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villages; and the officers of said cities, towns and villages shall have as full jurisdiction and power in the enforcing of said rules and ordinances as though they related to such city, town or village itself. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 942.

SEC. 2. Cemetery lots, conveyed by deed, etc. -The cemetery lots owned by such city, town or village shail be conveyed by deed signed by the mayor of said city, town or village, duly attested by the city clerk, and shall vest in the purchaser, his or her heirs and assigns, a right in fee simple to such lot for the sole purpose of interment under the regulations of the council. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 943.

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SECTION 1. Liability for connection with riotous assemblage.-Any person or persons forming part of an unlawful or riotous assemblage, shall be liable for, any damage to person or property caused by the acts of such assemblage, or of any person or persons unlawfully connected therewith. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1766.

SEC. 2. Certain cities liable for damage by riots. -Any city of the first class or of the second class in which such acts shall be committed, shall be liable to the person or persons whose property shall be destroyed or injured thereby, for the value of the property so destroyed, or the damage thereto, and the same may be recovered by suit at law, without joining any person or persons with said city or town as defendants in said suit. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1767.

SEC. 3. Construction of this article.-This article. shall not be so construed as to make any city or town liable for the destruction of, or for any damage to, any property

occupied or used with the consent or knowledge, or by the culpable negligence of the owner, in a manner or for a purpose prohibited by the laws of the state or of the United States, or in violation of the ordinances of such city or town, nor for the destruction of, or any damage to, any property belonging to a person engaged in or unlawfully connected with any such assemblage. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1768.

SEC. 4. Damages paid by city, recoverable from those engaged in riot.-Any city or town paying the value of property so destroyed or such damages thereto, may, by suit at law, recover the same, with ten per cent added, and interest and costs, of any person or persons engaged unlawfully in such assemblage, or having aided or abetted the same. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1769.

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SECTION 1. Suits for damages against cities of second class-who shall be parties thereto-judgments, of whom collected.-Whenever any city of the second class shall be made liable to an action for damages by reason of the wrongful act, negligence, carelessness or unskillfulness of any person or corporation, and such person or corporation shall also be liable to an action on account thereof by the party so injured, the injured party, if he sues such city for damages, shall also join such other person or persons or corporations so liable if residing in this state, and no judgment shall be rendered against such city unless judgment be rendered against such other person or corporation so liable to be sued as aforesaid; and if any action be brought against the city alone, and it is made to appear that any person or corpor

ation ought to be joined as a defendant in the suit, according to the provisions of this act, then the plaintiff shall be nonsuited; but no person shall be liable under this act to be sued jointly with the city, who would not be liable to be sued separately irrespective of its provisions. When a judgment shall be obtained against the city and the other party liable as aforesaid, execution shall issue against all the defendants in the ordinary form, but shall be first enforced and collected of the other defendants, and shall not be collected of the city unless the other defendants are so insolvent that the same can not be made out of them, and in that case such city shall pay only so much of the judgment as cannot be made out of the other defendants, and upon payment of the whole or any part of the judgment, the city shall thereupon become the owner of such judgment to the extent of such payment, and may enforce the payment thereof by execution against the other defendant or defendants. [Laws 1895, p. 57.

SEC. 2. Notice to be given in suits for personal injuries. No action shall be maintained against any city of the second class on account of any injuries growing out of any defect in the condition of any bridge, street, sidewalk or thoroughfare in said city, unless notice shall first have been given in writing, verified by affidavit, to the mayor of said city, within sixty days of the occurrence for which such damage is claimed, stating the place where, the time when such injury was received, and the character and circumstances of the injury, and that the person so injured will claim damages therefor from such city. [Laws 1895, p. 57.

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SECTION 1. Registration in cities of twenty-five thousand and less than one hundred thousand inhabitants.-There shall be a registration of all the qualified voters in cities having a population of twenty-five thousand inhabitants and less than one hundred thousand inhabitants, whether organized under general law or special charter, which registration shall be had under the provisions of this article. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1790.

SEC. 2. Who may be registered.— Every male citizen of the United States, and every person of foreign birth who may have declared his intention to become a citizen of the United States according to law not less than one year nor more than five years before he offers to vote, who is over the age of twenty-one years, who has resided in this state one year next preceding the election at which he offers to vote, and during the last sixty days of that time shall have resided in the city, and during the last ten days of that time in the ward at which he offers to vote, who has not been convicted of bribery,

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perjury or other infamous crime, nor directly interested in any bet or wager depending upon the result of the election, nor serving at the time in the regular army or navy of the United States, shall be entitled to vote at such election for all offices, state or municipal, made elective by the people, or at any other election held in pursuance of the laws of this state; but he shall not vote elsewhere than in the election precinct where his name is registered and whereof he is registered as a resident. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1791.

SEC. 3. County clerk to provide registration book-oath-form of book. The clerk of the county court for general or special election, in cities of twenty-five thousand and less than thirty thousand inhabitants in this state, shall provide a suitable registration book for each election district in their several cities, which shall have written or printed therein the following oath: "We, the undersigned, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that we will support the constitution of the United States and of the state of Missouri; and we do further swear (or affirm) that we have not registered in any other election district, that we and each of us have given our true names and place of residence as hereto subscribed." The registration books and the registration lists of poll books, as hereinafter provided to be delivered to the judges of election, shall be in the following form:

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