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engineer shall reserve the right to finally decide all questions arising as to the proper performance of the said work, and in case of improper construction, to suspend said work at any time and relet the same, or to order the entire reconstruction of said work, if improperly done, but that such suspension shall not affect the right of the city to recover all damages and penalties claimable by her on account of the contractor's failure. Any person taking any contract with the city, and who agrees to be paid from special assessments, shall have no claim or lien upon the city in any event, and no work to be paid for by special assessment shall be let except to a contractor or contractors who will so agree. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 20, Sec. 3.

SEC. 4.

Performance to be secured. The performance of all contracts let out as aforesaid, shall be secured by at least two sufficient securities, to be approved by the comptroller, in double the contract price of the work, except in cases when the estimated costs exceed one thousand dollars, in which case the amount of security shall be determined by the comptroller and city engineer. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 20, Sec. 4.

SEC. 5. To be approved by counselor.-All contracts shall be drawn by or submitted to the city counselor for approval of the form thereof, which approval shall be endorsed thereon, and upon being finally executed shall be filed and recorded in the office of the city comptroller. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 20, Sec. 5.

SEC. 6. Statement of awards-to include what information. The city engineer is hereby required, in submitting to the council the statement of awards for public work ordered under any special ordinance of the city to be paid for by the issue of special tax bills, to include the following information For district sewers, the cost per square foot, and total number of square feet in the district; for paving, macadamizing, curbing, guttering and sidewalks, or either,


the cost per lineal foot front to property, and total number of lineal feet of property to be assessed; for grading, number of yards to be paid for, with total cost of grading. [G. O. No. 486, Sec. 1.



SECTION 1. Duties defined.

SECTION 1. Duties defined. I shall be the duty of the city counselor, in addition to the duties imposed upon him by the general laws of the state of Missouri:

First. To advise the common council or its committees, or any city officer, when thereto requested, upon all legal questions arising in the conduct of the business of the city.

Second. To revise all ordinances submitted to him by any committee of the common council before being passed.

Third. To give his opinion in writing, when thereto requested, upon any matter or question submitted to him by the common council or any of its committees, or any city officer.

Fourth. To attend all regular meetings of the common council, and all special meetings when thereto requested by the mayor or council.

Fifth. To manage and conduct in behalf of the city, all condemnation proceedings before the mayor of the city and upon appeal.

Sixth. To collect all delinquent taxes, and all special taxes for opening of streets and alleys or for repairs of sidewalks, keeping a complete record thereof and rendering proper accounts therefor; for which he shall receive the fees as provided by law.

Seventh. To keep a complete record of all suits brought against the city, giving the names of the parties, the court

where brought, the nature of the action, the disposition of the case and the briefs of counsel, and to deliver such record to his successor in office. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 21, Sec. 1.

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SECTION 1. Dog to be registered and wear collar. It shall be the duty of every person owning, keeping or harboring in this city any dog or bitch more than six months old, to register the same with the city clerk, and to put and to keep on the neck of such dog or bitch, a collar of leather or metal, to which shall be attached the tag received from the city clerk. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 22, Sec. 1.

SEC. 2. Fee for registering-clerk to furnish tag. To enable the owner or keeper of any dog or bitch to have the same registered, such owner or keeper shall pay into the city treasury for each dog one dollar, and for each bitch two dollars, taking the treasurer's receipt therefor, and upon the presentation of such receipt to the city clerk, together with a clerk's fee of twenty-five cents, said clerk shall deliver to the owner or keeper of such dog or bitch, a certificate in writing, stating that such person has registered said dog or bitch, and the number by which it is registered, and shall also give to such person a metal check or tag, upon which shall be stamped or engraved the year issued, the words "St. Joseph, Mo." and a number corresponding with the number of the certificate of

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registration, which check or tag shall be attached to the collar worn by the dog licensed. On the first day of every month the city clerk shall certify to the city auditor the number of dogs and bitches registered, and said auditor shall immediately charge the city treasurer with the amount received by such treasurer for such licenses. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 22, Sec. 2.

SEC. 3. Clerk to keep a record, etc.-Such certificate of registry shall entitle such person to keep said dog or bitch until the first day of June then next following, but no longer; and said clerk shall keep a record giving the name of the owner or keeper of such dog or bitch, and the number of the certificate of registry, together with a general description of such dog or bitch. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 22, Sec. 3.

SEC. 4. Dog must wear collar with tag.-No owner or keeper of any dog or bitch shall allow or permit any such dog or bitch to be at any place in this city, at any time, without a collar having attached thereto the check or tag herein before required; nor shall any owner or keeper of any dog or bitch permit or allow such dog or bitch to wear any other check or tag than the identical one issued by the city clerk for such dog or bitch. In case of loss, a duplicate check or tag shall be issued by the city clerk, at the expense of the person making application therefor. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 22, Sec. 4. SEC. 5. No person shall remove the collar.-No person shall remove or cause to be removed the collar, check or tag from any registered dog or bitch, without the consent of the owner or keeper thereof. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 22, Sec. 5.

SEC. 6. No vicious dog must be kept.-No person shall own, keep or harbor any dog or bitch which is notoriously vicious or dangerous. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 22, Sec. 6.

SEC. 7. Dogs to be muzzled, when.-It shall be the duty of the mayor, whenever in his opinion the danger to the public safety from rabid dogs is great and imminent, to

publish his proclamation ordering and requiring all persons owning, keeping or harboring any dog or bitch to muzzle the same, or to confine the same for not less than thirty days nor more than ninety days from the date of such proclamation, by good and sufficient means, to the house, stable, outhouse or yard wherein such person may reside; and upon the issuing of such proclamation by the mayor, it shall be the duty of all persons owning, keeping or harboring any dog or bitch, during the time specified in such proclamation, to confine the same by good and sufficient means, within the yard, house, stable or outhouse, or have the same properly and securely muzzled. It is hereby made the duty of the police to kill any dog found running at large without being properly muzzled as required by any proclamation of the mayor, issued under this ordinance. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 22, Sec. 7. Amended G. O. No. 263.

SEC. 8. Barking dog must not be kept.-No persɔn shall own, keep or harbor any dog or bitch which by loud and frequent or habitual barking, howling or yelling, shall annoy or disturb any neighborhood. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 22, Sec. 8.

SEC. 9. Female must not be at large when in heat. No owner, keeper or person harboring any bitch shall permit or suffer her to run at large within this city while she is in heat, whether she have the collar and check or tag on her or not; and every such bitch found running at large is hereby deemed and declared to be a nuisance. [R. O. 1888, Chap. 22, Sec. 9.

SEC. 10. Public impounder to take up dogs.It is hereby declared the duty of the public impounder to take up all dogs and bitches found within the city limits without license tags, and confine them in the public pound. Any dog or bitch may be released from the pound by any person proving ownership and producing city clerk's certificate stating that such dog or bitch has been registered, and paying one dollar to the public impounder. All dogs and bitches which shall

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