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All fines recovered under this section shall belong to Her Majesty:

No fine shall be imposed under this section if it shall appear Proviso. to the judge or court that the party has already been sued for the same offence, nor shall any such fine be imposed for any offence proved only by the evidence or admission of the party committing it.

118. No indictment for bribery or undue influence, persona- Bribery, &c., tion or other corrupt practice shall be triable before any Court not triable at of Quarter or General Sessions of the Peace.


119. Every prosecution for any misdemeanor under this Limitation of Act, and every action, suit or proceeding for any pecuniary suits, &c. penalty given by this Act to the person suing for the same, shall be commenced within the space of one year next after the act committed, and not afterwards (unless the same be prevented by the withdrawal or absconding of the defendant out of the jurisdiction of the court), and being commenced shall be proceeded with and carried on without wilful delay.

120. Every person taking any oath or affirmation under Perjury. this Act, who wilfully swears or affirms falsely, shall be deemed guilty of perjury.


121. No payment (except in respect of the personal expenses No payment of a candidate) and no advance, loan or deposit, shall be made to be made except through by or on behalf of any candidate at any election, before or dur- authorized ing or after such election, on account of such election, other- agent. wise than through an agent or agents, whose name or names, address or addresses, have been declared in writing to the Returning Officer, on or before the nomination day, or through an agent or agents to be appointed in his or their place, as herein provided; and any person making any such payment, advance, loan or deposit otherwise than through such agent or agents shall be guilty of a misdemeanor:

It shall be the duty of the Returning Officer, to publish on or Names of before the nomination day the name and address or the names agents to be published. and addresses of the agent or agents appointed in pursuance of this section:

In the event of the death or legal incapacity of any agent In case agent appointed in pursuance of this section, the candidate shall cannot act. forthwith appoint another agent in his place, giving notice to the Returning Officer of the name and address of the person so appointed, which shall be forthwith published as herein before provided, by the Returning Officer.

Bills and claims to be sent in within one month, or right to be barred. Proviso.


Publication of

detailed statement of expenses.

Penalty for default.

Bills, &c., to

be preserved.

Who 'may not act as agents

122. All persons who have any bills, charges or claims upon any candidate for or in respect of any election, shall send in such bills, charges or claims within one month after the day of the declaration of the election, to such agent or agents as aforesaid; otherwise such persons shall be barred of their right to recover such claims, and every or any part thereof: Provided always, that in the event of the death, within the said month, of any person claiming the amount of any such bill, charge or claim, the legal representative of such person shall send in such bill, charge or claim within one month of his obtaining probate or letters of administration, or of his becoming otherwise able to act as such legal representative, otherwise the right to recover such claim shall be barred as aforesaid; and provided also, that such bills, charges and claims shall and may be sent in and delivered to the candidate, if and so long as during the said month, there shall, owing to death or legal incapacity, be no such agent; and provided also, that the agent shall not pay any such bill, charge or claim without the authority of the candidate, as well as the approval of the agent.

123. A detailed statement of all election expenses incurred by or on behalf of any candidate, including such expected payments as aforesaid, shall within two months after the election (or in cases where by reason of the death of the creditor no bill has been sent in within such period of two months, then within one month after such bill has been sent in) be made out and signed by the agent, or if there be more than one, by every agent who has paid the same (including the candidate in cases of payments made by him) and delivered with the bills and vouchers relative thereto to the Returning Officer; and the Returning Officer for the time being shall, at the expense of the candidate, within fourteen days, insert or cause to be inserted, an abstract of such statement, with the signature of the agent thereto in some newspaper published or circulating in the electoral district where the election was held and any agent or candidate who makes default in delivering to the Returning Officer the statements required by this section shall incur a penalty not exceeding twenty dollars for every day during which he so makes default; and any agent or candidate who wilfully furnishes to the Returning Officer any untrue statement shall be guilty of a misdemeanor: and the said Returning Officer shall preserve all such bills and vouchers, and during the six months next after they shall have been delivered to him, shall permit any voter to inspect the same on payment of a fee of twenty cents.

124. No Returning Officer or Deputy Returning Officer, for for candidates. any Electoral District, nor any partner or clerk of either of them, shall act as agent for any candidate in the management or conduct of his election for such Electoral District; and if any Returning Officer, Deputy Returning Officer, or the partner or clerk of either of them so acts, he shall be guilty of misdemeanour.

to be.

125. The words "personal expenses," as used in this Act Personal exwith respect to the expenditure of any candidate in relation to penses, what the election at which he is a candidate, shall include the reasonable travelling expenses of such candidate, and the reasonable expenses of his living at hotels or elsewhere, for the purpose of and in relation to such election.



