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a "regular branch." This can mean nothing less than it shall have a permanent place in the programme of school exercises. How frequently the periods given to it shall recur, the law does not attempt to prescribe; but that they should recur at stated intervals, and frequent enough for teachers and pupils to consider them essential parts of the school exercises, there can be no doubt.

The word occasional is so elastic that the results attained in schools of this class may vary widely. In some schools few facts have secured a lodgment in the pupils' memory, though there is a decided impression of the harmful character of alcohol; for example


The effects of alcohol is bad because it injures your health and body and in a little while it will kill you. When you are cold and take alcohol in liquor it will warm you up for a while and in case of sickness the doctors will give it to you in liquor.


I have heard that the effects of alcohol on the human body is a ruination to the person who uses it It burns the person in side and doen't him any good but does him harm. They say it is good for medicine but I do not know. I think we could get along with out it. If it is good they abuse it by puting it into intoxicating drinks, which is very injuriou to the human body.


If the persons smoke it will make cancers come on their lips and will make the cancer in the stomach. Tobacco often leads to drinking. Tobacco is sometimes made in filthy places and is not good for persons to use.

In other schools of this class the best pupils are are able to write as intelligently as when more formal work is done:

Alcohol is a stimulant when taken in small quantities, in larger quantities it is a narcotic. Its immediate effect is exhilerating but after working through the system it stupefies the brain and makes the body unfit for use. It destroys many of the small glands of the stomach and alimentary canal and makes those that are left hard and ropy. It makes ulcers on the small intestines. It destroys pepsin which is the fluid that digests the food taken into the stomach, It makes the blood flow much faster than is necessary and consequently wears out the heart much quicker than it naturally would, It makes a man a beast, It in time takes the place of food, and makes the stomach a good pouch for holding alcohol, but useless to digest food. The poison in tobacco is called nicotine, a drop of this fluid will instantly kill a dog. The general effect of tobacco is the same as that of alcohol although it is not so violent, it produces ulcers in the throat.


When a boy begins to smoke young his growth is stunted, his complexion is sallow, his teeth become yellow, and his breath bad. It also works on the brain. It does not effect one right off but by degrees The man who drinks a little at a time does not think he is doing any harm to his body, but he is, His stomach is burning by degrees and finally when he becomes a drunkard he has no stomach at all, (so to speak). It works on his nerves and his muscles, and he finally looses all his power.

The weaker ones have little to say, but contrive to express their feelings:


The effect of alcohol on the human system is to produce raw sores in the intestine. In time it produces a disease of the brain known as delirium tremens. A man who drinks intoxicating liquors is slowly poisoning himself and if he keeps on he will die. Tobacco contains a deadly poison called nicotine. When the young use it, it dwarfs the body more or less.


Alcohol makes any one nervous and irritable. If any one begins to drink, it is very hard to leave off. It irritates the stomach and heart.

In schools where the instruction is all oral, but regular, the pupils write more fluently than in schools of the fourth class. Their knowledge of the subject is apt to be more comprehensive, but it is still general. The effort to be specific is not often successful:


Alcohol is one of the worst enemies of mankind, yet many people, falling into the habit of drinking this disastrous spirit, could not live without it. If they could see the picture of their system before and after using the alcohol they would not care to drink another drop. When it passes down the throat it burns off the skin leaving it bare and burning. It causes the heart to beat many unnecessary times and after the first dose the heart is in danger of giving out so that it needs something to keep it up and therefore the person to whom the heart belongs has to take drink after drink to keep his heart going. This unnecessary work soon wears the heart out. The liver is also effected by alcohol. Before the use of it, the 'iver is smooth and velvety. After long use of it, the liver is turned to a different color, and there are large pimples growing out on it. These look like nails and the liver is called "Hob nail liver.


Alchohol poisons the human system. After a man has been drinking alchohol his brain becomes cloudy and he is unfit for work. Many people think that alchoholic drinks help men to do their work better, but after they get used to drinking alchoholic drinks, it is hard for them to work without it, and they do not do their work so well.

Statements like the following abound in the average papers: "Makes the mind dizzy;"The skin on the organs cracks out:" "Before alcohol is put into the body, the fiver is soft and flat, but after a person drinks it for two or three years, that organ becomes hard and full of holes like a sponge, and instead of being flat, it is round;" "Every drop that is taken rushes to two little cups in the brain." The more illiterate pupils here, as in the other schools, are firmly impressed that alcohol is an evil.

Alcohol, to those who drink it makes great blotches on your face, and makes it red. If you drink much of it, it will make you drunk. Its makes your liver like leather, and is called the hob-nailed liver. It affects your whole body and makes you die sooner. It affects your heart the most.


When aman gets adrinking rum, which contains alchoall, it goes to his brain, and makes him unsenseable. Alchoall will quicken the pults, and the hart will beat faster than usual Alchoall is poision, and will poision the blood.

