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New Books and Pamphlets

Susan O. Futterer, Associate Librarian, Federal Security Agency Library

Bibliography of Books for Children. Washington, D. C., Association for Childhood Education International, 1950. 120 p. (Bulletin No. 37) $1.

Builders of Goodwill. The Story of the State Agents of Negro Education in the South 1910-1950, by S. L. Smith. Nashville, Tennessee Book Company, 1950. 185 p. Illus. $3.

Education, the Wellspring of Democracy. By Earl James McGrath. University, Ala., University of Alabama Press, 1951. 139 p. $2.50.

Fifty Teachers to a Classroom. By the Committee of Human Resources of the Metropolitan School Study Council. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1950. 44 p. 65 cents.

A Functional Curriculum for Youth. By William B. Featherstone. New York, American Book Company, 1950. 276 p. $3.25.

Theory of Mental Tests. By Harold Gulliksen. New York, John Wiley & Sons, 1950. 486 p. $6.

A History of Education. Montessori. By Luella Cole.

Socrates to New York,

Rinehart & Company, 1950. 700 p. Illus. $5.

How To Get It From the Government. By Stacy V. Jones. (Designed to help you utilize the many services of your government available to you, free.) New York, E. P. Dutton, Inc., 300 Fourth Avenue, New York 10, N. Y. 104 p. $1.50.

Leadership in American Education. Compiled and Edited by Alonzo G. Grace. (Proceedings of the Co-operative Conference for Administrative Officers of Public and Private Schools, Northwestern University The University of Chicago, 1950, Volume XIII.) Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1950. 137 p. $3.25.

Moral and Spiritual Values in the Public Schools. By Educational Policies Commission. Washington, D. C., National Education Association of the United States and the American Association of School Administrators, 1951. 100 p. $1 single copy.

True Faith and Allegiance: an Inquiry Into Education for Human Brotherhood and Understanding. Washington, D. C., Na

tional Education Association, Commission for the Defense of Democracy Through Education, 1950. 101 p. 75 cents.

Using Periodicals. A Report of the Committee on the Use of Magazines and Newspapers in the English Class. By Ruth Mary Weeks. Chicago, Ill., National Council of Teachers of English, 1950. 114 p. 60 cents.

Your Ticket to Popularity-Good Manners. New York, the Girl Scouts of the U. S. A. and the Boy Scouts of America, 1950. 44 p. Illus. 10 cents.

Helping Young Children To Work Independently. Prepared by Mary Bressler and Lillian Moore. New York, Board of Education of the City of New York, Bureau of Educational Research, 1950. 32 p. Illus. (Educational Research Bulletin, No. 12) 25 cents.

Meaningful Art Education. By Mildred M. Landis. Peoria, Ill., Chas. A. Bennett Co., Inc., 1951. 185 p. Illus. $4.

Working To Learn. General Education through Occupational Experiences. By Milton J. Gold. New York, Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1951. 192 p. $2.85.

Selected Theses in Education

Ruth G. Strawbridge, Bibliographer, Federal Security Agency Library

THESE THESES are on file in the education collection of the Federal Security Agency Library where they are available for interlibrary loan.

Criticisms and Investigations of the Comics, 1939-49. By Anna E. Mayans. Master's, 1950. University of Cincinnati. 95 p. ms.

The Development of an Inventory Test of Library Information and a Related Unit of Instruction. By Eleanor Gile. Master's, 1949. Boston University. 112 p. ms. Evaluation of Federally and State Aided Guidance Programs in the Public Schools of Arkansas. By Dolph Camp. Doctor's, 1949. Syracuse University. 307 p. ms.

Immediate and Retention Effects of Interpolated Rest Periods on Learning Performance. By Bertram Epstein. Doctor's, 1949. Teachers College, Columbia University. 77 p.

An Investigation of the Curricular Requirements for First Grade Children in Indiana. By Lorena M. Reed. Master's, 1949. Indiana State Teachers College. 95 p. ms.

The Management of Elementary Schools. By Ralph F. W. Brimley. Doctor's, 1950. George Washington University. 212 p.


Organization and Supervision of the Safety Patrol in the Cincinnati Elementary Schools. By James W. Patia. Master's, 1950. University of Cincinnati. 126 p.


Public School System of Argentina. By Augustus F. Faust. Doctor's, 1950. University of Utah. 284 p. ms.

Reading as an Integrated Course of Study in an Independent Secondary School Curriculum. By Elva E. Knight. Doctor's, 1950. Harvard University. 307 p. ms.

The Relative Efforts of the States to Support Public Education. By Ralph C. Geigle. Doctor's 1950. George Washington University. 2 vols. ms.

The Status of the Library in the High Schools of Nevada. By Alene R. DeRuff. Master's, 1948. University of Nevada. 243 p. ms.

