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THE following work is founded upon a lecture delivered in Glasgow last winter, and this accounts for its form. object is to state shortly the effect of marriage upon the property of the spouses, the claims of the children of the marriage and the rights of creditors on the bankruptcy of either of the parents or of the children. The common law is first explained,-to some extent in its historical development, then the alterations made upon it by statute, particularly by the Married Women's Property Acts, and lastly the usual arrangements which are made by contract in lieu or in supplement of the provisions to which married persons and their children are legally entitled. Chapters II. and III., which treat of the common law, must therefore be read in connection with what follows. To prevent confusion I have given references in the footnotes to the principal statutory changes on the common law, and the index will in general show at a glance both what the law was and what it is.

I have to thank Mr. John A. Spens and Mr. George Guthrie for their kindness in reading the proof sheets and for many valuable suggestions.


GLASGOW, 31st January, 1891.


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