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How a Free People Conduct a Long War.

A Chapter from English History. By CHARLES J. STILLÉ. 8vo. Paper, 15 cents.

“We trust that this pamphlet may be very widely read. It is a most timely utterance, and we are sure, that wherever it is read it will infuse new courage and hope into loyal hearts. It shows that the scenes through which we are passing, the state of public feeling toward the government, the disputes in reference to public men and public measures, have nothing in them at all strange or unusual, but are in fact the almost universal and inevitable accompaniment of long wars-wars which in the end are entirely successful. The writer illustrates the whole by an extended reference to what took place in the Peninsular War, under the leadership of Wellington."

The American War.

A Lecture delivered in London, October, 1862. By Rev.
NEWMAN HALL, D. D. 15 cents.

Report of Louis H. Steiner, M. D.,

Inspector of the Sanitary Commission. Containing a Diary kept during the Rebel Occupation of Frederick, Md., during the Campaign in Maryland, September, 1862. 8vo. Paper,

15 cents.

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No. 683 Broadway.

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