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CIRENCESTER.. Giles Watkins, min.

Wm. Hankins, pastor. NIMPSFIELD Robert Williams.

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STEVENTON ..Steph.Howtherne,pastor TEWKESBURY.. Eleaz. Herringe, pastor.


John Carver.



.. Edward White, pastor.

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Edward Canter.

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WARRINGTON..- Loe, pastor.

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OXFORD UNIVERSITY.-W. H. FABER, M.A., late Fellow and Rector of Elton, Hants. G. C. ALGAR, M.A., Fellow. J. CUNNINGHAM ROBERTSON, M.A. W. MASKELL, M.A., late Domestic Chaplain to the Bishop of Exeter. WILLIAM HENRY ANDERDON, M.A., late Rector of St. Margaret's, Leicester, and nephew of the venerable Archdeacon Manning.

BALLIOL.-GEORGE TALBOT, late Vicar of Evercreech, Somerset. W. M. CAPES, M.A., a zealous proslytizer to the Romish Church, and Editor of a Popish periodical. GEORGE TICKELL, M.A., Stowell Low, Fellow. GEORGE W. WARD, M.A., Fellow and Tutor. The most frank and daring assertor of Church principles. He described the Protestant religion as a subtle intellectual poison; Lutheranism as morally the most poisonous of heresies; the Reformation as the embodiment of infidelity and undutifulness; spoke of Rome as having the plain marks of divine wisdom and authority; of justification by faith only, as stated in the 12th Article, as a most atrocious and immoral sentiment; this in his "Ideal of a Christian Church," 8vo, pp. 601, of which two editions were published; censured by the University in 1845, but defended by Dr. Moberly, head master of Winchester school, and other writers, and by a strong minority in the Oxford convocation. Five hundred and eleven members of Convocation voted against degrading Mr. Ward from his degrees, which was carried by a majority of only 58. This was in February, 1845. F. OAKLEY, M.A., late Fellow and Tutor, an active proselytizer for Rome. JOHN J PLUMER, M.A., son of the late Sir Thomas Plumer, Master of the Rolls. E. R. P. BASTARD, M.A., Double First Class in 1846. Next to Mr. Gladstone and Mr. Hope, Mr. Bastard stands as one of the principal laymen of the Tractarian party; and is an intimate of the Bishop of Exeter. E. WALFORD, M.A., late scholar.

MERTON.-E. S. BATHURST, M.A., late Rector of Kibworth-Beauchamp, Leicestershire, grandson of the Bishop of Norwich of the same name. It is said he had passed over the imaginary line which divides Oxford Popery from Romish Popery, before he accepted the living which he has now resigned.

EXETER.-W. LOCKHART, Undergraduate. J. KING, Undergraduate. F.S. BOWLES, M.A. J. D. DALGAIRNS, M.A. E. E. ESTCOURT, M.A. JOHN BRANDE MORRIS, M.A., Fellow and Assistant Hebrew Lecturer to Dr. Pusey. Was intimately associated with Dr. Pusey, Mr. Sewell, and Mr. Newman. CHARLES Cox, B.A., Curate of Allerton, Somerset. WALTER BUCKLE, Undergraduate. CADDY THOMAS, B.A. ALFRED DAYMAIN, B.A. NATHANIEL GOLDSMID, M.A.

ORIEL.-DANIEL PARSONS, M.A. CHARLES BROOKE BRIDGES, M.A. JOHN HENRY NEWMAN, Fellow and late Tutor Vicar of St. Mary's, Oxford. Mr. Newman was essentially a Roman Catholic many years before he seceded. ALBANY J. CHRISTIE, M.A.; now of the Order of Passionists, and an active perverter. F. R. NEVE, M.A., late Rector of Poole-Keynes, Wilts. GEORGE DUDLEY RYDER, M.A., Rector of Caston, Hants. Son of the late Bishop of Lincoln and Coventry, and brother-in-law of the Bishop of Oxford. A strong Tractarian. J. SIMPSON, Vicar of Mitcham, Surrey. HENRY M. WALKER, B.A. R. GORDON, M.A., Curate to Rev. J. Dodsworth, Christ Church, St. Pancras, London. HENRY W. Wilber

FORCE, M.A. Brother of the Bishop of Oxford, and late Rector of East Farleigh, Kent. W. MONSELL, M.P. for Limerick.

QUEEN'S.-T. NORTON HARPER. A zealous advocate of Tractarian principles and Roman practices in the diocese of Exeter, late of Charlotte-street, Pimlico, London.


LINCOLN.-R. WALKER, M.A. Is brother of H. M. Walker, mentioned under the head of Oriel College.

ALL SOULS'.-JOHN WYNNE, B.C.L. Although a very recent seceder, he has for a very considerable period been thoroughly penetrated by all Roman doctrine. He still retains his Fellowship in All Souls!

MAGDALEN.-R. WALDO SIBTHORPE, M.A., Fellow. Among the earliest seceders to Rome. Was highly esteemed as a parochial minister in Oxford, of Protestant and Evangelical views. Influenced by Oxford friends, and the "Tracts for the Times." Adopted High Church and Tractarian views; but being moved from the foundation of Holy Scripture, found no resting-place short of Rome. BERNARD SMITH, M.A., Fellow, and late Rector of Leadenham, Lincolnshire. J. G. WENHAM, B.A., Demy. Was Chaplain in Ceylon at the time of his secession.

