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Poor Swift, with all his loffes vext, Not knowing where to turn him next, Above a thousand pounds in debt, Takes horse, and in a mighty fret Rides day and night at such a rate, He foon arrives at Harley's gate; But was fo dirty, pale, and thin, Old Read would hardly let him in. 120 Said Harley, welcome, rev'rend dean ; What makes your worfhip look fo lean? Why, fure you won't appear in town In that old wig and rufty gown? I doubt your heart is fet on pelf So much, that you neglect yourself. What! I fuppofe now ftocks are high, You've fome good purchase in your eye; Or is your money out at ufe ?--Truce, good my lord, I beg a truce, 130

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"as a Jacobite, and proceeded "fo far as to throw ftones and "dirt at him, as he paffed "through the ftreets: the chap"ter of St. Patrick's thwarted

him in every point he pro- ter.


115. Offenfus damnis, media de nocte caballum Arripit, iratufque Philippi tendit ad ædes.

121. Quem fimul afpexit fcabrum intonfumque Philippus, Durus, ait, Voltei, nimis attentufque videris Effe miki.

" pofed, he was avoided as a 66 peftilence, he was opposed "as an invader."

Orrery. *The lord treasurer's por


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(The doctor in a paffion cry'd,)
Your raillery is misapply'd;
Experience I have dearly bought;
You know I am not worth a groat:
But 'tis a folly to conteft
When refolve to have your jeft ;.
Then, fince you now have done your worst,
Pray leave me where you found me first *:



136. Quod te per genium, dextramque, deofque penates
Obfecro, et obteftor, vite me redde priori

Part of it imitated †..

OFTEN with'd, that I had clear
For life fix hundred pounds a year,
A handfome houfe to lodge a friend,
A river at my garden's end,
A terras walk, and half a rood
Of land fet out to plant a wood.

1. Hoc erat in votis: modus agri non ita magnus,
Hortus ubi, et teƐto vicinus jugis aquæ fons,.
Et paulum filvæ fuper his foret.

*In England, where he feems by this poem to folicit a fettlement in the manner peculiar to himself.

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+ This poem was written about the fame time with the preceding, and apparently with the fame view.


Well, now I have all this, and more, I ask not to increase my ftore, But fhou'd be perfectly content, Cou'd I but live on this fide Trent, Nor cross the channel twice a year To spend fix months with statesmen here. I must by all means come to town, 'Tis for the fervice of the crown. "Lewis, the dean will be of use; 15 "Send for him up, take no excuse." The toil, the danger of the feas, Great minifters ne'er think of these ; Or, let it coft five hundred pound, No matter where the money's found 20 It is but fo much more in debt, And that they ne'er confider'd yet.


"Good mr. dean, go change your gown, "Let my lord know you're come to town. I hurry me in hafte away, Not thinking it is levee-day; And find his honour in a pound, Hemm'd by a triple circle round Chequer'd with ribbons blue and green; How should I thruft myself between? 39


Auctius atque
Dii melius fecere.
17. Sive Aquilo radit terras, feu bruma nivalem
Interiore diem gyro trahit, ire neceffe eft.


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