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TABLE 3.-Courses of study leading to the degree of A. B. in 15 colleges and seminaries for women.

History and geogra-


Freshman-Latin grammar and reader (Hark ness), selections from Cornelius Nepos, English composition.rhetoric. Sophomore-Cæsar, Cicero, mythology, rhetoric. Junior-Rhetoric (higher), critical study of English classics, Virgil, French or German. Senior-Studies in English classics, history of English literature (Gilman), French or German (Stern).

Freshman-Virgil, prose composition, Horace, Homer's Iliad, Odyssey, English composition and rhetoric, elocution. Sophomore-Cicero, prose composition, Herodotus, Sophocles, English literature, English composition, elocution. JuniorTacitus, Demosthenes. rhetoric, English composition, elocution. Senior-English literature, Anglo-Saxon, history of Roman literature, history of Greek literature, English composition. Freshman-Word lessons (Reed), higher lessons in English (Reed and Kellogg), Latin grammar (Harkness), Cæsar, Ovid, French Principia (Part Ì), elocution, composition. Sophomore-Composition and rhetoric (Hart), Latin grammar, Cæsar, Cicero, Latin prose composition, Greek grammar and reader (Bullion), French Principia (Parts I and II), practical elocution (Shoemaker). JuniorRhetoric (A. S. Hill), English literature (Shaw, Tuckerman, Backus), classic English reader (Swinton), Latin grammar, Horace, Livy. Latin prose composition, French Principia (Part II), French prose classics, Gastineau's conversation m hod, Greek grammar, Greek testament, Anabasis, German Principia (Part I), Studien and Plaudereien, practical elocution. Senior-Tacitus. Cicero, Latin prose composition, remnants of early Latin (Allen), Greek grammar, Homer, Greek testament.

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Freshman-Arithmetic (Robinson), algebra (Wentworth). Sopho

tic (reviewed),
higher algebra.
try (Davies's Le-
gendre). Senior--
Plane, analytical
and spherical trig-
onometry, men-
suration (Davies),
astronomy (Lock-

bra, geometry,
keeping, astron-

Freshman - Arith-
metic (Robinson),
algebra (Went-
worth). Sopho-
try, trigonometry
and conic sections
(Loomis). Sen-
ior Astronomy
(Snell's Olm-
stead), bookkeep-

Natural science.

Philosophy and civil government.

Sophomore-Phys- Freshman-His- Senior-Psychology
iology (Hutchin-
son), botany
(Gray). Junior-
Natural philoso-
phy (Peck's Gan-
ot), chemistry

tory of England,
general history.
tory of Rome
(Sewell). Jun-
ior-History of
Greece (Sewell).
of England (Mont-
gomery), physical
geography (Apple-
ton), history of
United States


ral history, botany,
zoology, physiolo-
gy. Sophomore-
Chemistry, biolo-
gy. Junior-
Geology, mineral-
ogy. Senior-
Sophomore-Chem- Freshman-History
istry (Clark). of United States
Junior Physics (Derry). Sopho-
(Gage), botany more-History of
(Wood). Senior- England (Mont-
Physical geogra
gomery). Jun-
phy (Appleton). for-Modern his-
geology (LeConte). tory (Myers).

(McCosh), moral science (Seelye's Hickok), evidences of Christianity. Bible studies throughout the course.

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4. Rockford Seminary, Rockford, Ill.

5. Logan Female
College, Rus-
sellville, Ky.

6. Silliman Collegi-
ate Institute,
Clinton, La.

French tragedy and versification, Gastineau's con-
versation method, selections from best German
writers, German composition, English literature,
Milton's Paradise Lost, Lycidas, Life of Thack-
eray, English humorists (Thackeray), Henry Es-
mond, Shakespeare's Hamlet and Merchant of
Venice, practical elocution, composition.
Freshman-Livy, Horace, Latin prose composition,
Homer, Herodotus, Xenophon, Hermann und Dorothea
or Iphigenie auf Tauris, Deutsche Grammatik (Gurke),
Wallenstein's Tod, Nathan der Weise, Littérature
Classique to the Seventeenth Century, Le Cid, Athalie
und Iphigenie. Le Misanthrope, Tartuffe, rhetoric,
elocution. Sophomore-Tacitus. Cicero, Horace,
Juvenal, Homer, Plato, Sophocles, Faust (Part I), Ge-
schichte der deutschen Literatur, Otto, Littérature
Française from the Seventeenth Century, selections
from French authors, English literature (Shaw),
rhetoric, elocution. Junior-Rhetoric, elocution,
Cicero, Thucydides, Faust (Part II), Corneille et son
Temps, Horace, Italian grammar and prose composi-
tion, Primo Libro di Leitura, Plautus, Eschylus,
Causeries historiques et littéraires (Souvestre), Pen-
sées (Pascal), Terence, Aristophanes, selections from
Italian classics, history of Italian literature. Sen-
ior-Rhetoric, elocution, Tacitus, Plato, Aristotle,
Nibelungenlied or Parzival und Titurell, Mme. de
Staël, Vita Nuova, L'Inferno, Lucretius, Bernardin
de St. Pierre, Cousin, Il Purgatorio, old and middle
English, history of ancient literature, later Latin
writers, Victor Hugo, Il Paradiso.
Freshman-Caesar, Latin prose composition,
rhetoric (Kellogg), elocution. Sophomore-Cic
ero, Virgil, Latin prose composition. history of
literature (Shaw). Junior-Livy, Latin prose
(Daniels), studies in English (Smith), Shake-
speare. Senior-Horace.

