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New York Society a Generation Ago, Elizabeth Duer, Harp.
Newspaper Industry, B. Fisher, Atlant.
Newspapers, Boston, F. B. Sanborn, Bkman.
Nietzsche's Social Theories, A. Fouillee, RDM, May 15.
Northwestern Migration, New Tide of, C. Hamlin, AMRR.
Novel of American History, Annie R. Marble, Dial, June 1.
Novelist, How to Become a,-A Symposium, YM.
Nurses, Modern Trained, A Symposium, NineC.
Odyssey, Origins of the II., V. Berard, RDM, June 1.
Opera and Drama, W. P. James, Mac.

Ore, Handling, at a Blast-Furnace, W. L. Cowles, CasM.
Organs, Portable, G. W. Walter, Mus, April.

Oxford and the American Student, F. H. Stoddard, AMRR.
Oyster, Story of a-V., F. L. Washburn, Over.

Pacific Coast, Discovery of Our, R. A. Thompson, OutW,

Pacific, Problems of the, Black.

Paget, Sir James, P. F. Bicknell, Dial, May 16.

Pan-American Congress in Mexico, J. P. de Guzman, EM,

Parker, Francis Wayland, F. A. Fitzpatrick, Ed R.
Pasteur, Louis, Ida M. Tarbell, McCÍ.

Paul, Our Continuing Need of, W. C. Wilkinson, Hom.

Paul, Social Teaching of-V., S. Mathews, Bib.

Peace Doctrine in the Old Testament, G. A. Barton, Bib.
Peaches: A National Product, J. H. Hale, WW.

Pelzer, South Carolina, An American Industrial Experi-
ment at, R. T. Ely, Harp.


American Rule? Do the Filipinos Desire, S. Lopez, Gunt.
Friars, Spanish, Captivity of the, Ros.

Living With the Filipinos, R. B. Vaile, WW.
Philippine War, Causes of the, S. C. Parks, Arena.
Philippine War: Two Ethical Questions, F. Adler, Forum.
Trade With the Philippines, C. R. Edwards, Annals, May.
Phips, William, the First Self-Made American, Adèle M.
Shaw, Ev.

[blocks in formation]

Dry Plates, Manufacture of, C. E. Fairman, CDR.
Exposure, A. Watkins, WPM, May.

Flowers, Wild, Studying, with a Camera, L.W. Brownell, O.
Hunting Big Game with the Camera, A. G. Wallihan, Out.
Intensification, New Methods of, C. H. Bothamley, PhoT.
Landscape Photography, Artistic-II., F. Voitier, CDR.
Masking Methods for Improving Prints, P. Mathy, PhoT,

Night Photography, R. Hines, Jr., PhoT.

Photography by Measure, C. Jones, WPM, May.

Photomicrography, Educational Value of, A.C. Scott, PopS.
Platinum Printing, J. P. St. Clair, CDR.
Printing, W. J. Cotterell, CDR.

Selection of Subjects for Exposure, W. Sprange, PhoT, May.
Spitzer, Dr. F. V., and His Work, Pho T.

Theater Photography and the New Fluid Lens, E. F. Grun,

Physical American, The, H. W. Field, FrL.

Pike, National, and Its Memories, R. R. Wilson, NEng, May.
Ping Pong, The Game of, Constance Bantock, Pear.
Plant Making in a Dutch Garden, E. P. Lyle, Jr., Ev.
Plants, Growing of, CLA.

Plants: How They Make Friends, G. C. Nuttall, LeisH.
Plants, Ingenuity of, J. Scott, YM.

Poetry in a New Court, Old Case of, F. B. Gummere, Atlant.
Poets, American, Laura Mendez, EM, May.

Poets, Plethora of, S. Low, Corn.

Poets, Preraphaelite, S. A. Link, MRN.

Poison Drama at the Court of Louis XIV., J. de Morgan,

Political Economy, R. P. Falkner, PopS.

Polo, American, Beginnings of, E. W. Roby, O.
Polo, English and American, T. F. Dale, O.
Pony, The Modern, T. C. Patterson, Era.

Porto Rico, Our Trade with, O. P. Austen, Annals. May.

Porto Rico, Political Parties in, L. S. Rowe, Annals, May.
Postal System, Defects and Abuses in Our, H. A. Castle,

Prior, Matthew, H. W. Thayer, SR, April.

Prism Field-Glass, Porro, W. R. Warner, PopA.