In some schools the moral and social side of the drink question seems to be made more prominent in the oral instruction than the physiological side. Some of the best papers, from a literary standpoint, are from these schools. Such are the following, which are scarcely better than the average of the whole class:


Alcohol is a spirit of wine. It is very injurious to the system, and sometimes causes paralysis of the nerves, which also leads to blindness. The use of alcohol by grown up people, sets a bad example to the young, who surely can not help from seeing intoxicated men and sometimes women staggering along the street. It seems as if young people might resist the temptation of what they know will be an injury to them, when they see the effects; poverty, cruelty, murder, suicide and many others.

A man who comes home under the influence of alcohol, with his mind dazed, is often cruel to his family, and what might be a happy home is an unhappy one, on account of the father's habit of drink.

In many homes wine is on the table daily, and the children see it drank before them, and some are even allowed to taste it.

I think the whole country suffers from it, and it should be put down as it has in some places. Attempts have been made in Boston, but the prohibitionists have not succeeded. Some of the business men say it will hurt business, but I should like to have it tried.


Alcohol is a kind of ardent spirit. It will paralyze the nerves when taken as a drink. Alcohol is generally used to put in drinks, such as rum, ale, and lager. When once a man begins to drink things in which alcohol is put, it is very hard for him to stop. A man who drinks, almost invariably, is robbing his family of the money which they aught to have and which he is spending for his cravings of liquor.

It is one of the great topics of the day whether or not drinks, which contain alcohol shall be sold, made or imported into this country.

Young men who begin to drink do it because they think it a smart thing They do not look forward to what will become of them when they grow up to be men. They perhaps do not think or know that nations have been ruined by this


Every day this curse is getting a stronger hold on our nation. Every day it is growing larger and larger. Shall we allow this curse to ruin our nation. No! Somehow it must be stopped but how.


The pure alcohol is a liquid of about the color of water. biteth like a serpent and stingeth like an adder."

The Bible says "It

It is mixed with wine and sold to people as a beverage. To such people the ordinary food is not strong enough to satisfy their appetites. They sometimes eat garlic with their food.

A liquor saloon is a very poor thing to have in a community. It is generally brilliantly lighted in the evening to attract the young men. They will stay away from home for the sake of being in this gay company. They may loose their position in business if found intoxicated. It is the ruin of a man to take liquor as a beverage.

Drunkenness leads to many evils. When intoxicated murder may be committed, rash acts, stealing, and sometimes suicide.

A large part of the money spent in the Union is for liquor, wines, and tobacco. Good could be done in every way with the money spent for these purposes.

In the effort to have the pupils receive their information in more definite form and retain it, some teachers arrange the leading physiological facts in form and order and require the pupils to memorize the statements. In classes where this practice obtains, the papers are essentially alike:

Alchohol is a drug of very great power It weakens the nervous system and often leads to paralysis. It causes a disease of the liver, stomach and kidneys, and often leads to dyspepsia, which is caused by indigestion. It lessens the mental powers, so, that a child using would not be able to learn or think as quick as he otherwise would. It often dwarfs the body.

It weakens the whole nervous system and often causes paralysis, epilepsy or insanity. When used in small quantities it is a stimulant, when used in large quantities it is a narcotic.

The higher faculties are first paralyzed leaving the victim under his lower and meaner nature.

Alchohol weakens the muscles of the heart causing it to beat more rapidly, distending the blood-vessels, and overcharging them with blood.

Alcohol, irritates, weakens, and inflames the stomach, liver, and kidneys and often causes fatal diseases in these organs.

Alcohol weakens the muscle of the heart causing the blood to flow too rapidly and thus distending the blood-vessels. By use of alcohol the brain is first excited, then paralyzed. The higher faculties are first paralyzed leaving the victim under control of his lower and meaner nature. It weakens and exhausts the nervous system and sometimes causes paralysis, epilepsy and insanity.


Tobacco is very injurious to the young and no child which uses it is ever a good scholar. It dwarfs the body and lessens the mental power when first used by the young it makes them feel sick, stupid and drowsy, and gives them a yellowish or sallow look. It hurts the action of the heart, persons using it are hardly ever if ever healthy. Tobacco is a drug of very great power, a drop oil extracted from it placed on a dogs tongue will kill him nearly as quick as sprucid asic.


Tobacco is a drug of very great power a drop of oil exacted from it placed on a dog's tongue would kill him nearly as prusic asid.

Tobacco when used by young is always injurious. It oftens duarfs the body and always lessens the mental powers. No child usuing it is ever as good a scholar as he otherwise would be.

Tobacco also causes diseases of mouth and throat.

Passing to consider the schools where text-books are used for a longer or shorter time, the character of the papers presented seems to depend more on the general character of the school and the ability of the pupil than on the number of years spent in the study of alcohol.

