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SECTION 1. Building permit to be issued.— No person or corporation shall erect a building or structure of any kind, or add to, enlarge or extend any building or structure already erected, or which may hereafter be erected within this city, without first obtaining a permit from the superintendent of buildings. The application for such permit shall state the exact site to be occupied, the material, dimensions and estimated cost of the proposed building or structure, and the probable time to be occupied in building. The superintendent of buildings shall thereupon, after an inspection of the premises, or without inspection, as he may see fit, if he approve the application, issue a building permit to the applicant, giving him permission to erect a building or structure at the place, and of the materials and dimensions mentioned in the application, and authorizing the use and occupation of not more than onehalf of the roadway, and all of the sidewalk in front of said premises, and limiting the time for which said permit shall continue. The superintendent of buildings may, if he sees fit, require that plans of the proposed erection, alteration or addition shall be submitted for inspection before issuing his permit. The gutter or water-way of any street, avenue or alley shall not, at any time, be obstructed by any building or other material, so as to prevent the free passage of water in and along the same; but the superintendent of buildings may, in proper cases, to be determined by him, authorize the removal of a part or the whole of the sidewalk in front of the premises where the building is to be done: Provided, a good temporary

plank sidewalk shall be constructed over the gutter, not less than four feet wide, and be kept and maintained free and clear of obstructions, and to the satisfaction of the said superintendent of buildings. [G. O. No. 100, Sec. 1.

SEC. 2. Same-plans to be examined.-The superintendent of buildings shall not issue a permit for the erection of any building to be used for public assemblies, until he has carefully inspected the plans and specifications thereof, and ascertained that the building has sufficient strength, and that the means of ingress and egress are sufficient; and a copy of said specifications shall be deposited in the office of said superintendent. [G. O. No. 100, Sec. 2.

SEC. 3. Additions or repairs, etc.-Any work of alteration, addition or repair made or done for any purpose, in, to or upon any building or structure, except that of necessary repairs not affecting the construction of the external or party walls, chimneys or stairways of a building, shall, to the extent of such work of alteration, addition or repair, be subject to the regulations of this ordinance. [G. O. No. 100, Sec. 3.

SEC. 4. Street or sidewalk not to be occupied with material. No person, except merchants in the transaction of their daily business, shall deposit, place or leave any material, article, substance or thing on any street, alley, curb, gutter, sidewalk or public place of this city, without first obtaining a permit therefor from the superintendent of buildings. The said superintendent may, in his discretion, authorize the use of a portion of any street, alley or sidewalk for a reasonable time and to such extent as he may deem necessary. [G. O. No. 100, Sec. 4.

SEC. 5. Penalty for continuing, etc.---A conviction under any provision of this ordinance, shall work a forfeiture of such permit, if the same shall have been issued, and the party convicted shall be subject to a fine of not less than ten dollars

nor more than five hundred dollars for each and every day he shall continue such building, or occupy any portion of a street, alley, gutter, curb, sidewalk or public place, or leave either unrepaired after such conviction. [G. O. No. 100, Sec, 7.

SEC. 6. Permits to be issued on application, when.-Permits provided for in this ordinance shall only be issued upon the application of the owners or authorized agents of the owners of the property to be built upon. Every application shall contain an agreement to save the city harmless from all costs and damages which may accrue by reason of such use or occupancy. [G. O. No. 100, Sec. 8.

SEC. 7. Record of permits, etc., to be kept.The superintendent of buildings shall keep a record of all permits issued, which shall be regularly numbered in the order of their issue, and he shall also file and preserve in his office, the applications upon which permits are issued. He shall also keep a record of the number, description and size of every building erected in the city during his term of office, of what materials constructed, with the aggregates of the number, kind and cost of all buildings. [G. O. No. 100, Sec. 9.

SEC. 8. Superintendent's fees - how disposed of. The applicant or applicants for such building permits shall pay to the superintendent of buildings the sum of one dollar, if the estimated cost of said building or alteration thereof, shall be less than one thousand dollars; two dollars if the same shall be more than one thousand dollars or less than five thousand dollars; and for every additional one thousand dollars over five thousand dollars, the further sum of fifty cents. In all cases the fees allowed for issuing permits must be paid before the same are issued. All moneys received by the superintendent of buildings shall be paid by him into the city treasury at least once a month, at which time he shall make a statement of the amount so received, giving the date when, and the name of the person from whom

received, and shall take triplicate receipts therefor, one to be filed with the comptroller, one with the auditor and the other retained. [G. O. No. 100, Sec. 10.

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SECTION 1. Owner to be notified of condition of building.—If any building or part of a building, staging or other structure, or anything attached to or connected with any building or other structure, in the city of St. Joseph, shall, by reason of its construction or use, or from fire, decay, or other cause, be reported dangerous or unsafe, so as to endanger life or limb, it shall be the duty of the superintendent of buildings to inspect such structure, and, if in his opinion the same be dangerous, he shall immediately notify the owner, agent, occupant or other party having an interest in said structure, to cause the same to be made safe and secure, or removed, as may be necessary. [G. O. No. 101, Sec. 1.

SEC. 2. Must be removed or protected. The person or persons so notified shall be allowed until twelve o'clock, noon, of the day following the service of such notice, in which to commence the securing or removal of the same; and he or they shall employ sufficient labor to remove or secure the same as expeditiously as can be done: Provided, however, that in cases where the public safety requires immediate action, the superintendent of buildings may enter upon the premises, with such workmen and assistants as may be necessary, and cause the said unsafe structure to be shored up, taken down or otherwise secured without delay, and a proper fence or boarding to be put up for the protection of passers-by. [G. O. No. 101, Sec. 2.

SEC. 3. Proceedings to condemn buildings.— If the owner, agent, occupant or other party interested in said unsafe structure, having been notified, shall refuse or neglect to comply with the requirements of said notice, as provided by the last preceding section, within the time therein limited, then a careful survey of the premises named in said notice shall be made at once by three disinterested persons, one to be appointed by the superintendent of buildings, one by the owner, occupant or other interested party, and the third chosen by these two; and the report of such survey shall be reduced to writing, and a copy served upon the owner, occupant or other interested party, and if said owner, occupant or other interested party refuse or neglect to appoint a member of said board of survey when thereunto required, then the survey and report shall be made by the city engineer and the chief engineer of the fire department, and in case of disagreement they shall choose a third person. [G. O. No. 101, Sec. 3.

SEC. 4. Owner to be reported for keeping a nuisance. Whenever the report of any such survey had as aforesaid, shall declare the structure to be unsafe or dangerous to life or limb, the superintendent of buildings shall, upon the continued refusal or neglect of the owner, occupant or other interested party, report such owner, occupant or other interested party to the city attorney for immediate prosecution for keeping and maintaining a nuisance. [G. O. No. 101, Sec. 4.

SEC. 5. Penalty for violating, etc.-Any person who shall permit any building of which he is the owner or agent, to remain in an unsafe or dangerous condition after notice from the superintendent of buildings, as herein before provided, shall, for every day he shall so permit the same to remain in such condition be guilty of a misdemeanor, and forfeit and pay to the city of St. Joseph, a sum which shall not exceed one hundred dollars, to be recovered in the police court of said city, and he may also be punished in addition

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