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with fuperiour knowledge. It is from this principle, my Lord, that You have been rendered fo happy in every rational attainment, and led to an union with virtues the moft fimilar to Your own. Hence it is, that I am emboldened to lay before Your Grace the following Differtations, which contain matter of dark and remote enquiry; and are the fruits of that ease and retirement, with which, under Providence, I am blest by Your benevolence and favour. These are the only returns I can make for the many fignal inftances of Your goodness. Beyond these I have nothing left, but prayers and wishes for You long and intimately to enjoy that happiness, which, like a falutary emanation, You so widely diffuse to others. I fhall not attempt to make any display of Your high endowments, and hereditary great qualities. May it be the peculiar happiness of these times never to stand in need of fuch approved worth and excellence. Let the calm


with which we are flattered, long continue; that nothing may interfere with Your noble and ingenuous pursuits, nor ruin the happy tendency of Your studies; much less in any degree interrupt Your domestic felicity.

Permit me to subscribe myself with the highest sense of duty and esteem,


Your Grace's

Moft faithful

And moft obliged

Humble fervant,

CYPENHAM, MAY Ift. 1767.



Pag. 11. Notes, lin. 5. for Wheeler, read Wheler.
22. lin. 21. for are, read is.

24. lin. 15. for Meliteufa, read Melituja.
37. Notes, lin. penult. for Sinns, read Sinus.
60. lin. 23. for tract, read track.

92. lin. ult. for Hayman, read Heyman.

ibid. Notes, lin. 1. for Hayman, read Heyman.

96. lin. 21. dele comma after ovoμaxλndnv.

ibid. lin. 22. dele comma after dλes; place a comma after τυραννος.

109. lin. 30. for thefe provinces were, read thefe were the provinces of 110. Notes, lin. penult. for Lb. read Lib.

124. lin. 11. for fouth, read north.

130. Notes, lin. 1. for Lib. 12. read De Animalibus. Lib. 12.

133. lin. 11. for as that a man, read that a man.

134. lin. 9. for perfon that, read perfons who.

138. lin. 21. for Anchialum, read Ancharium.

144. lin. 12. for beleagured them, read and having beleagured them.

ibid. lin. 13. and after, dele and.

149. lin. 14. for or to, read nor to.

158. lin. 22. dele Herodotus and.

172. Notes, lin. 8. for (Auɛg), read (Aougiav).

186. Notes, lin. 5.

for now, read no.

204. Notes, lin. 7. for Bwan, read Bwan; for 2, read .

206. Notes, lin. 1. for Al Soyuti, read Al Soyuli.

243. Notes, lin. penult. for x, read a.

246. In the Lift of Arabian Kings, after Mardocentes 45, add Anon: 41.

269. lin. 12. After to think, that, add for a long time.

280. lin. 11. after light and fire, add called by the Greeks Koronus,

298. lin. 25. for wigator, read wigator.


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