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I. 1. Thoughts on some important Points in the Syster the World. By J. P. Nichol, LL.D.

2. Professor Airey's Statement regarding Leverri


3. Dr. Mädler on the Central Sun.


II. The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq.; with Notes and i lustrations by Himself and others. To which are adde

a new Life of the Author, an Estimate of his Poetic Character and Writings, and Occasional Remarks, †15 William Roscoe, Esq.

III. 1. Catalogue of the Library in Red-Cross Street, Crippl gate, founded pursuant to the will of the Rev. Dani Williams, D.D.

2. Catalogue of the Printed Books in the British Museur
3. Bibliotheca Grenvilliana; or, Bibliographical notices

rare and curious books, forming part of the Library
the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville. By John Thom
Payne and Henry Foss.

4. A copy of a Representation from the Trustees of
British Museum to the Treasury, on the subject o
enlarged scale of expenditure for the supply of printe
books, with Treasury Minute thereon.

5. Examen de ce que renferme la bibliothèque du Musé33 Britannique; extrait de documents soumis au Parlement en 1846. Par Octave Delepierre, Secrétaire de Légation, &c.

6. An Account of the Income and Expenditure of th British Museum for the year 1846; of the estimat Charges and Expenses for the year ending 25th March 1848, and of the progress made in the arrangement of the Collections in 1846.

7. On the supply of printed books from the Library to the Reading Room of the British Museum. [By Mr. Antonio Panizzi.]

8. Animadversions on the Library and Catalogues of the British Museum: a Reply to Mr. Panizzi's Statement; and a Correspondence with that Officer and the Trustees. By Sir Harris Nicolas.

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