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circumstances during her entire lifetime, has come to an old age of poverty because of her inability to protect herself against that army of sharks and rascals which, unfortunately, must be permitted to exist, and to which a defenceless woman of means presents a golden opportunity.

There is no proper reason why a woman who is possessed of property shall not thoroughly understand and practise the approved methods by which only it may be wisely invested and preserved. Such knowledge, modestly applied, comports perfectly with the gentle and womanly qualities which the civilized world loves and venerates, and without which a woman becomes, to some pitiable, to others disgusting; and the possible emergencies in which it will prove of almost vital importance are too manifest to require enumeration here. Realizing, then, both the necessities and the possibilities in the premises, my purpose in offering to the public this volume is to furnish, for the women of my country, as perfect an instruction as I am able to give in all things relating to their pecuniary affairs which I conceive to be for their interest and welfare.

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I have endeavored to make this work as simple and explicit as the complicated nature of some essential subjects will permit, believing it to be far better that some shall read over statements with which they are already familiar, than that others shall seek necessary information and shall not be able to find it.

I have also endeavored to avoid the needless exposition of legal principles, which are, however, so closely connected with all the affairs of property as to make their entire avoidance a practical impossibility. Whenever it has been deemed necessary to explain legal principles and methods, I have undertaken to strip the explanations of verbiage, and to bring them within the easy comprehension of all to whom they may be of service.

Finally, this work is not intended to be in any wise an aid to the avaricious. It contains no explanations of schemes for the rapid making of fortunes; no hints for the benefit of speculators; no rules for the constructing of air-castles.

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For the plain and simple reasons which I have set forth, instructions which will be found in the following pages are intended for those who need instruction in legitimate and proper methods of managing property-methods which will yield as large returns as are proper and consistent with other essential conditions, yet which are, above all other considerations, and in all respects, capable of employment without unreasonable difficulty and without risk.

There are many kinds of so-called investments which are commonly regarded as safe, which have been either omitted altogether from this volume, or have not received at my hands an indulgent treatment, because I realize and accept a certain measure of responsibility in writing a work of this kind, and am assuredly unwilling even to suggest unnecessary risks to those whose fortunes it may be my destiny in some degree to direct.

Having received a thorough training for the work in hand, through a diligent experience of a considerable number of years, not only in the legal methods which relate particularly to investments, but also in the practical management of real and personal property, it is now my very earnest desire, as well as my sincere belief, that no woman who shall carefully and intelligently follow the instructions which are contained in this volume will in any manner risk or mismanage the means which Providence has placed in her hands.

NEW YORK CITY, January 1, 1900.

J. H. C.

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