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seek to attract business by advertising or by any other practice considered by the College to be unbecoming; and I agree that such Diploma shall be cancelled on its being proven, to the satisfaction of the President and Council, that I have done so.

Any Licentiate violating this undertaking will be liable to have his Diploma cancelled, and to have his Licence from the College erased from the official Dental Register.



Instruction in dental surgery can be obtained now not only in London, but also at many of the large provincial centres. The following are brief particulars of the various hospitals and schools.


The Royal Dental Hospital of London and London School of Dental Surgery.

The Dental Hospital, founded 1858, was opened for the reception of patients at 32, Soho Square, and in March, 1874, was removed to more commodious premises at Leicester Square. The rapid growth of the school made enlargement of the premises a necessity, and, thanks to the munificence of the late Sir Edwin Saunders, another wing was added to the building in 1883, giving increased accommodation, and making the Hospital the largest for dental students. The most complete arrangements are provided for the education of students preparing for the L.D.S. diploma of the Royal College of Surgeons in the new building, opened in March, 1901.

The hospital is open every afternoon except Saturday, in addition to the morning, under the supervision of a special staff and house surgeons, this extension of the hours of work having been found necessary to afford the additional opportunities for practical work and teaching which the rapid growth of the institution demanded.

The officers for the day give practical teaching at the chair-side, enabling the students to acquire experience in the treatment of the many minor difficulties of their profession.

Three demonstrators are appointed, whose duty it is to teach the students, and on their respective days to assist the new students in their work. During each session they hold classes and give instruction in Operative Dental Surgery.

A demonstration is given in each week by a member of the staff for second year's students. The whole of the staff demonstrate and give lectures on various modes of practice, and any form of work in which they are especially skilled.

The mechanical laboratory is under the care and superintendence of the lecturer on Dental Mechanics, and of a skilled mechanic. Students are required to take models, manufacture and fit in the mouth dentures for those patients allotted to them by members of the staff, the actual manufacture being under the superintendence of the mechanical assistant, while the adapting to the mouth is supervised by members of the staff.

It is intended, in this manner, to supply a portion of the student's education heretofore unprovided for, and to more perfectly equip him for the exigencies

of dental practice. It enables him to be in a better position to meet the requirements of the College of Surgeons of England with regard to Mechanical Dentistry, in which subject the Board of Examiners for the L.D.S. demand a practical examination from candidates for that diploma.

The medical tutor attends and helps the students in preparing for their examination for four months before each examination.

The Storer Bennett Research Scholarship, value £50, is awarded triennially. The Saunders and Walker Scholarships, value £20 each, are awarded annually.

Messrs. C. Ash and Sons give a prize of the value of five guineas each year. Prizes are awarded by the lecturers, and a special one s presented to the best operator for the year.

The eight house-surgeoncies are valuable additions to the prizes, and are filled by students of the hospital holding the L.D.S.

Fee for two years' hospital practice required by the curriculum, including lectures, £50 in one payment on entry, or 50 guineas in two yearly instalments. The curriculum requires two years to be passed at a general hospital. The fee for this is about £55. Both hospitals can be attended simultaneously.

The fee for three years' tuition in Mechanical Dentistry is 150 guineas. The Educational Museum is now in working order, and is of service to the students in preparing for the Dental Examination.

The Calendar may be obtained on application to the Dean, who attends at the hospital on Wednesday mornings from 10.30 till 12 o'clock throughout the year.


The members of the staff, beside teaching at the chair-side, give special Demonstrations.

The Mechanical Materia Medica, and Bacteriological Laboratories are fully equipped and under the supervision of competent teachers. Every opportunity is afforded students to comply with the requirements of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Coaching classes are held by the tutors previous to each examination.

The National Dental Hospital and College.
(Founded 1861.)


The present Hospital has only been recently erected, and the accommodation and fittings are in complete accord with the latest acquirements for efficient teaching.

An Entrance Exhibition of the value of £15 is open for competition at the commencement of each Summer and Winter Session, after an Examination in the following subjects:

Physiology.-The Functions of Respiration, Circulation, and Digestion. Osteology.-Bones of the Head.

Chemistry. The Non-Metals and their Compounds.

Dental Mechanics.-Theoretical and Practical.

All New Students pass through a preliminary course under the care of a Demonstrator.

The members of the staff, besides teaching at the chair-side, give special Demonstrations.

