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Civilizing work of modern

ADAMS, Cyrus C.
Christian missions, 190.
Adams, Franklin. New era of manufacturing in
South America, 177.

Aerial navigation, Sensations of, £10.

Africa, Affairs in, 27.

Africa, Railroads and railroad-building in, 477.
Africa to the front, 535.

Agriculture as taught in Cuban schools, 488.
Aladin, Alexis. The fate of the second Russian
Duma, 551.

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 606.
Alhambra in danger, The, 745.

Allen, William H. Ocean-beach reservations for
New York City, 574.

American ideals, President Roosevelt on, 650.
Animals as weather prophets, 628.
Apprenticeship system, A modern adaptation of,


Arbitration: See also under Peace, Hague con-
ference, and Disarmament.
Arbitration, International, A pioneer in, (Thomas

Balch), 733.

Atheism, tide of, Can the Church stem? 627.
Atlantic Coast waterway defenses, 100.
Austria, Electoral revolution in, 283.
Automobile, The, and the average man, 74.
Automobile, The, in the British army, 99.

of American Republics, 147.
Barth, Theodore, (brief sketch), 687.
Belgium and the Congo, 27.
Belgium, Recent progress in, 406.
Berthelot, Marcellin, statesman-chemist, 751.
Boarding-house, Co-operative, for French tele-
phone girls, 579.

Books, The new, 108, 253, 380, 507, 635, 756,
Book prices, Four centuries of, 506.
Brain-weight and intelligence, 505.
Brandeis, Louis D. Savings-bank life insurance
for wage-earners, 337.
Brown, G. M. L.

South America, 177.
New era of manufacturing in
Brownsville troops case, 16.
Bronx River (New York) parkwav. Proposed,


Bryan, William J., and the railroads, 518.
Bryce, James, and American poets, 653.
Bryce, James, and Canada, 141.

Bryce, James: Britain's envoy to the American

people, 166.

Buchanan, William I., (brief sketch), 677.
Burdett-Coutts, Baroness, Charitable' work of,


Bureau of American Republics, 147, 655.
Busse, Fred A., Chicago's new mayor, 585.


Immigrant, Canada's new, 367.
Mineral industry of, 710.
Problems of, 148.

BALCH, Thomas, a pioneer in internationål arbi-

tration, 733.

Balkans, Trouble in, 409.

Barrett, John, appointed Director of the Bureau Coal supply and the government, 140.

Coast defense, Atlantic, 100.

CABINET, as reorganized on March 4, 270.


England, and the United States, 484.

United States, Relations with, 140, 653, 717.
United States, Postal convention with, 652.
United States, Differences with, 148.

Western: Its resources and possibilities. 697.
Carducci, Giosue, Death of, What Italy loses
by, 619.

Caribbean notes, 531.

Carnegie's institutions, 400.

Cartoons of the Month, 33, 161, 291, 414, 544,

Census Bureau affairs, 10.
Central-American war, The, 402, 530, 654.
Chapman, Arthur. The making of
ranger, 447.

Chicago election, The, 581.
Charities, A government department of, 744.

Chicago's new charter, 644.
Chicago's judicial system, Revolution in, 452.

Chicago, Traction outlook in, 525, 581.
Child-labor movement, 4, 5, 271.
Chinese progress, 286.

China, Constitutional government in, 236.
Choate, Joseph H. (brief sketch), 673.
Climate, Effect of, on character, 377.
Cleveland, Grover, at seventy, 401.
Cleveland, Three-cent street-railway fare in, 272.
Climate, Influence of ocean on, 376.
Coal reserves-Will they last, 479.

a forest

Colonial problem as Holland solved it, 629.
Commerce and Labor Department, 7, 9, 420.
Congo, Belgium and, 27.

Congress, Proceedings in, 29, 157, 266, 287, 398,

Congress River and Harbor bill passed, 397.
Senate, Changes in, 272.

Consular system, American, at Prague, 553.
Consul, American, and American trade, 344.
Consular service, New tests for, 556.
Cook, Frank Gaylord. The Longfellow centen-

ary, 173.
Corporation control, Conference on, 396.
Corals and other deep-sea life, 370.
Corporations, Bureau of, Annual report, 6.
Corporation interests, Vastness of, 137.
Cotton-growers, Italian, in Arkansas, 209.
Cotton supremacy, American, 402.
Cotton-spinners of Lancashire, England, during
American Civil War, 348.

Criminal law, The French and the American,
Creel, Enrique C., Mexican ambassador to the
United States, 489.


Cromer, Lord, maker of Egypt, 536.
Cronin, John J., M.D. The doctor in the public
school, 433.

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Cuba, Affairs in, 18; Situation in, in April, 655.
Cuba, Secretary Taft in, 530.

Cuban schools, Agriculture as taught in, 488.

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