The American Business Woman: A Guide for the Investment, Preservation, and Accumulation of Property

G.P. Putnam's sons, 1899 - 428 páginas
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Página 195 - State exempt from forced sale ; to have and to hold the said premises unto the said party of the second part, his heirs and assigns...
Página 83 - To take, accept and execute any and all such trusts and powers of whatever nature or description as may be conferred upon or entrusted or committed to it by any person or persons...
Página 83 - ... to be appointed and to accept the appointment of executor of or trustee under the last will and testament, or administrator with or without the will annexed of the estate of any deceased person.
Página 93 - Five or more persons may become a corporation for the purpose of taking and receiving upon deposit as bailee for safekeeping and storage, jewelry, plate, money, specie, bullion, stocks, bonds, securities and valuable papers of any kind, and other valuable personal property, and guaranteeing their safety upon such terms and for such compensation as may be agreed upon...
Página 83 - To accept trusts from and execute trusts for married women, in respect to their separate property, and to be their agent in the management of such property, or to transact any business in relation thereto.
Página 82 - ... the corporation may require, or which it shall acquire in satisfaction or partial satisfaction of debts due the corporation under sales, judgments or mortgages, or in settlement or partial settlement of debts due the corporation by any of its debtors.
Página 372 - This was held to be a vested interest subject to be divested if either of the legatees in remainder died during the life of the particular tenant, and that in such event his share became the property of his children and not of his personal representatives.
Página 83 - To take, accept and execute any and all such legal trusts, duties and powers in regard to the holding, management and disposition of any estate, real or personal, and the rents and profits thereof, or the sale thereof, as may be granted or confided to it by any court of record, or by any person, corporation...
Página 82 - To receive deposits of trust moneys, securities and other personal property from any person or corporation, and to loan money on real or personal securities...

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