Annual Report of the Commissioner of Banks, Parte1


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Página lxvii - But the discount of bills of exchange drawn in good faith against actually existing values, and the discount of commercial or business paper actually owned by the person negotiating the same, shall not be considered as money borrowed.
Página xlvii - ... punishable by imprisonment for not more than three years, or by a fine of not more than three thousand dollars, or both.
Página lxxx - ... shall be a beneficiary of or receive, directly or indirectly, any fee, commission, gift, or other consideration for or in connection with any transaction or business of the bank.
Página xxxviii - The provisions of this act, so far as they are the same as those of existing laws, shall be construed as a continuation of such laws and not as new enactments...
Página lxvi - ... shall be held individually responsible, equally and ratably, and not one for another, for all contracts, debts, and engagements of such association to the extent of the amount of their stock therein at the par value thereof, in addition to the amount invested in such shares...
Página lxxix - Every such national banking association shall conduct the accounts of each foreign branch independently of the accounts of other foreign branches established by it and of its home office, and shall at the end of each fiscal period transfer to its general ledger the profit or loss accrued at each branch as a separate item.
Página xviii - January of every oddnumbered year, return to the board of bank commissioners a sworn statement showing the amount placed to his credit, the last known place of residence or postoffice address, and the fact of death, if known to such...
Página lxix - The amount of its capital stock, and the number of shares into which the same shall be divided.
Página viii - Such records, and information contained in reports of such banks, other than information required by law to be published or to be open to the inspection of the public, shall be open only to the inspection of the commissioner, his deputy, examiners and assistants, and such other officers of the commonwealth as may have occasion and authority to inspect them in the performance of their official duties.
Página xxxviii - It shall not affect any act done, liability incurred, or any right accrued and established, or any suit or prosecution, civil or criminal, pending or to be instituted, to enforce any right or penalty or punish any offense under the authority of the repealed laws...

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