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Crop Inspection, F. A. SPRAGG, 113

DADOURIAN, H. N., Ionization and Radiation, 296

Dartmoor, Water Power and, 107

Darwin, T. D. A. COCKERELL, 296

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Dehydrated Meat, M. H. GIVENS and H. B. Mc-

Differentials, E. V. HUNTINGTON, 320, 593; A. S.


Dissection, H. GUNTHORP, 543
Dolomieu, G. F. KUNZ, 359

DOREMUS, C. A., Atmospheric Nitrogen, 635
Drinker, Pres., and Lehigh University, 510
Drosophila, Intersexes in, A. H. STURTEVANT, 325;
Chromosomes and Linkage in, C. W. METZ, 417
DUANE, W., Spectrum Series, 505

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GARDNER, M. W., Colored Photographs of Speci-

mens, 556

GARRISON, F. H., Sir William Osler, 55
Gas, Natural, 59, 135

Genus, Use and Abuse of, W. STONE, 427
Geological Survey, F. L. RANSOME, 173, 201, 535;
E. BLACKWELDER, 346; Society, Southwestern,

Geologists, Amer. State, Assoc. of, T. L. WATSON,

Geophysical Union, Amer., H. O. WOOD, 297, 495

German Physicians, 58

Gibbs, Willard, Medal, 536

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Gravitation, Time, Space and, A. EINSTEIN, 8; Ein-
stein's Law of, J. S. AMES, 253

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GREENE, C. W., Amer. Physiol. Soc., 248
GRIER, N. M., Mounting for Jellyfishes, 297
GUNTHORP, H., Killing Cats, 87; Dissection, 543

H., W. A., David S. Pratt, 207

HALE, G. E., Cooperation in Research, 149
HAMMETT, F. S., Biochemist in Hospital Staff, 131;
Journals for Prague, 488

HAMOR, W. A., Mellon Institute, 625
HARKINS, W. D., Separation of Chlorine, 289
HARPER, R. A., Research after the War, 473

HARRIS, J. A., Charles Buckman Goring, 133
HARROW, B., Carbon Dioxide, 465

Haskell, A. C., Graphic Charts, R. VON HUHN, 466
HATHAWAY, A. S., History of Calculus, 166; Dif-
ferentials, 464

Hawaii, Scientific Work in, H. F. OSBORN, 613

HAWK, P. B., Unpalatable Food, 299

HAYFORD, J. F., G. L. Hosmer's Geodesy, 88

HAYNES, W., Chemistry and Commerce, 188

HEADLEY, F. B., Alkali Salts, 140

Health, Public, C.-E. A. WINSLOW, 23

HEGNER, R. W., Blood-inhabiting Protozoa, 187

Helium Atom, I. LANGMUIR, 605

HENDERSON, Y., Course in Biology, 64

HERING, C., A Problem in Mechanics, 46

HERRICK, J. J., Orthogenesis, 621

High, Altitude Research, R. H. GODDARD, 141;

A. MCADIE, 287, 438; Levels in the Atmosphere,

J. G. COFFIN, 366

History of Science, L. THORNDIKE, 193
HOLDER, R. C., Unpalatable Food, 299
Hosmer, G., Geodesy, J. F. HAYFORD, 88
HOWE, J. L., Conditions in Hungary, 487

HRDLIČKA, A., Anthropology and Psychology, 199
HUBBARD, B., Tertiary Formations of Porto Rico,


HUHN, R. VON, Graphic Charts, A. C. Haskell, 466
HULL, A. E., Radiation, 507


HULL, G. F., Physics in War and Peace, 221
Human Foot-prints, C. STOCK, 514

Hungary, Conditions in, J. L. HOWE, 487
HUNTINGTON, E. V., Weight of Body moving along
Equator, 45; Differentials, 320, 593
Hurricane, West Indian, C. F. BROOKS, 369

Jellyfishes, Mounting for, N. M. GRIER, 297
JOHNSON, C. E., Journal of Mammalogy, 570
JOHNSON, D. S., Cinchona Botan. Sta., 235
JOHNSON, H. N., Psychology of Aviation, 449
JONES, D. F., Paraffine Ruler, 245; and E. M.
East, Inbreeding and Outbreeding, R. PEARL,


LADD-FRANKLIN, C., Logic Test, 414
LAMBERT, W. D., Problem in Mechanics, 271
LANGMUIR, I., Helium Atom, 605
LEDOUX, A. R., Singing Sands, 462

Legume Nodules, H. J. CONN and R. S. BREED, 391
LESTER, O. C., Oscar A. Randolph, 429
LEVENE, P. A., Learned Societies, 261

LILLIE, R. A., Physics, Physiology and Medicine,

LINK, G. K., Colored Photographs of Specimens,


LITTLE, C. C., Transplantable Sarcoma, 467
LIVINGSTON, B. E., Scientific Research by Coopera-
tion, 277; Executive Committee of the Council
of the Amer. Assoc., 470

LOEB, L., Blood Serum Tissue of Limulus, 17

Logic Test, C. LADD-FRANKLIN, 414

Louisiana Entomological Soc., 386

M., A. G., Evolution of Partula, C. E. Crampton,


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METZ, C. W., Chromosomes and Linkage in Droso-
phila, 417

MICHAEL, E. L., Asymmetrical Frequency Curves,
89; Statistical Methods, 349
Micropipette, C. V. TAYLOR, 617
Micro-plankton, W. E. ALLEN, 487

MILLER, D. C., Amer. Physical Soc., 171
MILLER, F. R., Cerebellar Localization, 413