KING'S HALL AND COLLEGE OF BRAZENNOSE-JOHN WALKER, M.A. J. LEIGH, Commoner. HENRY FORMBY, M.A., Curate of Ruarden. E. Caswell, M.A., Perpetual Curate of Stratford-under-Castle. JOSHUA DIXON, Curate of Fenstone, Yorkshire. R. K. SCONCE, B.A., Sydney, Australia. C. B. GARSIDE, M.A., late Curate to J. Dodsworth, St. Pancras. GEORGE CASE, M.A., late Curate of Margaret Chapel. R. J. BUTLER, M.A., Chaplain to the late Governor of Corfu. A convert of Dr. Wiseman.

CORPUS CHRISTI.-T. MEYRICK, M.A., Scholar. J. SPENCER NORTHCOTE, M.A. RICHARD GELL MACMULLEN, B.D., Latin Reader, and Dean. It is said "Mr. Macmullen, with modest assurance, held his Fellowship and other appointments while holding Roman doctrine, none disturbing him." He was some time at Leeds, associated with the Tractarians in that place: there he became formally reconciled to Rome.

CHRIST CHURCH.-SCOTT MURRAY, B.A., M.P., Bucks. J. DOUGLAS, B.A. Is nearly related to the Marquis of Queensberry. W. GOODENOUGH Penny, M.A., Student, Late Curate to Archdeacon Grant, at Romford, and Perpetual Curate of Ashenden, Bucks. A. ST. JOHN, M.A., Student, and late Curate to the Rev. H. Wilberforce, East Farleigh. ROBERT ASTON COFFIN, M.A., Student. Perpetual Curate, St. Mary Magdalen, Oxford. Three or more clergymen who have ministered in this church have seceded to Rome. CHARLES H. COLLYNS, M.A. Student. B. WINGFIELD, M.A., Student, Brother to Mr. Ward, of Balliol College; author of the "Ideal Church." H. G. COOPE, M.A., late Curate of Bucknell, Salop. M. WATTS RUSSELL, M.A. E. W. GORDON. W. SCRATTON, M.A., Student. F. BALSTON, M.A,, Student. EDWARD PURBRICK.

TRINITY.-ROBERT ORMSBY, M.A., Fellow and Rhetoric Lecturer. Master of the Schools, 1845. W. G. PALGRAVE, Scholar. JOHN E. BOWDON. JAMES LAIRD PATTERSON, M.A., late Curate of St. Thomas's, Oxford. It is observed, "The actual seceders from this College, as in other cases, but imperfectly expresses

the strength of the Romeward movement. On the death of the President, Dr. Ingram, last year, the Romanising portion of the Fellows, found themselves strong enough to prevent the election of an old Resident and Tutor, who, in the natural order of things, would have succeeded, and yet the Fellow thus set aside is neither Low Church nor Liberal."

ST. JOHN'S.-J. E. GRANT. R. SIMPSON. J. ELLIS. F. NEW, M.A., Curate to J. Dodsworth, St. Pancras. HENRY BITTLESTONE, M.A. FREDERIC WILLIAM TRENOW, B.A. C. J. LAPRIMANDATE, M.A., Curate of Leytonstone, Essex.

JESUS.-HOWELL. W. LLOYD, M.A., Scholar, late Curate of Pentre Voelas, Denbighshire. DAVID LEWIS, M.A., Fellow and Vice-Principal. Mr. Lewis was a personal friend and devoted follower of Mr. Newman, and was for some time assistant-curate at St. Mary's, Oxford, which church was made very extensively subservient to the designs of the Tractarian leader. Mr. Lewis's position enabled him to exercise considerable influence in his College.

WADHAM.-JOHN G. H. BONNS, Undergraduate. G.BALLARD,M.A. T.ALLIES, M.A., late Fellow. Mr. Allies is one of the most recent seceders; and yet it is five or six years that his partizanship was so overt and uncontrolled that the Commonroom of his College was closed to him; and it is three years since that he bowed before an altar in a Continental Roman Catholic Church, and recognised the consecrated wafer as "the Lord of the Temple."



Curate to Archdeacon Wilberforce, Brand Burton, Yorkshire. late Curate of Dorchester, Oxon.

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WORCESTER.-CHARLES SEAGER, M.A., Assistant Hebrew Lecturer to Dr. Pusey, and Hebrew University Scholar. JOHN JAMES CALMAN, B.A. GEORGE F. VASHON BALLARD.

ST. MARY'S HALL.-J. MELVILLE GLENNIE, B.A., Perpetual Curate of Marks, Somerset.



TRINITY COLLEGE.-Hon. GEORGE SPENCER, M.A., brother of the late Earl Spencer and of Lady Littleton, one of the earliest seceders, and now one of the most zealous adherents of Rome. He has, more than any other pervert, excited the hopes and stirred up the fanaticism of Rome. He has spoken of "the conquest of England," and his words have been read in a literal and military sense; but this was not the idea of Father Ignatius, who has prompted Roman Catholics everywhere to pray for the conversion or spiritual conquest of England, RENELM DIGBY: the secession of Mr. Digby took place before the commencement of the Tractarian era; he was, it is believed, a member of a Roman Catholic family when he entered at Trinity. At Cambridge subscription to the Protestant Articles is not required upon matriculation. AMBROSE PHILLIPS, M.A., son of March Phillips, Esq., of Yuerenden Park, Leicestershire, and nephew of the late Bishop Ryder, whose son, the Rev. G. Ryder, of Oriel College, has also joined the Church of Rome. THOMAS FRANCIS KNOX, B.A., scholar; was a member of the Cambridge Camden Society. Scort Nasmyth StoKES, B.A., late Secretary to the Cambridge Camden Society. Mr. Stokes, sometime before his open reconciliation with Rome, employed a stratagem, designed to promote a catholic object, and to

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