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God was to be honored and conserved, that grace might go forth. The light of a recovered paradise shone only over the Gethsemane of unutterable anguish, and the Calvary of ignominy and agony where the Deliverer magnified and made honorable the law that He satisfied. Our great cities are in need, for a republic to be possible in need of a more perfect evangelization. Can drunkenness, ignorance, venality and judicial partisanship give righteousness to the cause they sustain, or freedom to the state which they rule? Legislators and magistrates who shall reign mainly by the permission of an incensed Providence, and by the grace of the Five Points, politically strong only in the recklessness, error, and riot which they flattered and sheltered and represented, would, by the sure retributions of Heaven, become rulers likely to reverse the Scriptural blessing, and prove, instead, "A terror unto them that do well, and a praise and a reward unto them that do evil." For, by the will of the Sovereign of the Universe, righteousness failing, true peace fails; and the false peace, compounded by the evil doer, persistent in his wrong, cvokes the thunderbolt and hurries down the tempest.

III. But blessed, and beneficent and permanent are the RESULTS of that acquiescence in God's will, and that acceptance of God's guidance and grace, which follow in the train of the Spirit's renovating work. "The effect of righteousness shall be quietness and assurance forever." Come personally to God in true conversion; and obtain the possession of true holiness from the Spirit's teachings; and the sequence is for this passing life and for the world beyond this, a quietness and assurance that are forever, for the Unchanging and Holy God bestows them, and the Eternal God guaranties them. And the repose, welling from renewed hearts, over reformed nations

and throughout an evangelized planet, as it is fed from the depths of the Infinite Spirit, is a well, as Christ pledged it," springing up into life everlasting ;" and becomes as the prophet saw it, a great river going out to flood the earth. The peace that has Omnipotence as the ally, and Christ formed in the heart as the hope of endless glory, is a peace not of the world's giving, and also beyond the world's power to destroy. It is so in the concerns of nations and the entire race. The Greek asked but a rest, and boasted then that he could, were but a pivot furnished him, lift the world. The Spirit and Son of God, in the Incarnation and Atonement, have provided a support, on which rests and from which plays the great lever of Regeneration and Redemption, upheaving our nature out of the quarry of the Fall to build men into the walls of the New Jerusalem. Heaven has, in its Christ, come down that Earth may, in the person of Christ's Church, be allowed to mount on high. The victory that overcometh the world in us, and the victory that is morally to swing the world out of the sides of Tophet is our Faith-a Faith in this the only Christ-a Faith of the operation of this the Spirit of God.

In vain, then, do men profess to love peace, if they at the same time hate righteousness, which is, in God's appointment, the only architect of an abiding peace. They seek, as said Augustine, a good they cannot find, because they seek it not in the right quarter and from the only source. For to shuffle off Duty, and to stop the cars at the cry of Misery, and to secure Luxury and to practice Oppression, are but seeking peace in quarters where by the edict of the Almighty" there is no peace." But in the Spirit of God, the Teacher of righteousness and the Unfolder of duty, giving not only the right precept, but ingrafting the high motive, not merely inscribing the law

but instilling the love of the law, will the race find the Bringer of Liberty, and the Guardian of Order, and the Sealer of peace. Let the young bring to Him the ordering of their busy career; and on Him let the aged cast the weight of their anxious forebodings. Let the patriot, and the reformer, and the parent, teacher, pastor and evangelist, in all their labors for the souls of men, begin by imbathing their own souls in this higher atmosphere of hope, and serene trust, and limitless life. Then the world. shall neither fascinate nor daunt. The faith in an Invisible but Almighty Helper, that of old marched past scaffolds and dungeons and martyr fires and catacombs, gathering hundreds of its meek witnesses; nor swerved from its steady advance until it ruled the wide realm of those Casars, who had wielded against that faith all. and vainly wielded all these impediments, is, in the might and right of its old and unworn Leader to stalk over wider fields of contention, and quell a more thronged and multiform opposition; for it has the world as its covenanted dominion. Up with the banner of Truth, and in the name of the Lord plant it. Up with the rallying cry of intercession to the Hearer of Prayer, with whom is held in reserve the full and adequate "residue of the Spirit." Let us implore His descent on the camp and the fleet and the cabinet on the sorrows of the bereaved and the exiled and the impoverished, on the master and the slave, on the North and the South, on the Church and on the world. Blessed, has this true Spirit of God said, in connexion with the prophecy of our text, are those who send forth to all waters the feet of the ox and the ass. The imagery seems to describe the regular and the irregular laborer -the professional and the unprofessional testimony for Christ and His truth, and His cause, as being far more largely diffused than as yet they have been beside all the

great channels of intercourse and influence. The promise assures to such wide dispersion as wide a benediction. Battle and Revolution, in all their tremendous severity, are yet in God's unfaltering hand, clearing broad water courses that the more promptly and liberally they be morally tilled, will the sooner roll their floods of healing where at first ran but their currents of submerging desolation. Prayer is to feed missions; and missions are needed to warrant sincerity, constancy and filial confidence in the offering of our prayer. And to us, as a nation, the downward rush of the Holy Ghost shall be the era of a genuine righteousness, an abiding concord, and an indestructible freedom.

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