MILLIKAN, R. A., Quantum Emission Phenomena,

Mineralogical Soc. of Amer., H. P. WHITLOCK, 219

Mines, Bureau of, 83, 457, 482

Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, Inst. of, 184

MOODIE, R. L., Thread Moulds, 14

Moon, Brown's Tables of the Motion of, 481

MOORE, B., Ecological Soc., 66

MOORE, G. T., St. Louis Meeting of the Amer.
Assoc., 48

MORGAN, T. H., Whitman's Evolution of Pigeons,

Moses, Alfred J., H. P. W., 429

MOULTON, F. R., Section A-Mathematics and As-
tronomy, 220

Mucors, Sexuality in, A. F. BLAKESLEE, 375, 403
Museum of Nat. Hist., 182; H. F. OSBORN, 636

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Phillips, Francis C., A. SILVERMAN, 455
Philosophical Soc., A. GOODSPEED, 572, 595, 618,


Porto Rico, Tertiary Formations, B. HUBBARD, 395

Prague, Journals for, F. S. HAMMETT, 488

Pratt, David S., W. A. H., 207

Preservation of Natural Conditions, 316

PRICE, W. A., Pocono Brachiopod Fauna, 146

PRICER, J. L., Illinois State Acad. of Sci., 327

Probable Error, E. L. MICHAEL, 89

Problem in Mechanics, C. HERING, 46; W. D. LAM-
BERT, 271

Protozoa, Blood-inhabiting, R. W. HEGNER, 187
Psychology of Aviation, H. M. JOHNSON, 449
Publications for Europe, 481

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SMITH, H. I., Totem Poles, 86; James M. Macoun,

SMYTH, H. D., Iodine Vapors, 571

Snow, Blue in, J. ALEXANDER, 465; and Winter
Wheat, C. LER. MEISINGER, 639

Soil Acidity, O. B. WINTER, 18

Solar Eclipse of May 29, 1919, L. A. BAUER, 301,

Spectrum, Ultra-violet, D. L. WEBSTER, R. A.
SPILLMAN, W. J., Formulæ for Dates, 513, 568
SPRAGG, F. A., Crop Inspection, 113

SQUIER, G. O., Multiplex Telephony and Teleg-
raphy, 445

Standards, Bureau of, 10

Statistical Methods, Ġ. F. MCEWEN and E. L.


STEBBINS, J., Auroras, 485

Steinhart Aquarium, 136

STEVENS, F. L., Foot-rot of Wheat, 517

STEWART, A., Inventions and Patents, 421

STEWART, G. W., Polydogmata of the Physicist, 85;

Section B-Physics, 352

STILES, C., Rules for Zoological Nomenclature, 594

STOCK, C., Human Foot-prints, 514

STONE, W., Genus, Use and Abuse of the, 427

Strasbourg, Mathematics at, E. B. WILSON, 243,


Strike, Medical, in Spain, 38

STRONG, E. K., Section H-Anthropology, Amer.
Assoc., 418, 441

STURTEVANT, A. H., Intersexes in Drosophila, 325

Sunspots and Earthquakes, D. ALTER, 486

Surveys, Board of, W. BowIE, 233

Survival of the Unlike, W. TRELEASE, 599

Symbols, Unification of, W. P. WHITE, 436

Synthetic Ammonia, 562

TAYLOR, C. V., Micropipette, 617

TAYLOR, W. P., Ecologic Investigations, 283
Technology Plan, W. H. WALKER, 357
Telephony and Telegraphy, G. O. SQUIER, 445
Temperature, Irregularities, C. F. BROOKS, 488
Terry, E. M. and H. N. McCoy, General Chemistry,
J. F. NORRIS, 438

THORNDIKE, L., History of Science, 193

Thread Moulds and Bacteria, R. L. MOODIE, 14

Time, Space and Gravitation, A. EINSTEIN, 8

Totem Poles, H. I. SMITH, 86

Toxicity of Alkali Salts, F. B. HEADLEY, 140

TRELEASE, W., Botanical Achievement, 121; Sur-

vival of the Unlike, 599

W., H. P., Alfred J. Moses, 429

WALKER, W. H., Technology Plan, 357

WANN, F. B., Fixation of Free Nitrogen, 247
WATSON, T. L., Assoc. of Amer. State Geologists,


WEAVER, W., Small Oscillations, 614

Weaver, William Dixon, W. E. KEILY, 558
WEBSTER, A. G., Ballistics, 368

WEBSTER, D. L., Quantum Emission Phenomena-
Electrons, 504

Welch, William H., In Honor of, 266
WELLS, H. G., Scientific Men in Russia, 414
Wheat, Foot-rot of, F. L. STEVENS, 517
WHEELER, J. L., Popular Scientific Literature, 593
WHITE, W. P., Unification of Symbols, 436
WHITLOCK, H. P., Mineralogical Soc. of Amer., 219
Whitman, Frank Perkins, 105

Whitman's Evolution in Pigeons, T. H. MORGAN,

WIELAND, G. R., Sauropod Barosaurus, 528
WILLIAMS, M. C., Vibration Rate of Tail of Rattle-
snake, 15

WILSON, E. B., Mathematics at Strasbourg, 243,

WINSLOW, C.-E. A., Public Health, 23
WINTER, O. B., Soil Acidity, 18

Wisconsin Academy, 388

Wood, Horatio C., 106

WOOD, H. O., Amer. Geophys. Union, 297, 495
Woods, Herbert Spencer, L. W. FETZER, 159

Zoological Nomenclature, R. C. STILES, 594
Zoologists, Amer. Soc., W. C. ALLEE, 214

Zoology Course, A. F. SHULL, 312; H. S. COLTON,


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