Prophecies and Omens of the Great War

W. Rider & Son Limited, 1915 - 78 páginas

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Página 36 - Laugh and mock if you will at the worship of stone idols; but mark ye this, ye breakers of images, that in one regard, the stone idol bears awful semblance of Deity — unchangefulness in the midst of change — the same seeming will and intent for ever and ever inexorable ! Upon ancient dynasties of Ethiopian and Egyptian kings — upon Greek and...
Página 23 - Remember that you are the chosen people! The Spirit of the Lord has descended upon me because I am the Emperor of the Germans ! I am the instrument of the Almighty, I am his sword, his agent. Woe and death to all those who shall oppose my will ! Woe and death to those who do not believe in my mission! Woe and death to the cowards! Let them perish, all the enemies of the German people ! God demands their destruction...
Página 37 - ... with the same earnest eyes, and the same sad, tranquil mien. And we, we shall die, and Islam will wither away; and the Englishman, straining far over to hold his loved India, will plant a firm foot on the banks of the Nile and sit in the seats of the Faithful, and still that sleepless rock will lie watching and watching the works of the new busy race with those same sad, earnest eyes, and the same tranquil mien everlasting. You dare not mock at the Sphinx.
Página 37 - Upon ancient dynasties of Ethiopian and Egyptian kings; upon Greek, and Roman; upon Arab and Ottoman conquerors; upon Napoleon dreaming of an Eastern Empire; upon battle and pestilence; upon the ceaseless misery of the Egyptian race; upon keen-eyed travellers - Herodotus yesterday, and Warburton today: upon all and more, this unworldly Sphinx has watched, and watched like a Providence with the same earnest eyes, and the same sad, tranquil mien.
Página 18 - ... realize its universal character. Not only all Christian and all Mussulman, but even other more distant peoples will be involved. Armies will be enrolled from the four quarters of the globe. For, by the third week, the angels will have opened the minds of men, who will perceive that the man is Antichrist, and that they will all become his slaves if they do not overthrow this conqueror. Antichrist will be recognized by various tokens : in especial he will massacre the priests, the monks, the women,...
Página 35 - Christianity — and this is its highest merit — has, in some degree, softened, but it could not destroy, that brutal German joy of battle. When once the taming talisman, the Cross, breaks in two, the savagery of the old fighters, the senseless Berserker fury of which the northern poets sing and say so much, will gush up anew. That talisman is decayed, and the day will come when it will piteously collapse. Then the old stone gods will rise from the silent ruins, and rub the dust of a thousand years...
Página 31 - Vh-n the war, which has just been portrayed for your benefit, shall have given place to peace once more, then Poland will be re-established and I shall become recognized as its patron saint.
Página 75 - Europe and is more or less visible as a partial one over the whole of Europe and the greater part of Northern Africa, and as Mars is in extreme north declination and in the oriental quarter of the heavens over Europe at the time of the eclipse, the danger of war in Europe is imminent. At St. Petersburg and Constantinople, Saturn at the time of the eclipse will be very close to the upper meridian at the conjunction of the Sun and Moon.
Página 19 - Grace, and, should they die, will go straight to heaven like the martyrs. The Bull which will proclaim these things will create a great sensation. It will revive the courage of the foes of Antichrist and cause the death of the monarch who is his ally. In order to 'conquer Antichrist it will be necessary to kill more men than Rome has ever contained. It will need the energies of all the kingdoms, because the cock, the leopard, and the white eagle will not b...

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