Higher lessons in English (Reed and Kellogg), elo-
cution (Kidd), analysis (Green), English classics,
outlines of history, composition, English litera-
ture (Kellogg), rhetoric (Kellogg), essays, Latin
grammar and reader (Bingham), Cæsar, Virgil,
Cicero, Horace. Chouquet's First French lessons,
French grammar (Pinney and Arnoult), French
reader (Collot).

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TABLE 3.-Courses of study leading to the degree of A. B. in 15 colleges and seminaries for women-Continued.

History and geography.

7. Maine Wesleyan
Seminary and
Female Col-
lege, Kent's
Hill, Me.

8. Albert Lea College, Alberto Lea, Minn.

9. Blue Mountain Female College, Blue Mountain, Miss.


First year-Livy, Cicero, Ovid or methods of teach-
ing, French, French composition, French litera-
ture. Second year-Tacitus, rhetoric, German.
Third year-German, German composition, Eng-
lish literature, German literature, elocution.
Fourth year-German, Horace, elocution.

Freshman-Cicero, Latin prose composition (Dan-
iel), lectures on Roman law (Hadley), Livy,
Xenophon, Greek prose composition, Lysias,
study of words (Trench), English composition,
elocution. Sophomore-Demosthenes, Plato, Thu-
cydides, Herodotus, Horace, rhetoric (Whately),
history of rhetoric, composition, philosophy of
style (Spencer), analyses of orations, etc.; Ger-
man grammar (Whitney), Im Zwielicht, Der Neffe
als Onkel, or French grammar (Keetel), Petites
Causeries (Sauveur), La Fontaine's Fables, Le
Roman d'un Jeune Homme Pauvre (Labiche), Le
Cid; Grecian literature, elocution, Roman litera-
ture. Junior-Critical study of English authors,
English language and literature (Kellogg), Ameri-
can literature, Tacitus, Pliny, Plautus, Latin
thesis, Euripides, Sophocles, Greek testament,
German grammar, Wilhelm Tell or Athalie (Ra-
cine), Le Misanthrope, composition. Senior-
Linguistic science (Whitney), history of literature
or history of art, Homer.
Freshman-Higher lessons in English (Reed and
Kellogg), rhetoric (Hart), Latin grammar and
reader (Bingham). Sophomore-History of En-
glish literature (Shaw), choice specimens of En-
glish literature (Shaw), longer English poems
(Hale), rhetoric (Hart, Kellogg), Latin grammar
and prose composition, Cæsar, Cicero. Junior-
Anglo-Saxon primer (Sweet), Anglo-Saxon
reader (March), history of English language
(Lounsbury), rhetoric (Kellogg), Latin grammar
and prose composition, Virgil, Horace. Senior-
Selections from Chaucer, Milton, Shakespeare,


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National science.

First year-Physi-
ology, physics.
Second year -
Chemistry, com-
parative zoology.
Third year-Bot-
any. Fourth
year-Botany, ge-
ology, practical
chemistry and min-
Sophomore- Phys-
ics (Ganot), bot-
any (Gray). Jun-
(Eliot and Storer),
physiology (Mar-
tin), geology

ology, natural phi-
losophy. Junior-
Geology (Steele),
botany (Wood).
Senior Chemis
try (Steele).

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Philosophy and civil government.

Sophomore-Physi- Freshman-Geog- Sophomore-Intel

lectual and moral
philosophy (Way-
land). Junior-
Political economy
(Wayland and
Chapin), Senior--
Logic (Jevons-
Hill), mind

raphy (Maury).
physical geography
(Maury), history
of United States
(Barnes). Sopho-
and biographical
readings. Junior
-General history

tional law (An-
drews). Senior-
(Bowen's Hamil-
ton), logic (Jev-
ons), political
economy (Ely),
Christian eviden-
ces (Fisher), moral
philosophy (Cal-
derwood), history
of philosophy
(Seelye's Schweg-
ler, Haven).

