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Y this small Collection of Elizabethan Poetry, drawn from the Lyrical and Pastoral writers of those days, whose pro

ductions are now become, from their

rarity, almost inaccessible, the Reader, it is hoped, will acknowledge a valuable contribution to literary curiosity.

The names of the authors, who have furnished pieces to the present volume, are almost all of them familiar to the readers of 'Percy's Ballads;' of Ellis's Specimens ;' and of the new editions of the 'Paradise of Dainty Devices;' and 'England's Helicon.' The principal of these are Robert Greene, Thomas Lodge, Nicholas Breton, Francis Davison, Thomas Campion, Robert Southwell, and William Hunnis: of each of whom the manner and character will be sufficiently illustrated by the ensuing pages.

The Editor trusts that with the conclusion of the Work he shall be spared leisure to give a Critical Introduction, gathered from a view of the whole Collection. This at present would be premature.

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