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Within himself, from more to more;

And, crown'd with attributes of woe

Like glories, move his course, and show That life is not as idle ore,

But iron dug from central gloom,

And heated hot with burning fears;

And dipp'd in baths of hissing tears, And batter'd with the shocks of doom

To shape and use. Arise and fly

The reeling Faun, the sensual feast ;
Move upward, working out the beast,

And let the ape and tiger die.


DOORS, where my heart was used to b So quickly, not as one that weep I come once more; the city sleep I smell the meadow in the street;

And bless thee, for thy lips are bland And bright the friendship of thine e And in my thoughts with scarce a si I take the pressure of thine hand.



UST I have not wasted breath:

I think we are not wholly brain,
Magnetic mockeries; not in vain,

e Paul with beasts, I fought with Death;

only cunning casts in clay :

Let Science prove we are, and then

What matters Science unto men,

least to me? I would not stay.

him, the wiser man who springs
Hereafter, up from childhood shape
His action like the greater ape,
I was born to other things.


SAD Hesper o'er the buried sun

And ready, thou, to die with him,

Thou watchest all things ever dim And dimmer, and a glory done:

The team is loosen'd from the wain,
The boat is drawn upon the shore;
Thou listenest to the closing door,
And life is darken'd in the brain.

Bright Phosphor, fresher for the night,

By thee the world's great work is heard

Beginning, and the wakeful bird; Behind thee comes the greater light :

The market boat is on the stream,

And voices hail it from the brink;

Thou hear'st the village hammer clink,

And see'st the moving of the team.


eet Hesper-Phosphor, double name For what is one, the first, the last, Thou, like my present and my past,

y place is changed; thou art the same.

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