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GARDNER, M. W., Colored Photographs of Speci-

mens, 556

GARRISON, F. H., Sir William Osler, 55
Gas, Natural, 59, 135

Genus, Use and Abuse of, W. STONE, 427
Geological Survey, F. L. RANSOME, 173, 201, 535;
E. BLACKWELDER, 346; Society, Southwestern,

Geologists, Amer. State, Assoc. of, T. L. WATSON,


Geophysical Union, Amer., H. O. WOOD, 297, 495

German Physicians, 58

Gibbs, Willard, Medal, 536

GIVENS, M. H., Dehydrated Meat, 273

GODDARD, R. H., High Altitude Research, 141

GOODSPEED, A., Amer. Philos. Soc., 572, 595, 618, 642

Goring, Charles Buckman, J. A. HARRIS, 133
Gravitation, Time, Space and, A. EINSTEIN, 8; Ein-
stein's Law of, J. S. AMES, 253
GREELY, A. W., É. Shackleton's South, 543
GREENE, C. W., Amer. Physiol. Soc., 248
GRIER, N. M., Mounting for Jellyfishes, 297
GUNTHORP, H., Killing Cats, 87; Dissection, 543

H., W. A., David S. Pratt, 207

HALE, G. E., Cooperation in Research, 149
HAMMETT, F. S., Biochemist in Hospital Staff, 131;
Journals for Prague, 488

HAMOR, W. A., Mellon Institute, 625
HARKINS, W. D., Separation of Chlorine, 289
HARPER, R. A., Research after the War, 473
HARRIS, J. A., Charles Buckman Goring, 133
HARROW, B., Carbon Dioxide, 465

Haskell, A. C., Graphic Charts, R. VON HUHN, 466
HATHAWAY, A. S., History of Calculus, 166; Dif-
ferentials, 464

History of Science, L. THORNDIKE, 193
HOLDER, R. C., Unpalatable Food, 299
Hosmer, G., Geodesy, J. F. HAYFORD, 88
HOWE, J. L., Conditions in Hungary, 487
HRDLIČKA, A., Anthropology and Psychology, 199
HUBBARD, B., Tertiary Formations of Porto Rico,


HUHN, R. VON, Graphic Charts, A. C. Haskell, 466
HULL, A. E., Radiation, 507

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M., W., Carbon Monoxide, 437

MCADIE, A., Aerostatic Pressure and Gravity, 144;

High Levels in the Atmosphere, 287, 438

MCCLUGAGE, H. B., Dehydrated Meat, 273

McCoy, H. N., and E. M. Terry, Chemistry, J. F.


MCEWEN, G. F., Statistical Methods, 349
Macloskie, George, W. M. RA 180

Macoun, James M., H. I. SMITH, 478
MCMURPHY, J., Eucalyptus, 118
Mammalogy, Journal of, C. E. JOHNSON, 570
Manganese, 237

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Radiation, A. E. HULL, 507; Ionization and, H. N.

Rainbows, Horizontal, C. JUDAY, 188
Rainfall Interception, C. F. BROOKS, 439
Randolph, Oscar A., O. C. LESTER, 429
RANKIN, W. M., George Macloskie, 180
RANSOME, F. L., National Geol. Survey, 175, 201
Rattlesnake, Vibration Rate of Tail of, M. C.

Research, Botanical, J. M. COULTER, 1; Organiza-

tion of, H. P. ARMSBY, 33; Associations, Con-

ference of British, 38; in Great Britain, 134;

High Altitude, R. H. GODDARD, 141; Cooperation

in, G. E. HALE, 149; Scientific, by Cooperation,

B. E. LIVINGSTON, 277; and the Universities,

415; Competition in, 515; Grants for England,

559; for Amer. Assoc., 563; Station, Neotropical,

H. F. OSBORN, 585; Council, National, Gift to,

110; Meeting, 494; Anthropology and Psychol-

ogy, W. V. BINGHAM, 353; Division of States

Relations, 409; Officers of, 589

RICHARDSON, W. D., Ash of Dune Plants, 546
Rockefeller Gifts, 11; to London, 609; to Uni-
versities and Colleges, 610; to Rochester, 610

ROE, E. D., JR., Auroras, 486

Royal Society, Royal Medals of, 11

Rubber Cultivation, 82

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Service, A Splendid, J. M. C., 44
Shackleton, E., South, A. W. GREELY, 543
SHIPLEY, M., Forerunner of Evolution, 315
SHULL, A. F., Zoology Course, 312
SILVERMAN, A., Francis C. Phillips, 455

Singing Sands, H. L. FAIRCHILD, 62, E. O. FIPPIN,
64; A. R. LEDOUX, 462
Siphon, H. C. BARKER, 489
Societies, Learned, P. A. LEVENE, 261
SMITH, C. A., Unpalatable Food, 299
SMITH, C. A., Utah Acad. of Sci., 551

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W., H. P., Alfred J. Moses, 429

WALKER, W. H., Technology Plan, 357

WANN, F. B., Fixation of Free Nitrogen, 247
WATSON, T. L., Assoc. of Amer. State Geologists,


WEAVER, W., Small Oscillations, 614

Weaver, William Dixon, W. E. KEILY, 558
WEBSTER, A. G., Ballistics, 368

WEBSTER, D. L., Quantum Emission Phenomena-
Electrons, 504

Welch, William H., In Honor of, 266
WELLS, H. G., Scientific Men in Russia, 414
Wheat, Foot-rot of, F. L. STEVENS, 517
WHEELER, J. L., Popular Scientific Literature, 593
WHITE, W. P., Unification of Symbols, 436
WHITLOCK, H. P., Mineralogical Soc. of Amer., 219
Whitman, Frank Perkins, 105

Whitman's Evolution in Pigeons, T. H. MORGAN,

WIELAND, G. R., Sauropod Barosaurus, 528
WILLIAMS, M. C., Vibration Rate of Tail of Rattle-
snake, 15

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