Teacher Activities of the Vocal School Music Program. By Francis G. Bulber. Doctor's, 1948. George Peabody College for Teachers. 156 p.

The Teaching of the Soviet Union in American Secondary School Social Studies. By Richard W. Burkhardt. Doctor's 1950. Harvard University. 258 p. ms.

A Two Year Program for the Social Studies in the Senior High Schools of New York State. By Sheldon E. Guile. Master's, 1949. Syracuse University. 151 p. ms.



from Your Government

Office of Education

Books To Help Build International Understanding.
Revised March 1951. Selected for children and
young people with special reference to the United
Nations, by Nora E. Beust. Free.

Earned Degrees Conferred by Higher Educational
Institutions 1949-50. By Robert C. Story. Cir-
cular No. 282, December 1950. Free.
Education Directory 1950-51, Part 4: Education
Associations. 15 cents.

Federal Government Funds for Education 1948-49
and 1949-50. By Clayton D. Hutchins and
Myrtis Keels. Bulletin 1950, No. 3. 25 cents.
How the College Introductory Course in United States
History Is Organized and Taught. By Jennings B.
Sanders. Circular No. 288, April 1951. Free.
Languare Arts in the Elementary School Program.
By Helen K. Mackintosh. Education Briefs, Ele-
mentary Education Series No. 22, April 1951.

1951 Advertising Campaign for Better Schools. Conducted by the Advertising Council, Inc., in cooperation with the National Citizens Commission for the Public Schools, U. S. Office of Education, and Citizens Federal Committee on Education. Kit of informational materials. Single sets available free upon request as long as supply lasts. Officer Training for Fire Departments. By W. A. Ross. Misc. 3345, Revised March 1951. Free. Offerings in Guidance and Other Phases of Student Personnel Programs in Colleges and Universities Summer 1951. By Clifford P. Froehlich and Willard W. Blaesser. Misc. 3162, Revised 1951. Free.

Publications of the Office of Education on AudioVisual Education. A list. Free.

Publications of the Office of Education Pertaining to Education in Rural and Small Communities. April 1951. Free.

Selected References on the Teaching of Science for Grades 7-14 Inclusive. By Philip G. Johnson, W. Edgar Martin, and Willis C. Brown. Circular No. 308-II, February 1951. Free.


Free publications listed on this page are available in limited supply only and should be ordered directly from the agency issuing them. Publications to be purchased should be ordered from the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C., unless otherwise indicated.

State Testing and Evaluation Program. By David Segel. Circular No. 320, 1951. Free.

Statistics of Negro Colleges and Universities: Students, Staff, and Finances, 1900-50. By Henry G. Badger. Circular No. 293, April 1951. Free. Vitalizing the Teaching of Maps and Globes. By Halene Hatcher. Circular No. 321, April 1951. Free.

Department of Commerce

Facts and Figures About the United Nations. Office of Public Affairs. Department of State Publication 3930, International Organization and Conference Series III, 53, 1950. 5 cents.

Federal Records of World War II. 2 volumes. National Archives and Records Series. 1951. $2.50 a volume.

Department of Labor

They Work While You Play; A Study of Teen-age Boys and Girls Employed in Amusement Industries. Bureau of Labor Standards, Bulletin No. 124. 1950. 15 cents.

Department of State

Korea 1945 to 1948. A report on political developments and economic resources with selected documents. Office of Public Affairs. Department of State Publication 3305, Far Eastern Series 28. Reprinted July 1950. 35 cents.

The "Point Four" Program: A Progress Report, December 1950, Number 5. Office of Public Affairs. Department of State Publication 4042, Economic Cooperation Series 25. Free.

Preparation for Tomorrow. A German boy's year in America. Office of Public Affairs. Department of State Publication 4138, European and British Commonwealth Series 20, 1951. 25 cents.

School Life Subscription Blank SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENTS,

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For the Nation's Defense!

A series of civil defense manuals

and information booklets to help in protecting lives, property, and resources in event of any enemy attack.


Now Available: (Order from Superintendent of

Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office,

Washington 25, D. C.)



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What You Should Know About Biological Warfare-10¢
Health Services and Special Weapons Defense-60¢
Attack-10¢ The Alert Cards-5¢

Civil Defense-25¢

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Survival Under Atomic Damage From Atomic Explosion and Design of Protective Structures—

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Brief Job Descriptions and Standard Qualifications

The Rescue Service Civil Defense in Industry and Institutions
Study Guide for National Civil Defense Programs The Police Service • Vulnerability of Cities
Warden Service The Fire Service The Emergency Welfare Service • The Transportation Service
The Engineering Service, Emergency Water Supplies for Fire Fighting Interim Basic Course in Civil Defense
Fighting for Householders What You Should Know About Poison Gases
Defense Operations



Tactical Principles in Civil

ORDER copies for yourself or your school TODAY

Civil Defense Is Everybody's Business


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