The American Colonial State in the Philippines: Global Perspectives

Julian Go, Anne L. Foster
Duke University Press, 2003 M07 8 - 316 páginas
In 1898 the United States declared sovereignty over the Philippines, an archipelago of seven thousand islands inhabited by seven million people of various ethnicities. While it became a colonial power at the zenith of global imperialism, the United States nevertheless conceived of its rule as exceptional—an exercise in benevolence rather than in tyranny and exploitation. In this volume, Julian Go and Anne L. Foster untangle this peculiar self-fashioning and insist on the importance of studying U.S. colonial rule in the context of other imperialist ventures. A necessary expansion of critical focus, The American Colonial State in the Philippines is the first systematic attempt to examine the creation and administration of the American colonial state from comparative, global perspectives.

Written by social scientists and historians, these essays investigate various aspects of American colonial government through comparison with and contextualization within colonial regimes elsewhere in the world—from British Malaysia and Dutch Indonesia to Japanese Taiwan and America's other major overseas colony, Puerto Rico. Contributors explore the program of political education in the Philippines; constructions of nationalism, race, and religion; the regulation of opium; connections to politics on the U.S. mainland; and anticolonial resistance. Tracking the complex connections, circuits, and contests across, within, and between empires that shaped America's colonial regime, The American Colonial State in the Philippines sheds new light on the complexities of American imperialism and turn-of-the-century colonialism.

Patricio N. Abinales, Donna J. Amoroso, Paul Barclay, Vince Boudreau, Anne L. Foster, Julian Go, Paul A. Kramer

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Introduction Global Perspectives on the US Colonial State in the Philippines
Empires Exceptions and AngloSaxons Race and Rule between the British and US Empires 18801910
Models for Governing Opium and Colonial Policies in Southeast Asia 18981910
Inheriting the Moro Problem Muslim Authority and Colonial Rule in British Malaya and the Philippines
ProgressiveMachine Conflict in EarlyTwentiethCentury US Politics and ColonialState Building in the Philippines
The Chains of Empire State Building and Political Education in Puerto Rico and the Philippines
They Have for the Coast Dwellers a Traditional Hatred Governing Igorots in Northern Luzon and Central Taiwan 18951915
Methods of Domination and Modes of Resistance The US Colonial State and Philippine Mobilization in Comparative Perspective

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