Protective Tariff: Warning from the Census, G. Gunton,

[blocks in formation]

Rhodes, Cecil J., F. L. Oswald, and R. de Quinton, Arena;
F. E. Garrett, Contem: J. B. Walker, Cos.
Rhodes, Cecil, the Matoppos, and Inyanga, Evelyn Cecil,

Rhodes Scholarships for Americans, H. M. Stephens, WW.
Rimbaud, Jean Arthur, S. C. de Soissons, Contem.
Rockefeller, John Davison, J. Ralph, Cos.

Roman Catholics and Public Schools, L. J. Markoe, Cath.
Roman Reminiscences of Nearly Half a Century Ago, Black.
Roosevelt, Mrs. Martha Bulloch, Emma H. Bulloch, LHJ.
Roses, Cultivation of, CLA.

Round-Up, A Day with the, Mary E. Stickney, Era.
Rowing, American University, R. D. Paine, Ö.

Rubáiyát, First American Edition of the, Lida R. McCabe,

Rumbold, Horace, Recollections of, NatR.

Russia: the Peasantry, the Towns, and the Pilgrimages, T.
H. Bentzon, RDM, May 15.

Russian Awakening, F. Volkhovsky, Contem.
Russian Policy, J. H. Ecob, Arena.

Saloon Problem, by a Saloonist, M. Tekulsky, SocS.
Saloon Substitutes, J. E. Freeman, ocS.

Samoa, At the Traders' Station in, L. P. Churchill, Lipp.
Science and Burglary, C. H. Dennis, Ev.

Science in America, Position of, C. Abbe, NAR.

Scotland, Catholic, Hymns and Legends of, Mary C. Crow-
ley, Cath.

Scott, Sir Walter, The Land of, W. Sharp, Harp.
Scottish Artillery, Black.

Semitism, Anti-, in Europe, G. Gottheil, Int.
Servants, Lady-, Ellen W. Darwin, NatR.
Shakespeare, Patriotism of, W. Sinclair, LeisH.

Ship-building, Steel, in Massachusetts, R. Bergengren
NEng, May.

Shipping, American, Future of, A. Goodrich, WW.

Shipping Combine and the British Flag, E. Robertson, NineC.
Shipping Combine: Ocean Trust and British Policy, Fort.
Sidney, Sir Philip, and Lady Penelope Devereux, R. Le Gal-
lienne, Cos.

Slave-Trade in Hausaland, T. J. Tonkin, MisR.

Social Development, Capitalization of, L. Wallis, AJS, May.
Social Ideals and Economic Facts in the Nineteenth Cen
tury, G. Sorel, RSoc, May.

Sociology, L. F. Ward, PopS.

Sociology, Contemporary-III., L. F. Ward, AJS, May.
Sociology, Study of, in the United States, F. L. Tolman,
AJS, May.

Soldiers, Our Schoolboy, D. A. Willey, Mun.

Sothern, E. A., Humor of, Lucy D. Fuller, Cent.

South America, The United States and, H. E. Armstrong,

South Africa: see also Great Britain.

Boer Commandos, USM.

[blocks in formation]

Cause of the War- II., W. D. MacGregor, West.
Causes of the War, E. Howard, RasN, May 1.

Fiscal Policy Regarding the Transvaal Mines, W. Bleloch

Future Africa, P. Barry, West.

Labor Problem, A. Miller, Fort.

Spion Kop, True Story of, W. B. Worsfold, MonR.
Times History of the War, Black.

Southwest, New Era in the, C. M. Harger, AMRR.
Southwest, The Great-II., R. S. Baker, Cent.

Spain Before the Crowning, X. de Ricard, Nou, May 15.

Spain, Queen-Regent and the Young King of, Helene Vacar-
esco, AMRR.

Spain, Social Life in, Fort.

Spreckels, Claus, S. E. Moffett, Cos.

Spencer, Herbert: His Philosophical Testament, T. de Wy-
zewa, RDM, May 15,

Sportsmen, Ohio, Problems of, L. Hubbard, Jr., O.

Sportswomen and Their Attire, Mary Howarth, Bad.

Stage, A New Art of the, A. Symons, Mon R.

Stars, Autobiography of the, R. Bergengren, Harp.

Stars, Variable, with Different Notation, H. C. Wilson,

Statistics, C. D. Wright, PopS.

Statesmen, Schools for, T. H. S. Escott, Fort.
Stevenson, Robert Louis, H. A. Vance, SR, April.
Stockton, Frank R., AMRR; H. W. Mabie, BB.
Stoddart, J. H., Recollections of-II., Cent.

Strauss, Richard, M. Marnold, Mus, April; G. Kobbé, NAR.
Street Cars in New York, Sanitary Condition of, G. A.
Soper, San.

Strikes in the United States, C. D. Wright, NAR.

