Jane Austen's Heroes and Other Male Characters: A Sociological Study

Abhinav Publications, 1990 - 193 páginas
JANE AUSTEN’S HEROES is a sociological study of her half a dozen novels from what was most difficult to master life’s small measures, till her disc became her orb. The book deals with a few important questions whether Austen’s men, heroes and other male characters are protagonists of what she stood for. Does she create fully rounded characterisations of men or make them tangential, partisan studies? Does Austen fulfil the Freudian new scientific concept of id which contains everything that is inherited? Is she influenced by the revolutionary implications of Mary Wollstonecraft’s “A Vindication of the Rights of Women†? Is she a Marxist Feminist or a Remorseless realist in terms of Lukacs true great realism or an incurable Romantic? The book is a meticulous, useful and a thorough study of Austen and her times.

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