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Saw that old studio video camera in it old mag might become too sironic if you are not careful still radiateing top of the pops yestermode is it ? toilet paper or not that is the question see Sham69 are still back theve been back since the boldheacans in 75 my mate went to see them in 1979 and he said they broke the windows in and smashed up the place and that was just the band maybe becouse the did not film the band on that new Sony BVP-330P NEW VIDEO CAMERA THAT JUST CAME OUT (THATS WHY I WAS LOOKING AT THIS MAG BECOUSE IT SAID ON GOOGLE SEARCH IT FEATURED IN THIS VINTAGE ARCHIVE BY THE WAY THE MULI THOUSAND£ CAMERA WAS ON SALE IN EBAY AND I HAD TO CONTENTS 4 MY BRAINS AND LOOK UP A REVIEW ON IT NOT BAD FOR START PRICE OF 99p pick up only though from Perth in Scotland needs a lens thanks for the ride.  

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