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UNDERTAKING-in legal proceedings generally regulated, 729,-730, 810-816.

on attachment, 640-710.

on arrest, 559, 560.

Hail, 575-581.

on injunction, 611-629.

when required on application for judgment by default, 1216, 1217.

on appeal to the court of appeals, 1309-1312, 1326-1335.

on application of partners for release of partnership property levied upon, 695, 696, 1414.

to be given when claimant succeeds in claim of title to property levied upon, 1419.

on appeal generally, 1309-1312.

to obtain stay, on appeal in action for dower, 1616.

to require sheriff to replevy in action for chattel, 1694, 1699.

in action for chattel, when defendant reclaims, 1704.

in action for chattel, sureties, how and when to justify, 1705.

id.; to whom to be delivered, 1708.

on second and subsequent replevin of chattel, 1713.

may be required of legatee before execution granted against executor, 1827. on offer of secondary evidence in action upon lost negotiable paper, 1917. security not required in action by people, or public officer, 1918, 1990. must be tendered on service of habeas for prisoner in custody, 2000. last provisions not applicable where writ allowed on application of attorneygeneral or district-attorney, 2002.

may be required on stay of proceedings upon issue of certiorari to review,


to stay warrant and execution for costs in summary proceedings, 2254.

to stay warrant on appeal in summary proceedings, 2261, 2262.

on warrant of attachment for contempt; amount of, to be indorsed on warrant, 2275.

to procure discharge from such warrant, 2277, 2279.

may be required of judgment debtor after arrest in supplementary proceeding. 2440.

to perfect appeal from surrogate's court, 2577, 2578-2580.

on appeal in case of death of adverse party, in surrogate's court; waiver of, 2575.

deposit in lieu of filing of; new undertaking, when given; action upon, 2575. on order that additional security for costs be filed, 3276.

to be filed on order requiring security for costs, 3272, 3275.

(See, also, BOND.)

UNDERTAKING IN JUSTICE'S COURT-to procure warrant of attachment, 2908. by defendant; re-delivery of property thereupon, 2911

by third person on claim of property attached, 2912.

to procure replevin of chattel, 2920.

for defendant to reclaim chattel, 2925.

on answer of title, 2952.

given in action for chattel, is available in new action commenced after answer of title, 2957.

to procure adjournment, by defendant, 2961, 2962.

to procure discharge of defendant from custody, after arrest, 2963.

of defendant to procure second and subsequent adjournment, 2965.

to procure stay of proceedings, on appeal from justice's court, 3050.

how filed, etc., in case of death, etc., of justice, 3052.

to obtain new trial in appellate court, on appeal from justice's judgment, 3069.

on appeal from final order, in proceedings relative to strays, 3105.

UNDERTAKING IN CERTAIN COURTS OF CITIES may be dispensed with by N. Y. marine court on granting order of arrest in certain marine causes, 3177.

of defendant on bail after such arrest, 3180-3184.

liability of surety on, when answer of title interposed in justices' court of Albany or Troy or district court of New York, 3212.

upon granting warrant of attachment, or order of arrest, in district court of New York, 3219.

UNITED STATES--property taken pursuant to statute of, etc., cannot be replevied, except, etc. 1690, 2919.

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