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owned or controlled by him free from loose or flopping paper, and to keep the ground clean around and contiguous to such bill boards, walls and fences, from loose paper falling from said bill boards, walls and fences, and any person failing to so do shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. [G. O. No. 499, Sec. 5.

SEC. 6. Posters not to be affixed to sidewalks, etc., without consent, etc.-It shall be unlawful for any person or persons without the consent of the mayor to post up, or affix in any manner, or paint, print or write, or cause to be painted, printed or written, a notice, advertisement or bill upon a bridge, hydrant, curbstone, sidewalk, tree, pole or post in a street or public place, or upon a walk, fence or building belonging to the city; and any person or persons so offending shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. No. 499, Sec. 6.

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SEC. 7. Destroying posters, etc.-It shall be unlawful for any person in this city to wilfully tear, pull, or cut down, destroy, mutilate or deface any poster, hand bill, card or other advertisement posted upon any bill board, wall or other place by a licensed bill poster, and any person so offending shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. [G. O. No. 499, Sec. 7.

SEC. 8. Penalty.-Any person being found guilty of any misdemeanor under any of the provisions of this ordinance, shall be punished by a fine of not less than one nor more than fifty dollars. [G. O. No. 499, Sec. 8.

SEC. 9. Building inspector to inspect bill boards etc. It shall be the duty of the building inspector to make frequent inspection of all bill boards in the city, and to see that the same are kept in proper repair. [G. O. No. 499, Sec. 9.

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SECTION 1. Inspector of steam boilers; board of engineers.—The mayor shall appoint, by and with the consent of the common council, a boiler inspector, who shall be a practical boiler maker, and competent to test and inspect steam boilers and all steam generating apparatus under pressure. Said boiler inspector is authorized to appoint, by and with the consent of the mayor, one deputy inspector, who shall possess the same qualifications as the boiler inspector, and perform the same duties in case of temporary absence from the city, sickness or other disability of the boiler inspector. The boiler inspector shall hold his office for the term of two years from the third Monday in April after the annual election, and until his successor is appointed and qualified. The said deputy inspector shall serve without compensation from the city, and hold his office until removed by the mayor. The mayor shall also designate and appoint, by and with the consent of the council, for the same time as the boiler inspector is appointed, two persons, both of whom shall be practical and mechanical engineers, having had at least five years' experience in the business, who, in connection with the boiler inspector, shall constitute a board of engineers. [G. O. No. 242, Sec. 1.

SEC. 2. Duties of inspector; to test boilers.-The boiler inspector shall devote his time and attention to the duties of his office, and also perform the duties of secretary of the board of engineers. He shall carefully inspect and test every stationary boiler and steam generating apparatus under pressure, used for manufacturing, heating and mechanical purposes as provided by this ordinance, including all attachments and connections, located within the city of St. Joseph, at least once annually. He shall keep a complete and accurate record of the names of all owners or users of steam boilers, giving a full description of the boilers inspected by him, and the amount of pressure allowed the date when last tested. He shall notify all owners or users of boilers of the time when a reinspection and test will be made, at least ten days before the expiration of each certificate of inspection, and appoint a day upon which he will make a reinspection. The manner of inspection shall be substantially as follows: The boiler owner or user shall have the option of taking the hammer test or the hydrostatic test. If the hammer test be used, the examination shall be thorough and searching upon every part of the boiler, both internally and externally, including all fittings and attachments. If the hydrostatic test be used, each boiler shall be tested by hydraulic pressure one-fourth greater than the ordinary working pressure used, and the certificate of inspection herein provided, shall state the maximum pressure at which any boiler may be worked. In case a defect shall be discovered in any boiler or attachment thereto, the boiler inspector shall report the same to the owner or user of said boiler or boilers, and state the facts of the case in writing, giving a description of the particular locality in which each defect may be found, and whether of a dangerous character and necessitating immediate repair. the boiler inspector shall at any time find a boiler which, in his judgment, is unsafe, after inspecting the same, he shall condemn its further use. All boilers to be tested by hydrostatic pressure shall be filled with water by the owners or users, and they shall furnish the necessary labor required to work and


When leaks occur

handle the pumps in applying the test. which prevent a successful test, the boiler inspector shall make a second test, upon receiving notice that all leaks have been repaired. If, upon making the second test, the boiler or boilers are still defective, he shall, for each subsequent test, collect an additional inspection fee, but in no case shall he give a certificate until fully satisfied of the safety of the boiler or boilers. All certificates of inspection shall be for one year and no longer. [G. O. No. 242, Sec. 2.

SEC. 3. Duties of board of engineers –– engineers' certificate. The boiler inspector and board of engineers shall be provided with all needed blanks and stationery needful for their official duties. Said board shall provide for regular sessions, and the boiler inspector shall act as secretary and keep minutes of the proceedings. Said board shall convene for business twice in each month to examine into qualifications of applicants for engineers' licenses. The boiler inspector shall have power to call a special session of the board if deemed necessary. A majority of the members of the said board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The secretary shall keep a register of the names of all applicants, designate those found qualified and those not qualified. Said board shall grant licenses, charging therefor each applicant the sum of five dollars for the first license, two dollars to be deposited with the clerk of the board, each applicant to be allowed three trials. If he then fails to pass a satisfactory examination, the applicant shall then forfeit the money deposited with the clerk of the board; but if the applicant has the capacity, skill, experience and habits of sobriety requisite to perform the duties of an engineer, and shall pass examination successfully, the board shall grant him a license for the term of one year, upon the payment of an additional three dollars; and any person thus qualified shall not be refused a license. The regular meetings of the board of examiners shall take place on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. board of engineers shall vise all engineers' licenses presented


by the owner thereof, granted him by the United States laws, which shall have the same effect as licenses granted by the board, and the engineers whose licenses are vised by the board, shall be subject to the provisions of this ordinance. All licenses granted shall be signed by not less than two, and may be signed by all members of the board. Any person taking charge of a steam boiler or steam boilers for heating purposes only, shall be examined by the said board of engineers and if found qualified, the said board shall grant him a certificate to that effect upon the payment of two dollars. Said board of engineers shall have power to grant special license in special cases if it does not conflict with this ordinance. Said board of engineers may adopt such rules and regulations as they shall deem proper, not inconsistent with this ordinance and the general law. A full board of engineers, by a unanimous vote, shall have power to revoke an engineer's license for inebriety, dishonesty or neglect of his duties when in charge of an engine or boiler in use, and may order the re-inspection of any boiler whenever they shall deem it necessary for the public safety; but no license shall be permanently revoked for cause, without first giving the accused party an opportunity to be heard in his own defense. [G. O. No. 242, Sec. 3.

SEC. 4.

Owner may appeal from inspector.— Any owner or user of a steam boiler feeling aggrieved on account of any decision of the boiler inspector, may appeal to the board of engineers, and upon a thorough and careful investigation of the matter at issue between the parties, a majority of the board shall decide the question; but in case said board fail to agree, then the mayor shall appoint some competent person who shall sit with the board, which decision shall be final in all cases. But the boiler inspector shall not have a voice in any matter in which there is an appeal from his decision. [G. O. No. 242, Sec. 4.

SEC. 5. Owner must have permit — two engineers required.-In case the user or owner of any boiler

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