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No. 22. Lent.

" 23. A Course of Reading.

• 24. What is done with the missionary


"25. Sunday and the Sunday Papers, "26. The Lord's Supper.

"27. "Case of Rev. Howard MacQueary. "28. Importance of knowing We Live After "29. Realizing God.



"30. The Religious Growth of three Stundred Years.

+31. moral Difficulties in the Way of Belief

in God.

•32. Prayer.


33. Parenthood: it's Rights, Duties, and Joys. -34. Worship.

"35. Ingersollism.

"36. The Well- Kept Heart. By J. W. Chadwick. 37 Personality. By her, Ida C. Stultin. ~38. Life at Fifty.

"39. Immortality.

Published weekly. Price $1.50 a year, or 5 cents single copy.

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Entered at the Post-office, Boston, Mass., as second-class mail matter.

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I wish to say a few direct words to those who believe in the work that Unity Pulpit is doing.

For fifteen years now my sermons have been published every week. This has meant much extra work and no extra pay. For, though the pamphlets go all over the world, preaching the truth and not profit has been kept in view. That the sermons might be in reach of as many as possible, they have been published at cost, or as near it as practicable.

Besides those sent to regular subscribers, seven or eight hundred copies a week are given away to meet calls from the missionary fields. This is done through the generosity of the Church of the Unity. Reports have come from nearly a hundred places where the sermons are read to weekly congregations, generally in places where there are no regular liberal services. It is due to the publisher, Mr. Ellis, to say that he has generously co-operated in the work of their distribution, and has not sought personal gain.

It is not intended that this work shall be curtailed in any direction. We rather hope to enlarge it. To that end I ask the co-operation of all interested.

In two ways you can help if you will.

Ist. Those who now receive free copies and who are able to become regular subscribers can do so, and thus enable me to give their copy to some new person. In this way the missionary work can be widened.

2d. Those who believe the sermons do good can call the attention of others to them, and help in getting new subscribers. No premiums are offered; for it is not intended that anybody-author, publisher, or reader-shall turn them from their true work to a means of making money.

If, then, you believe in the work, I ask you for that reason to help me continue and broaden it.

BOSTON, Sept., 1890.





"Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind."-ROMANS xiv. 5.

If life is not to be frittered away and wasted; if it is not to be expended merely in the provision of food and clothing and shelter for the body; if it is to be raised above mere interest in the social or political affairs of our fellow-men; if it is to be something grand, to have a purpose in it,— then there must be at least some things of which each man is fully persuaded in his own mind. That is, at the beginning of each year, at the beginning of each day, all the way through, there must be some clearly thought-out, conscious purpose, plan, some theory settled enough for practical use, so that we may have something far off to aim at, something we believe in, that we believe is worth while, and that we believe we can attain.

And yet the great disease, as it seems to me, of the modern world is uncertainty, a disease that perhaps we shall see need not discourage us,—not a fatal disease nor incident even to the most hopeful phases of modern life. Yet it is an uncertainty so real in many lives as practically to paralyze effort. I find men and women on every hand whose lives are not satisfactory to themselves, who are not achieving anything that seems to them worth while, who question whether the world is better because they are in it, who are not quite sure that they are helping on any single

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