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1. Peddler defined.

2. Licensed required.





3. Amounts charged therefor.

4. Peddling of fresh meats prohibited, when.

Peddler defined.--Every person who shall

sell or offer any goods, wares, merchandise or other things or articles of value for sale, barter or exchange, at any place in, upon, along or through the streets, avenues or alleys, by going from place to place to sell or dispose of the same, shall be deemed a peddler. [G. O. No. 441, Sec. 77.

SEC. 2. License required.-It shall not be lawful for any peddler to exercise his calling within the limits of the city of St. Joseph, without a license therefor from said city. Any. person violating this section shall, upon conviction, be fined not more than ten dollars for each offense, and each sale or attempt to sell shall constitute a separate offense. [G. O. No. 441, Sec. 78.

SEC. 3. Amounts charged therefor.-The charge for a peddler's license shall be as follows:

First-Peddler of merchandise, fifty dollars per year, or five dollars for one month, or twenty-five dollars for six months. The word, merchandise," shall be construed to mean any article to be found in any branch of the mercantile business, or any article that may be classed as goods, wares or merchandise.

Second-Peddlers of ice cream, lunches or popcorn, ten dollars per annum, payable semi-annually.

Third-Peddler of fish, fifty dollars per year.

Fourth-Peddler of lightning rods, one hundred dollars

per year.

Fifth-Peddler of horseradish or hominy or both, two and one-half dollars per year. [G. O. No. 441, Sec. 79.

SEC. 4. Peddling of fresh meats prohibited, when. The peddling of fresh meats is hereby prohibited except in the months of November, December, January and February of each year, and the charge for a license for such period of four months shall be twenty-five dollars. No license for the peddling of fresh meats shall be issued for a less sum than twenty-five dollars: Provided, that this section shall not prevent the sale by farmers or persons living in the country who bring and sell their own meat slaughtered by themselves, and sell it from the wagon in the city. [G. O. No. 441, Sec. 80. [For penalty for violating Sec. 4 see Sec. 20, Chap. entitled "Licenses."]



SECTION 1. Enlarging pictures or photographs, license for.

SECTION 1. Enlarging pictures or photographs— license. -No person shall in this city carry on or engage in the occupation of enlarging pictures or photographs, or soliciting orders for enlarging pictures or photgraphs, to be done by himself or others, without a license therefor, and the charge for such license shall be fifteen dollars per year. [G. O. No. 441, Sec. 9.

[For penalty for violating this Chap. see Sec. 20, Chap. entitled Licenses."]

[blocks in formation]

SECTION 1. Statement to be filed with police judge, form of.-All fines and penalties for violation of any ordinance of the city of St. Joseph shall be recoverable by suit, in the nature of an action of debt, before the judge of the police court; and no suit shall be commenced or judgment rendered in any case until a statement shall be filed with the judge of the police court, signed by the city attorney or the person acting in his stead; which statement shall be in form substantially as follows:

[blocks in formation]

Plaintiff complains of defendant, John Smith, and for cause of action alleges that said defendant, on the of A. D. 18..... did violate an ordinance of said city, by (here insert the particulars) to the damage of plaintiff in the sum of...

A. B., City Attorney.

Such statement may be founded either upon the personal knowledge of the city attorney, the official report made to him in writing by some officer or policeman of the city, the affidavit of some qualified person charging another with violation of some ordinance, or the voluntary appearance of a person guilty of such violation. [G. O. No. 533, Sec. 1.

G. O. No. 556.


SEC. 2. Police officers to inform city attorney, etc.-It shall be the duty of each and every police officer of the city of St. Joseph to inform the city attorney, as soon as practicable, of all violations of the ordinances of said city. Whenever any such violation shall come to his knowledge, such information shall be filed in writing, signed by the officer making the same, and shall be accompanied with the names of witnesses to such violation, and if the officer making the report shall have good reason to believe that the person reported has no fixed place of residence, or is a non-resident, or is about to leave the limits of the city, such report or information shall be made upon oath or affirmation; thereupon it shall be the duty of the city attorney whenever, in his opinion, an action can be maintained. against the person or persons so complained of, to institute proceedings before the judge of the police court, by filing such report as provided for in section. one of this ordinance. [G. O. No. 533, Sec. 2.

SEC. 3. Summons or warrant to be issued.— Upon the statement being filed by the city attorney, or the person acting in his stead, the judge of the police court shall

issue a summons returnable forthwith; and in all cases where such statement is based upon or accompanied with, a complaint, or information on oath, the judge of the police court shall issue a warrant for the apprehension of the person or persons charged with the commission of an offense against the ordinance of the city. [G. O. No. 533, Sec. 3. Amended G. O. No. 556.

SEC. 4. Warrant unnecessary, when.-No warrant shall be issued against a person who shall have been lawfully arrested and brought before the judge of the police court without a warrant, but in every such case a trial shall be had upon the statement of the city attorney, or the person acting in his stead, based upon a written report made to him by the officer who made the arrest, or the chief of police or deputy chief of police or keeper of the city workhouse, and in such cases no affidavit shall be required. [G. O. No. 533, Sec. 4. Amended G. O. No. 556.

SEC. 5. Summary hearing of cause. In all trials. for violation of ordinances of the city the cause shall be heard and determined in a summary manner unless for good cause shown the judge of the police court shall postpone the same. [G. O. No. 533, Sec. 5.

SEC. 6. Accused may give bond for appearance. -A person arrested for a violation of any ordinance may be held to bail by executing a bond to the city, with sufficient security, to be approved by the judge of the police court or chief of police, or such police officer as may be designated by said chief of police, in double the amount of the highest penalty provided by ordinance for the violation alleged, conditioned that the prisoner will appear upon the day named therein, before the judge of the police court, to answer for the violation of which said prisoner is accused, and there to await trial of the charge pending or to be preferred against said prisoner. [G. O. No. 533, Sec. 6.

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