Suffrage in the South: Six New State Constitutions, C. Cory,

Sugar and the Sugar Beet, J. Waddell, PopS.

Sun and Stars in Space, Motion of the, H. S. Monck, PopA.
Swastika, The Fylfot and-11., P. Carus, OC.

Sweden, Literary Movement in, J. de Coussanges, Revue,
May 15.

Tait, Peter Guthrie, C. K. Edmunds, PopS.

Talmage, T. De Witt, the Preacher, D. J. Burrell, Hom. Telegraphy, Wireless, Practicability of, G. Marconi, Fort. Thackeray, Another Aspect of, Kathleen Leche, NineC. Thackeray, William M., L. Melville, Temp.

Thoreau, Henry D.: Where He Worked and Wandered,
Annie R. Marble, Crit.

Thunderstorm, Ballooning in a, J. M. Bacon, Pear.
Tips and Commissions, J. G. Speed, Lipp.

Township Government, Southern Experiment in, R.E. Fast,
SR, April.

Traction Engine History, Relic of, F. A. Scheffler, CasM.
Transvaal: see South Africa.

Treasurers, Public, Liability of, H. M. Dowling, ALR.
Tropics, Our Growing Dependence Upon the, O. P. Austin,

Trusts, How to Curb the, H. Michelsen, NAR.
Tuberculosis, Malnutrition of, F. M. Crandall, San.
Unitarianism in Lancaster, Mass., A. Gunnison, NEng, May.
United States: Relation of the Nation to Its Dependencies,
E. Stevenson, ALR.

United States: The Animus of '76, C. Lampman, Can.
Universities, American, An Oxford Man's Impressions of,

E. S. P. Haynes, Bkman.

Vacation Schools and Playgrounds, H. S. Curtis, Harp.
Vanderlip, Frank A., F. H. Brooks, WW.

Vernon, Edward, W. L. Clowes, NineC.

Victoria, Reform Movement in, G. D. Meudell, RRM, April. Vienna, M. Jane Withers, Cath.

[blocks in formation]

Ward, Mrs. Humphrey, Pioneer Work of, SocS.
Ware, Eugene Fitch, P. Eastman, NatM.
Washington-Greene Correspondence, NEng.

Washington, Improving the City of, M. Schuyler, Arch, May.
Washington, Making Laws at, H. L. Nelson, Cent.

Waterloo, English and French Cavalry at, W. H. Fitchett, RRM, April.

Webster, John, J. Morris, Fort.

Wesley, John, as a Preacher for the Present Time, W. H, Meredith, Hom.

West Indian Disaster, W J McGee, AMRR.

West Indian Possessions of the United States, Strategic Value of the, W. V. Judson, Annals, May.

West Indies, National Geographic Society Expedition in the,

Westinghouse, George, C. W. Price, Cos.
Westminster Abbey, A. Yockney, AJ.

Westminster, Reminiscences of, W. Sidebotham, LeisH.
Whittier, John G., Associations of, Mary E. Desmond, Cath.
Williams, Roger, and the Plantations at Providence, E. J.
Carpenter. N Eng, May.

Williamsburg, Old, in Virginia, CLA.

Witchcraft, Story of, W. T. Hale, MRN.

Woman, Nobility of, Carmen Sylva, Revue, June 1.
Women: American Wives and English Housekeeping, Mrs.
J. Lane, Fort.

Women in Business Positions, E. Flower, Arena.
Women: The Girl with a Future, Lilian C. Paschal, Ains.
Woods, What to Do when Lost in the, G. Kennan, Out.
Workingman's Apostolate, Father Cuthbert, Cath.
Workmen's Assurance, M. Vanlaer, RefS, May 16.
Yachting, One-Design Classes in, W. P. Stephens, O.

Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.

[All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.]

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A Fairly Successful Mission...

A Seven-Masted Schooner Launched......
With illustration.


The New Gun that Shoots Twenty-one Miles 173
With illustration.

M. Bloch's Great War Museum at Lucerne.. 174
With portraits of the late Jean de Bloch, Madame de
Bloch, Henri de Bloch, and Madame Holynska.

The New Rice-Farming in the South ....... 177
By Day Allen Willey.
With illustrations.

England's Greatest Living Artist: George
Frederick Watts..

By W. T. Stead.

With portraits of Mr. Watts, and other illustrations.


The Civil Government Act.


The Recent Session..

The Canal Bill....

As to Right of Way.
Congress and Cuba.
The Admission Bill.


Industrial and Commercial

Conditions in





By Albert G. Robinson.



The Cuban Municipality


Other Congressional Matters.

The Political Season..

By Victor S. Clark.