126. The fees hereinafter mentioned, and no other, subject to Fees for serthe provisions hereinafter made, shall be allowed to the several vices and disofficers hereinafter mentioned, respectively, for their services. and disbursements at any election, that is to say:

To Returning Officers, when no poll is taken.

1. For the personal services of the Returning Officer, forty dollars.

2. For the personal services of the Election Clerk, four dollars.

3. For one Constable, if considered necessary, one dollar.

4. For printing proclamations, actual cost.

5. For posting proclamations, not less than four in each polling district, for each mile necessarily travelled from place to place, as allowed to sheriffs on summoning jurors, ten cents.

6. For each mile necessarily travelled by Returning Officer and Election Clerk in going to and returning from the place of nomination, ten cents.

7. For use when a public building is not obtainable, of private building for nomination-actual cost, not exceeding four dollars.

To Returning Officers when polls are taken.

8. For the personal service of the Returning Officer, sixty dollars.

9. For the personal services of the Election Clerk, eight dollars.

10. For services of one constable, if considered necessary at the nomination, one dollar.

11. For printing proclamations, lists of candidates, and directions to voters, actual cost.

12. For posting proclamations (as in item 5) per mile, ten


13. For each mile necessarily travelled posting up any advertisement to be so posted up, in appointing and swearing the Deputy Returning Officers, and furnishing them with ballot boxes, ballot papers, envelopes, printed directions for the guidance of voters and voters' lists, ten cents.

14. For each mile necessarily travelled for collecting the ballot boxes and voters' lists, used at each poll, and for swearing the Deputy Returning Officers after the close of the poll,

ten cents.

15. For each mile necessarily travelled by Returning Officer and Election Clerk in going to and returning from the place of nomination, ten cents.

16. For each mile travelled in establishing polling subdivisions, when such divisions have not been made by the local authorities or preceding Returning Officer, ten cents.

17. For copies of voters' lists duly certified by the custodian thereof, ten cents per folio of 100 words.

18. For each certificate of such custodian, fifty cents.

19. For making up and transmitting returns to the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery, postage and telegrams, actual disbursements.

20. For services necessary under section sixty-four,-a reasonable sum to be determined by Order in Council.

Sixty-four is apparently a mistake for sixty-three.

21. For use, when a public building is not obtainable, of private building for nomination-cost, not exceeding four dollars.

22. For ballot boxes when furnished by him, and for ballot papers and envelopes, and for any other disbursements absolutely required and not hereinbefore provided for, actual dis


To Deputy Returning Officers.

23. For swearing the Poll Clerk before and after the polls, one dollar.

24. For taking the polls, four dollars.

25. For services of Poll Clerk, two dollars.

26. For services of one Constable, if considered necessary, one dollar.

27. For mileage of Deputy and Polling Clerk in going to and returning from the polling station, neither exceeding in any case 20 miles, each mile, ten cents.

28. Actual expenses incurred for the use of polling stations not exceeding ten dollars in cities, nor four dollars in other constituencies.

29. For making compartment or screen in polling-room, not exceeding three dollars.


And such fees, allowances and disbursements shall be paid Fees, &c., to to the Returning Officer, by warrant of the Governor directed be paid out of to the Receiver-General, out of the Consolidated Revenue Revenue Fund Fund of Canada, and shall be distributed by such Returning Officer to the several officers and persons entitled to the same under the provisions of this Act, which distribution he shall report to the Governor through the Secretary of State: The Returning Officers shall certify the correctness of the accounts. of their respective Deputy Returning Officers.

creased in

Whenever an election is held for the Electoral District of Fees, &c., Gaspé or Chicoutimi and Saguenay in the Province of Quebec, may be inor for the Electoral District of Algoma or Essex, in the Pro- certain elecvince of Ontario, or for any Electoral District in either of the toral districts. Provinces of Manitoba or British Columbia, and it shall appear to the Governor in Council that the fees and allowances above provided are not sufficient remuneration for the services required to be performed, the Governor in Council may authorize the payment of such further and additional sum or sums of money for such services as may be considered just and reasonable compensation therefor:

amend it.

Provided that, inasmuch as the mode of conducting elections Governor in Council may established by this Act is new in Canada, if it should appear to make new the Governor in Council that the provisions above made in the tariff, and present section are inadequate or insufficient for the purpose revise and for which they are intended (that is a fair and just but economical remuneration for the services performed), the Governor in Council may make a tariff of fees, costs and expenses to be paid and allowed to Returning Officers, and other persons employed at or with respect to elections under this Act, and may, from time to time, revise and amend such tariff, which shall then be substituted for that above mentioned, as respects any election. held after the making or the revising or amending thereof; but a copy of any such tariff and of any amendment thereof shall be laid before the House of Commons at the then next Session of Parliament.

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