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Parsons Cooke's Book.

A writer in the Boston Recorder of June 26th makes the following statement:

Modern Universalism Exposed.-I am informed that this work of the Rev. Parsons Cooke, has been introduced as a reference book into the Theological Seminary at Andover, and there can be no doubt it will soon attain the same place in all institutions for theological education in our country.

We scarcely know what is meant in this paragraph by a "reference book;" but we judge from what is here said, that some place is assigned this work in the course of studies pursued by the theological students at Andover. Is it possible? And what pray, is this book to teach the students? Not Universalism, for that system has been vilely abused misrepresented and caricatured by Mr. Cook; and certainly the students can get no correct idea of Universalism from his work. There has been no book of the size published in the United States, containing such gross and unpardonable mistatements. If Universalists know what their own opinions are, then Parsons Cooke is a public libeller of their doctrine. We would fain believe that he has misrepresented this doctrine unintentionally, bu that is impossible. And now, will the faculty of Andover Institution give currency to his libels? We give them a fair caution-we tell them that all Universalists are of the same opinion in this matter, and agree that Mr. Cooke's work is a LIBEL On Universalists and Universalismn; and now, if no respect is to be paid to the opinions of Universalists> in regard to their own system of faith, let the faculty at Andover go on, and give increased currency to Mr. Cooke's misrepresentations. This is all we have to say. The consequences will be on them. Heneeforth, when their clergy shall see fit to op-pose this doctrine in controversy, Universalists will always have the advantage of them, inasmuch as they were misled by the 'reference book. as to the

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