The Mechanical, Bacteriological, and Metallurgical Laboratories are fully equipped and under the supervision of competent teachers. Both in Practical Mechanics and in the other subjects every opportunity is afforded students to comply with the requirements of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Coaching lessons are held by the tutors prior to each examination. There is an abundance of clinical material, and every opportunity is afforded for students to carry out the necessary work without delay.

Fee for the two years' hospital practice required by the curriculum, including lectures: £40 in one payment, or £21 in two yearly instalments. The School Calendar, with full particulars, may be obtained on application to the Dean, who attends the Hospital on Tuesday mornings at 10.30. SIDNEY SPOKES, Dean.

Guy's Hospital Dental School.

The School is in connection with Guy's Hospital.

An Open Scholarship in Dental Mechanics of the value of £30 will be offered for competition in September, 1902.

All particulars relating to the examination may be obtained on application to the Dean.

A Dental Travelling Scholarship of the value of £100 is awarded by the Treasurer upon the recommendation of the Dental Council every second year. The next award will be made in June, 1903.

Three prizes are awarded annually: First Year's Students' Prize, £10; Second Year's Students' Prize, £15; Second Year's Students' Prize (Practical Dentistry), £10.

A prize for Practical Dentistry is offered for competition by the four Students who obtain the highest proportion of marks in the practical part of the Examination for the Second Year's Prize.

Instruction is given to Students in making dentures, regulation plates, and mechanical appliances for the treatment of dental irregularities and oral deformities. Pupils for the Mechanical Apprenticeship are not accepted. The Mechanical Laboratory is under the care of a skilled mechanic.

Preparation Classes.-Before both the First and Final Examinations for the diploma of L.D.S., Classes and Demonstrations are given by the Demonstrators. Continuous instruction is afforded by means of a separate morning and fternoon Staff of Dental Officers, who give Clinical Demonstrations.

The following appointments are annually allotted to Dental Students according to merit: Four Dental House-Surgeons, eight Assistant Dental House-Surgeons, four Assistant Demonstrators of Dental Microscopy, twelve Demonstrators in the Conservation Room, two Assistant Demonstrators of Dental Meta urgy, and two of Dental Mechanics.

Fees.--The Fees for the two years' Hospital Practice required by the Royal College of Surgeons for the L.D.S., including Lectures, is £50. The Fee for instruction in general subjects in Guy's Hospital Medical School is £60, with a reduction of 8 guineas in the case of those Students who have passed the preliminary Science (L.D.S.) examination before entry.

The inclusive Fee for a Student entering for the course of instruction for the M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. and L.D.S.Eng., is 190 guineas paid in one sum, or 200 guineas paid by instalments at th: commencement of each academical year; First Year, 60 guineas; Second Year, 60 guineas; Third Year, 40 guineas; Fourth Year, 40 guineas.

A reduction of 8 guineas for Chemistry and Physics, and 5 guineas for Elementary Biology, is made from the above fees in the case of Students who have passed in these subjects at the First Conjoint Examination before entering the Hospital.

A Student who pays this inclusive Fee is allowed to pursue his two years' Study of Dentistry during any period of his Medical Course most convenient to himself, without further charge, but in the event of his requiring certificates of additional instruction after being referred at the L.D.S. Examination, an additional fee (vide prospectus) will be charged, for any further period comprised within the interval between two succeeding final examinations for the L.D.S.Eng.

A Fee of 5 guineas is charged to all Dental Students for the necessary instruction required by the College of Surgeons after failure at the First Professional Examination.

A Fee of 3 guineas is charged to each Student for materials used in the Practical Dental Metallurgy Class.

No arrangements are made for short periods of Instruction or separate Courses of Lectures.

Further particulars, with prospectus, may be obtained from the Dean, Dr. FAWCETT, Guy's Hospital, S.E.


Candidates should apply to the Dean of the Medical School at which they intend to enter for a calendar. At the Middlesex, Charing Cross and Westminster Schools, and King's College, the times of Lectures are specially arranged to suit Dental Students.


Fee for General Subjects for Students of Dental Surgery:-First Winter, 31 guineas; First Summer, 31 guineas; or a single payment of 63 guineas. JAMES CALVERT, Warden.


The Composition Fee for Dental Students is 54 guineas, or 60 guineas payable in two instalments of 30 guineas each. A reduction is made in the case of Students who have passed the Preliminary Science Examination. There is an Entrance Scholarship of £31 10s. open to Dental Students only. For further particulars apply to


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