If we select a number of schools in which the subject is studied from text-books one, two, three, or more years, we shall find the best papers presented will cover essentially the same facts in all the schools. On the other hand, the average papers, after one year's use of the book, may be better than other schools will furnish after five or six years' study. For example:

4.-Text-book one year; two lessons a week.


Alcohol at first acts as a stimulant, but when the stimulant has spent its force it leaves the body in a very weak condition It paralyzes the nerve centres, and causes a fatty deposit around the heart and enlargement of the liver. When alcohol is first taken into the system it quickens the action of the heart and afterwards leaves it very weak so that it cannot perform its work properly Continued use of alcohol produces delirium tremens which sometimes ends in death. The appetite for alcohol may be inherited In persons who use it the nerves are so weak that they cannot resist the temptation to drink.

B.-Text-book one year; four lessons a week.


When a person first tastes any alcoholic liquor, as a rule, they do not like it; but they often try it again just to see if they don't like it. Gradually they learn to like it. Some persons drink to such excess that their whole system is saturated with liquor and it would kill them to go without.

Alcohol weakens the muscles and makes them flabby. When alcohol is first taken into the system it exhilarates the person and makes them lively; but it soon produces a stupor. Alcohol weakens the heart, so that it is not able to perform its work thoroughly. It eats out the coats of the stomach, and of course the stomach is not able to perform its work of digesting the food thoroughly, thus causing indigestion. Nothing will quench the thirst of a man who drinks alcohol but alcohol.

C.-Text-book two years; two or three lessons a week, with written examina



Alcohol drys the blood, weakens the mind, deadens the nerves, causes sickness, sores, cancers and in every way weakens and poisons the body. It has a great craving for water and therefore it takes the most necessary thing from our body. It weakens the blood-vessels so much that the blood, which flows with much force when alcohol has been taken into it, burst them, this causing death. The blood often stagnates in the blood-vessels near the skin, causing it to have a red appearance.

It weakens the mind, causing the victim to stagger. It also puts one in such a way as to murder, steal and to even worse things. The man does know he is doing anything because the alcohol has weakened his mind so much that he does not think.

The liver, stomach, lungs, and intestines are weakened and poisoned more or less.

The teeth have a soiled appearance, and the gums are spungy. The breath also has a disagreeable odor.

The habit of drinking alcoholic drinks often leads to insanity.

D.—Text-book five years; two lessons a week during last two years.


Alcohol in any form, is very injurious to the body. Young children should never use it, because it checks their groath. It weakens the brain, and makes them seem very stupid at times.

People who begin to use it, and think it will do them no harm, find out in after years that it has power over them, and they cannot control their appetite. It also makes them have an uncontrolable temper.

Alcohol hurts the stomach very much. Without realy giving strength, they give a feeling of strength and confidence. Their sensibilities become lively Alcohol often causes paralysis and insanity, and often enlarges the small bloodvessels. People who use alcohol have very impure blood.

E.-Text-book three years; two lessons a week; written examinations.


Alcohol is the fermentation of fruits and grains. The different liquors made from it are cider, beer, wine, whisky, brandy, and gin. Alcohol is a clear colorless fluid and is lighter than water. Alcohol could not be a food for the body because it does not nourish the body. The alcohol makes the person dry and want to drink a good deal after using it. It also takes water from other parts of the body where it is needed. It turns the blood to water, and it does not satisfy the hunger because hunger needs solid food to satisfy that, and it does not help to digest the food. It does not keep the body warm as some persons think it does It flushes the face, deadens the body and makes the face red and bloated. Alcohol poisons the stomach and bowels. When the person first commences to use this for a drink it makes him sick to his stomach, and the food does not agree with them. And after awhile the stomach gets diseased and flamed and the person dies. Alcohol might be looked upon as a medicine and never should be used for any other use. It is a real poison and if persons regarded it so the better their health would be. It is a cause of thousands of peoples death and nervous diseases. And children inherit bad habits, and are likely to be weak minded.

F.-Text-book three years; weekly lessons.


When alcohol is first taken, it goes first to the stomach, where it does its first harm. It begins to absorb the gastric juice, so that there will not be enough to mix the food. Then it is carried into the blood, which it poisens. Then it does a great harm in the brain. It destroys the nerves centered there, and so the person that takes the poisen, does not feel the cold or heat as he ought. The alcohol in the blood, makes the flesh look bloated and discolored. Sometimes persons grow crazy from the effect of strong drink. So, we see what a great harm it does.

G.-Text-book five years; semiannual written examinations.


Alcohol is a stimulant and narotic. It causes disease of stomach and congests the blood-vessels. It impairs the appetite for food. It delays and impairs digestion. It thins or coagulates the blood It collects in the brain and causes death. It affects men of all temperments It causes delirium-tremens if taken into the system frequently

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