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from any other authority; and shall so continue, subject, however, to removal or suspension, at the discretion of said board, and with the power in said board to fill vacancies, until said board shall publicly declare that the organization of the police force created by section 1451 is complete. Upon such public declaration, and from the time thereof thenceforward, all ordinances of such city are hereby declared null and void, so far as they conflict with this article or assume to confer upon the mayor, chief of police, common council, or any other person or persons, the power to appoint, dismiss, or in any way or to any extent employ or control any police force organized or to be organized under such ordinances, or any of them; and from and after such public declaration as aforesaid, the police force organized, or which may be organized under such ordinances, or any of them, shall cease to exist, and its functions and powers be at an end. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1458.

SEC. 14. Statement-appropriations thereon.— It shall be the duty of said board, with all convenient speed, after qualifying as aforesaid, and annually thenceforward, to estimate what sum of money will be necessary for each current fiscal year, to enable them to discharge the duties hereby imposed upon them, and they shall forthwith certify the same to the common council of such city, who are hereby required in each monthly appropriation or ordinance of that fiscal year to set apart and appropriate the one-twelfth part of the amount so certified, which sum shall at once be paid by the city treasurer to the treasurer of the board of police upon a warrant drawn by the president, and countersigned by the comptroller: Provided, that if the said board shall be required to create an extra police force, as provided in section 1451, and the expense of such extra force be contemplated in their said estimate, they shall immediately certify the expense of such additional force to the common council, who are hereby required, as soon as possible, to set apart and appropriate the additional amount so required, agreeably to this section. The said board of police,

upon and after having qualified as aforesaid, are hereby authorized to make requisition from time to time upon the mayor, auditor, treasurer, comptroller or other proper disbursing officer or officers of the corporation of such city, for such sums as they may deem necessary for executing their duties under this article, and the sums so required shall be paid by said proper disbursing officer or officers out of any money in the city treasury not otherwise appropriated: Provided, also, that the amount so required or drawn shall not exceed in any one year the amount certified as aforesaid, to the common council for that year, including any additional amount which may have been ordered by said common council to be paid for or on account of any extra police force as herein before provided; that the common council of such city shall have no power or authority to levy or collect any tax or appropriate and disburse any money for the payment of any police force other than that to be organized or employed under this article, and the power of the mayor and common council of such city to appropriate and disburse money for the payment of the police force to be organized or employed under this article shall be exercised as in this section directed, and not otherwise. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1459.

SEC. 15. Penalty for resisting enforcement of this law. Any officer or servant of the mayor or common council of such city, or other person whomsoever, who shall forcibly resist or obstruct the execution or enforcement of any of the provisions of this article providing a permanent police force for such city, or relating to the same, or who shall hinder or obstruct the organization of said board of police, or the police force herein provided to be organized, or who shall maintain, control, or attempt to maintain and control, the existing police force of said city, or any part thereof, or any other police force under the ordinances and acts herein and hereby repealed, except as herein provided, shall be liable to a penalty of one thousand dollars for each and every such offense, recoverable by the board by action at law in the name of the

state of Missouri, and shall forever thereafter be disqualified from holding or exercising any office or employment whatever under the mayor or common council of such city under this article: Provided, however, that nothing in this section shall be construed to interfere with the punishment under any existing or any future law of the state of any criminal offense which may be committed by the said parties in or about the resistance, obstruction, hindrance, conspiracy, combination or disbursement aforesaid. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1460.

SEC. 16. Persons arrested to be brought before recorder. The commissioners of police shall cause all persons arrested by the police to be brought before the recorder, [judge of the police court]. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1461.

SEC. 17. Board to keep journal of proceedings. -The board shall cause a full journal of their proceedings to be kept, and shall also cause all their receipts and disbursements of money to be faithfully entered in books to be procured and kept for that purpose, and said journal and all of said books and all other documents in the possession of said board, shall always be open to the inspection of the general assembly of the state of Missouri, the common council of such city, or any committee appointed by them for said purpose. It shall be the duty of the board to report to the common council of such city, at least once a year, the number and expense of the police force employed by them under this article, and all such other matters as may be of public interest in connection with the duties assigned them hereby. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1462.

SEC. 18. Members of force officers of both city and state. The members of the police force of such city, organized and appointed by the police commissioners of said city under this article, are hereby declared to be officers of such city under the charter and ordinances of such city, and also to be officers of the state of Missouri, and shall be so

deemed and taken in all courts having jurisdiction of offenses against the laws of this state or the ordinances of said city. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1463.

SEC. 19. Regulation of private watchmen.-The board of police commissioners shall have full power to regulate and license all private watchmen and private policemen serving or acting as such on any street, alley, wharf, or other public place in said city, and no person shall so serve or act as a private watchman or private policeman in said city without the written license of said board first had and obtained, on pain of punishment for a misdemeanor. [R. S. 1889, Sec. 1464.

SEC. 20. Special policemen to be appointed on recommendation of humane societies. In cities. wherein an incorporated society for the prevention of cruelty to animals exists, known as the Humane Society, and the same city having the metropolitan police system, it shall be the duty of the board of police of said city to appoint one special officer, to be recommended by the humane society of said city, whose term of office and wages shall be the same as that of a regular policeman. The said special officer shall be subject. to the authority of the board of police, but ununiformed in costume, but shall wear over his left breast the badge adopted by the humane society which he represents. [Laws 1895, p.


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SECTION 1. Providing for board of public works. --Any city organized under the laws governing cities of the second class is hereby authorized to provide, by ordinance, for the establishment of a board of public works; and when said board shall have once been established, it shall not be dispensed with except a majority of the voters voting at any general election of the city shall so decide. Whenever one hundred tax paying voters of said city shall petition the common council of said city to submit the matter of dispensing with said board to the voters at any general election, the council shall make the necessary order submitting the question as aforesaid, or it may do so on its own motion. When once established, said board shall be governed as herein provided. Said board shall be known as the board of public works of the city of.. and shall be constituted as herein provided. The president of the board shall be elected by the voters as other officers are elected, and shall hold his office for a term of two years. A second member shall be elected by the voters.

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