The New Porto Rican Law Codes


Bryanism and the Democracy.

As to Mr. Bailey.....

Northwestern Republicans..

The Campaign Issues..

Bituminous Coal Strike Averted.

General Business Conditions.



Amenities of City Pedestrians..


Mr. Spooner in Congress and at Home.




Leading Articles of the Month



In Spanish America..

French Affairs.....

Affairs in Spain..

Elsewhere Abroad.



By Louis Windmüller.

The Leader of the Mine Workers..
How Labor is Organized..

Arbitration as a Preventive of Strikes.

A New Form of Profit-Sharing..


The Panama Canal Route.....


With portraits of Francis H. Laking. Frederic W. Hewitt, Frederick Treves, Thomas Smith, Lord Lister, King Edward VII., Queen Alexandra, Arthur J. Balfour, Lord Salisbury, John Gordon Sprigg, W. E. H. Lecky, W. Huggins, H. Keppel, Lord Kelvin, Lord Kitchenor, Lord Wolseley, Lord Roberts, John Morley, E. H. Seymour, Lord Rayleigh, George F. Watts, Duke of Connaught, Duchess of Connaught, George W. Davis, Adna R. Chaffee, Robert E. Pattison, Joseph W. Bailey, and Robert M. La Follette, cartoons, and other illustrations.

[blocks in formation]

Formosa Under Japanese Rule..
The Transvaal Mines...

Professor Heilprin on Mont Pelée.




















Record of Current Events...


With portraits of the late Thomas J. Morgan, Sir
Michael Hicks-Beach, and the late King Albert of
Saxony, and other illustrations.

Darwinism and Empire

The Pygmies of Central Africa..

An Englishman's Plea for a National Theater.. 231

Some Cartoon Comments of the Month... With reproductions from American and foreign journals.

Elevation of the German Drama.



Education by Newspaper....


Tolstoy on Education and Instruction:


Mary's House at Ephesus.


The New British Premier.


The Sheep-Dog Trials in England..


Movements of Brainless Animals.


By A. Maurice Low.

The White Elephant.


With portrait of the Rt. Hon. Arthur James Balfour.

Death in Folk-Lore..


Spooner, of Wisconsin.....


By Walter Wellman.

With portraits of Dr. Shimpei Goto, and Baron Gentaro Kodama, and profile of the Panama Canal route.

With portrait of Senator John C. Spooner.

The Periodicals Reviewed..


The Georgia Governorship...


The New Books...


With portraits of Joseph M. Terrell, and Col. J. H.

Index to Periodicals..


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[graphic][merged small]

(Lord Salisbury, who retired from office last month, is shown in this drawing, made for Black and White by C. M. Sheldou, as in conference with the King at Marlborough House.)


Review of Reviews.


No. 2.

His Illness.


England was the foremost center The King and through last month of the world's important news. It was not until the middle of July that there was full assurance that King Edward was on the high road to recovery. For a few days after the news, late in June, of the King's illness and submission to a surgical operation, with the indefinite postponement of the coronation and the abandonment of the programme of festivities, there were throughout the world such manifestations of anxiety and friendly concern as were witnessed last year when the life of President McKinley was hanging by a thread. The people of the British dominions showed the most profound feeling, and in the United States there was unbroken unanimity in the expressions of sympathy and good will. It seems that Edward had suffered from exposure at Aldershot during the military reviews, and had come down with a chill and other serious symptoms on June 14. The coronation, as our readers will remember, was to have taken place on June 26. For a number of days the King's physicians made him husband. his strength in order that he might be ready for the essential parts of the coronation programme; but on the 24th a medical consultation disclosed

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the fact that the King was suffering from a gravely critical case of perityphlitis, this being a particular form, by no means an uncommon one,-of what is generally called peritonitis. It was decided that the only hope for the King's life lay in an immediate surgical operation to remove an abscess that had formed near the appendix, and this decision was immediately given effect, the operator being that eminent surgeon, Sir Frederick Treves. But for modern advances in medical knowledge and in the surgical art, the King must undoubtedly have died on or about the date that had been set for the coronation.

Favorable Convalescence.

The King's chief anxiety about it all was due to his desire that the people should not be disappointed, in view of their great preparations for the coronation. At first he insisted upon being carried to the Abbey, in order that the event might occur according to the programme. He was made, however, to understand the impossibility of any postponement of the necessary operation, which took place in Buckingham Palace, where subsequently the royal sufferer lay in a room facing the beautiful gardens. All this had come about so suddenly that the chief dignitaries of England were re

[graphic][graphic][graphic][graphic][merged small][merged small][merged small]


Lord Lister.

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