The Code of Criminal Procedure of the State of New York: With Notes of Decisions, a Table of Sources, Complete Set of Forms, and a Full Index

Banks & Bros., 1885 - 510 páginas

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Página 357 - The people of the State of New York, by the Grace of God, Free and Independent...
Página 234 - A person wandering abroad and lodging in taverns, groceries, ale-houses, watch or station-houses, outhouses, market places, sheds, stables, barns or uninhabited buildings, or in the open air, and not giving a good account of himself; 7. A person, who, having his face painted, discolored, covered or concealed, or being otherwise disguised, in a manner calculated to prevent his being identified, appears in a road or public highway, or in a field, lot, wood or inclosure; 8.
Página 380 - ... then and there being, then and there feloniously and burglariously to steal, take and carry away of the value of dollars, of the goods and chattels and property of the said.
Página 103 - ... read it, and state the plea of the defendant to the jury, and in cases where it charges a previous conviction, and the defendant has confessed the same, the clerk in reading it shall omit therefrom all that relates to such previous conviction. In all other cases this formality may be dispensed with 2. The district attorney, or other counsel for the people, must open the cause and offer the evidence in support of the charge.
Página 148 - ... magistrate in substantially the following form : "An order having been made on the day of , 18 , by AB, a justice of the peace of the town of , -, (or as the case may be), that CD be held to answer, upon a charge...
Página 128 - Warrant for execution of convict. — WLen a defendant is sentenced to the punishment of death, the judge or judges holding the court at which the conviction takes place, or a majority of them, of whom the judge presiding must be one, must make out, sign and deliver to the sheriff of the county, a warrant, stating the conviction and sentence, and appointing the week withirs which sentence must be executed.
Página 108 - The jurors sworn to try an action may, at any time before the submission of the cause to the jury, in the discretion of the court, be permitted to separate or be kept in charge of a proper officer.
Página 75 - If it be an indictment: 1. Where it is not found, indorsed, and presented as prescribed in this code. 2. When the names of the witnesses examined before the • grand jury, or whose depositions may have been read before them, are not inserted at the foot of the indictment, or indorsed thereon.
Página 478 - ... 8. Any child between the age of five and fourteen, having sufficient bodily health and mental capacity to attend the public schools, found wandering in the streets or lanes of any city or incorporated village, a truant, without any lawful occupation.
Página 129 - If after a defendant has been sentenced to the punishment of death, there is reasonable ground to believe that he has become insane, the sheriff of the county in which the conviction took place, with the concurrence of a justice of the supreme court, or the county judge of the county, who may make an order to that effect, must...

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