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Books by John Jay Chapman

Emerson and Other Essays

Causes and Consequences

Practical Agitation

Four Plays for Children

Learning and Other Essays

The Maid's Forgiveness, a play

A Sausage from Bologna, a play

The Treason and Death of Benedict Arnold, a play for a Greek theatre

Neptune's Isle, and other plays for children

Homeric Scenes. staging portions of the Iliad (in press)
Memories and Milestones (in press)


Germany Speaks

A Collection of the Utterances of Representative
Germans-Statesmen, Military Leaders,
Scholars, and Poets-in Defence
of the War Policies of

The Fatherland

Compiled and Analyzed by

John Jay Chapman

G. P. Putnam's Sons
New York and London
The Knickerbocker Press

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