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Freshman-Latin grammar (Allen and Greenough),
Latin exercises (Jones), Latin reader, English
grammar (Whitney), rhetoric (Hill). Sophomore-
Cæsar, Virgil, Greek grammar (Goodwin), Greek
lessons (Leighton), Anabasis, Mueller's grammar
and reader, Anglo-Saxon grammar (March), study
of words (Trench), rhetoric (Hill's Science),
French grammar and reader (Fasquelle), Contes
Choisis, (Télémaque). Junior-Cicero, Latin
prose composition (Allen), Horace, Xenophon,
Demosthenes, Greek prose composition (Boise),
Morris's Accidence, French and German plays and
dramas, American poems (Scudder). Senior-
Livy, Tacitus, Latin prose composition, Thucyd-
ides, Plato, Eschylus, Greek prose composition,
Hale's English poems, Shakespeare's plays.
Freshman-English grammar, English composi-
tion, beginners' Latin book (Collar & Daniell),
fables, Cæsar. Sophomore-Rhetoric, English
prose and prose writers (Hunt), Cæsar, Virgil,
French grammar (Keetel) and prose readings or
German grammar (Otto), Grimm's Märchen
and English into German. Junior-History of
English language and literature (Backus's Shaw's
Manual, Lounsbury), Horace, Cicero, French
grammar, composition, and readings or German
grammar, composition, Hermann und Dorothea,
and Wilhelm Tell. Senior-Critical study of Shak-
speare (Hudson & Rolfe) and other principal poets,
philology of the English tongue (Earle), lectures
on the masters of English style and the master-
pieces in English literature, Livy, Tacitus. Latin
grammar and written exercises extend through

the course.

First year-Arith- First year-Physi-
metic, algebra. ology, botany.
Second year-Al- Third year-Zo-
gebra. Third
ology, physics.
year-Plane ge- Fourth year-
ometry, solid ge- Chemistry, geol-
ometry. Fourth
etry, astronomy.
metic (Robinson),
algebra (Robin-
son), plane geom-
etry (Robinson).
gebra, solid geom-
etry, trigonome-
try (Robinson).
omy (Norton),
conic sections
and analytical
geometry (Robin-
son). Senior-
Calculus (Olney).
school arithmetic
(Wentworth), al-
gebra (Robinson's
gebra (Robinson's
University), ele-
mentary geome-
try (Hill). Junior
-Plane geometry,
solid geometry,
and conic sections
nometry (Loomis),
surveying (Loom-
is), navigation and
spherical trigo-
nometry, astron-
omy (Hooker).

any (Gray). Jun-
ical philosophy
(Kimball and
Snell's Olmstead),
chemistry (Shep-
herd), physics
(Peck's Ganot).
Senior Geology
of Tennessee,
geology (Dana
and Le Conte),
electricity and
magnetism (Des-
Freshman - Physi-
ology and hygiene
(Hitchcock). Soph-
ogy (Nicholson)
physics (Avery).
Junior Chemis-
try (Steele), bot-
any (Wood). Sen-
ior-Geology (Le

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Freshman-Physic- Junior-Political

al geography
(Maury). Junior-
Ancient history
(Myers). Senior-
Mediæval and
modern history
(Myers), history
of civilization



TABLE 3.-Courses of study leading to the degree of A. B. in 15 colleges and seminaries for women-Continued.

History and geogra-

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National science.

of Christianity
(McIlvaine), psy-
chology (Baker).

Freshman-Alge- Freshman-Botany Junior-General Senior-Evidences
bra (Wentworth).
gebra, geometry
(Hill or Went-
worth). Junior-
Geometry, trig-
onometry (Went-
worth). Senior-
Review of arith-
metic and algebra,
First year-Alge-
bra. Second year

Third year-Trig-
onometry, astron-

versity algebra,
solid geometry,
Sophomore-- An-
alytical geometry.



(Steele). Sophomore-Zoology (Steele), geology (Steele). JuniorPhysics and chemistry (Steele).

First year-Physiology. Second year Natural philosophy, zoölogy. Third year -Chemistry, botany. Fourth year -Geology, mineralogy.

Freshman-Uni- Freshman-Zoöl

ogy, botany, hy-
giene. Sopho-
more - Physiol-
ogy, chemistry.
al chemistry or
ics. Senior-

history. SeniorGeneral history, physical geogra phy (Maury).

First year-United States history, physical geogra phy. Second year-History of England, Roman history, Grecian history.

Philosophy and civil government.

Freshman - Bible. Sophomore-History of England, Bible. JuniorBible. SeniorBible, history of the United States, or history of civilization or library work, history of art or history of philosophy.

Third year-Mental
Moral philosophy,
logic, philosophy
of history, evi-
dences of Chris-
tianity, United
States Constitu-
tion, political econ-
Sophomore Logic
(Jevons). Senior-
Political economy,
psychology, moral
philosophy, evi-
dences of Chris-

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