experience, along with her own provocative and inspirational journey through the stages of coping, understanding, and overcoming their dark, shared legacy. As a final point, this hopeful book will help guide any reader in their discerning of how abuse affects the children who encounter it. Through retrospect the reader is brought full circle to their own childhood expectations to the actuality that life can certainly be painful and full of difficult decisions. Anyone who has experienced any of the following as a victim, as an offender, as a parent, as a child, as a counselor or healthcare worker should read this book: Domestic Violence Domestic Homicide Suicide of a Parent Children Self-Esteem Development Suppression of emotions and mourning Children assuming responsibility and guilt for parent's abusive behavior Dysfunctional Relationships Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Monica Soileau is a Certified Christian Therapist. She has worked as a Sunday School Teacher, Eucharistic Minister, Lecturer, Help Minister and Motivational Speaker in multiple ministries. She is currently enrolled in Calvary Theological Seminary School and Cornerstone University.

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The Incident as I Saw It
Molly and Her Children
Who Am I? 57
What Is Domestic Violence?
No Time for MourningToughen Up and Grow Up Girl
My Life after the Incident
Dont Let Others Determine Your Selfworth
The Healing Process
Overcoming Distorted Thinking
Closing Thoughts
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