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No. 36. An Act to repeal, so far as Agricultural Hall is concerned, an Act entitled "An Act to provide for the sale of the lot and building known as Agricultural Hall, the fish pond lot and the Agricultural Experimental Stations, with their personal property at Columbia, and in Darlington and Spartanburg Counties, and to appropriate the proceeds therefor," approved December 24th, 1890. 88

No. 37. An Act to authorize and empower the Trustees of Clemson Agricultural College to license and prohibit traffic and to appoint policemen at Clemson Agricultural College...

No. 38. An Act to require and regulate licenses and license fees in this State from foreign insurance, banking and other like foreign corporations, except national banks, and except benevolent institutions organized under the grand lodge system....

No. 39. An Act to limit the hours of labor for each day of twentyfour hours and each week, in all cotton and woolen establishments in the State of South Carolina . . . . .




No. 40. An Act providing for a right of action against a municipal corporation for damages sustained by reason of defects in the repair of streets, sidewalks and bridges within the limits of such municipal corporation...... 91

No. 41. An Act vesting all the right and title of the State in or to the Wateree Canal in the owners of lands adjacent thereto, severally....


No. 42. An Act to amend an Act entitled "An Act to cede to Ferguson H. Barber and others all the right, title and interest of the State of South Carolina in certain parts of the Rocky Mount Canal, in Chester County."..... 93

No. 43. An Act to limit the punishment of persons convicted of the following misdemeanors, namely: Carrying concealed weapons, selling property under lien when the property does not exceed $20 in value, malicious trespass, malicious mischief, disturbing religious meetings, and riots when no weapons are actually used or wounds inflicted...


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