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the year, is kept up to date, with copious information of use to the dental practitioner.

The meetings of Branches of our Association and other Dental Societies are duly noted in their proper places; and the general information includes a topographically-arranged list of all our members. The book can also be had bound with interleaved blotting, or interleaved ruled paper for special memoranda.

DENTISTS' DIARY FOR 1903, WITH SUPPLEMENT. Demy 8vo. Cloth. Price 3s. 6d. London: The Dental Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

A DIARY which is practically an appointment book for half hour entries, this handy little book also comprises much useful information respecting professional societies and hospitals, with a number of blank pages for special memoranda.

New Inventions, Preparations, &c.

The Hatch Cervical Rubber Dam Clamp.

WE find this form of clamp very simple in adjustment for those cases to which it is suitable, there being no loose parts to slip or slide; the single movement being positive, under the control of a thumbscrew, and not dependent upon spring pressure. Where the form of tooth does not necessitate a third contact for steadiness, this little


device answers every purpose with a minimum of trouble, and for a symmetrical form adapted to both sides of the mouth affords a fair access to cavities. We cannot think it could often be used for buccal positions, or for teeth posterior to the canines, except in unusually large opening mouths. For labial cervical cavities on the anterior teeth it is distinctly a valuable addition to dam retaining devices.

It is carefully made for the dental supply houses by Messrs. F. H. Hallam and Son.

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Benevolent Fund.

New subscriptions and donations received, November, 1902:

New Subscriptions.

G. H. Bowden, Roseneath, Reigate Hill (per W. Harrison) o 5
T. H. Power, Southwold, Walton-on-Thames (per W.






Ernest D. Bascombe, Melford Lodge, St. Stephen's Road,






F. Sheppard, 19, Robertson Street, Hastings (per W.

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Southern Counties Branch of B.D.A., Collection at Redhill
(per Walter R. Wood)

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"In Memoriam," Kevin E. O'Duffy, 85, Harcourt Street,

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During the November Examinations, the following gentlemen passed the First Dental Examination: John Huntly Wilson, Stockton-on-Tees, and David Lawson, jun., County Down; and the following gentlemen passed the Second Dental Examination, and were admitted Licentiates in Dental Surgery: Alexandra Mary Limont, Alnwick; Thomas William Davie, Edinburgh; Arthur Stanley Porter, Berwickshire; George Bulfield Roberts, Llandudno; James Moffat Macdonald, Edinburgh; John Wood Cowl, Derby, and Francis Henry Sellars, Derby.

Our Diary.

The Editor depends upon the kind assistance of Hon. Secretaries of Branches of the Association, and of Dental Societies in the United Kingdom, in compiling "Our Diary," that it may be as complete and accurate as possible.

Notifications of arrangements for meetings after January 15, 1903, should be received by him not later than the 10th.

Tuesday, December 16.


Paper on "A Consideration of the Modifications Desirable, in Dental Surgery, of the Various Methods of Inducing General Anæsthesia," by Ralph Hopton, M.D.Lond.

Thursday, December 18.

NORTH OF ENGLAND ODONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY.-Newcastle-on-Tyne Dental Hospital, at 6.15 p.m.

JANUARY, 1903.

Tuesday, January 6.

MANCHESTER ODONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY.- Victoria Dental Hospital. Demonstrations: "Lad, aged 6, edentulous" (wearing plates), by A. Cocker. "Rontgen Rays in Dentistry," by V. Walker. "Rontgen Rays in Dentistry," by S. Mitchell.

Thursday, January 8.


Thursday, January 15.

NORTH OF ENGLAND ODONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY.-Newcastle-on-Tyne Dental Hospital at 6.15 p.m.

Tuesday, January 20.

LEEDS AND DISTRICT SECTION OF THE NORTH MIDLAND BRANCH.Hotel Metropole, Leeds, 7 p.m. "Studies of Irregularities as Aids in Dental

Prothesis," by Alfred Cocker.

LIVERPOOL DISTRICT ODONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY.-Demonstration Evening, probably at the Dental Hospital, 7.30 p.m.

"Dove-tail Inlays," by F. R. Howard, L.D.S. Manipulation of Amalgam in Conjunction with Inlays for Crown Fillings," by G. S. Bonnalie, L.D.S. "A Further Important Development of the 'Spring-crown' Method as an Anchorage for Bridges," and "Some Useful Workroom Wrinkles," by F. Rose, L.D.S., and G. H. Steweni, L.D.S.

Wednesday, January 21.



ODONTOLOGICAL London, at 8 p.m.

Monday, January 26.

SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN.-20, Hanover Square, "Some Points in the Mechanism of the Jaws," by

W. Arbuthnot Lane, M.S.Lond., F.R.C.S.Eng.

Tuesday, January 27.


Saturday, January 31.


The Hon. Sec. of the Western Branch, T. Arthur Goard, 28, Southernbay, Exeter, will be glad to hear from any members or gentleman willing to read papers or give demonstrations.

Some of our Foreign Exchanges and their
Original Articles.

Correspondenz-Blatt fur Zahnarzte, October.

"Dr. R. D. McBride on "The Displacement of the Bite," with forty-six illustrations.

Dr. Albert Senn on "Pyorrhoea Alveolaris, and its Curability," illustrated.

Deutsche Monatschrift, October 30.

M. Lipschitz on "Self Regulating by Timely Extraction," nine illustrations.

Gustave Hedstrom on "Apparatus and Methods for Investigating the Physical and Chemical Properties of Amalgams," eighteen


H. Levin on "Atoxyl (Meta-arsen-anilid) and its Employment in

W. W. Bruck on "The Fixing of Pins in Porcelain Fillings."

Zahntechnische Reform, November 5.

Philipp Zundel on "Suction Chambers," four illustrations.

G. Wolf on "Obtunding Sensitive Dentine."

Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitung, November 1.

Dr. Arthur Blersch on "Antiseptic Pulp Treatment.”

Owert, of Hamburg, on "Septoform in Dental Practice," November 15. Reissenbach, of Munich, on “The Influence of Different Foods upon the Teeth."

Esterreichisch-ungarische Vierteljahrsschrift für Zahnheilkunde, October. Contributions to the Etiology of Dental Caries,"

Dr. G. Preiswerk on

with five plates.

Prof. Dr. W. Sachs on "The Technique of Gold Fillings," with fifteen illustrations.

Prof. Dr. Arkövy on "Indications for Porcelain Fillings."

Dr. Theo. Kaas on "Observations on Teeth Treated with Nervocidin, and Observations on Publications which have appeared in regard to it."

Prof. Dr. Arkövy on "Observations upon the Clinical Pathology of the Diseases of the Pulp."

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Dr. S. Sandor on The Present Position of Implantation."

Dr. M. Karolyi on "Observations upon Pyorrhoea Alveolaris and

Dr. R. Bum on "Anæsthesia by High Frequency Currents

Dr. W. Wallisch on "Taking Plaster Impressions."

Wiener Zahnärztliche Monatschrift, October.

Dr. Hermann on "The Etiology of Hæmorrhage after Extraction,
and on Hæmophilia and how to Combat it."

Dr. Bab on "Acoïn as a Local Anæsthetic in Dental Operations."
Dr. Frank, "Report on the Position of Dentistry in regard to Popular
Hygiene in Austria.”

L'Odontologie, October 30.

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Dr. Aug. Marie on Bucco-lingual Leucoplasia."

Dr. G. Rolland "On Somnoform."

Dr. Leon Frey on "Observations on Immediate Prosthesis of the

La Revue de Stomatologie, November.

R. Cassé on "Zona of the Third Branch of the Trigeminus."

M. Besson on "Neuralgia of the Maxillary Branch of the Trigeminus accompanied by Vesicular Eruption in consequence of an Arsenious Dressing."

L. Jacquet on "Neo-dental Syndrome with Pelada."

Archives de Stomatologie, October.

Dr. Lebedinsky on "Genian Adenitis " (continued).

Dr. P. Jacques and G. Berthemès on "Operative Treatment of
Para-dental Cysts of the Upper Maxilla."

R. Claoné on “Treatment of Chronic Suppurations of the Maxillary
Sinus by Extensive Resection of the Inferior Portion of the Nasal
Wall of the Sinus."

Dr. Lindt on "Some Cysts of the Maxilla " (concluded).

Ibid., November.

Dr. R. Nogué on "Mercurial Stomatitis."

Odontologisk Tidskrift, November 15.

Otto Ulmgren on "Tooth Resection."

La Odontologia, October.

Dr. Forberg on "The Symmetrical Extraction of the First Permanent
Molars; is it Justifiable?" fourteen plates, forty-five figures.
Dr. Oscar Amoedo on "The Teeth after Death" (continued).

La Moderna Estomatologia.

Dr. Raym, Lulle, on "The Buccal Angina of Ludwig.”

The Zoobovrachebny Vestnik (The Dentists' Messenger), November.
MM. Starobinsky on "Fœtor Oris, its Causes and Treatment."
Y. M. Lebedinsky on "Polymicrobism of the Mouth" (concluded).

NOTE.-ANONYMOUS Letters directed to the Secretary of the Association cannot receive attention.

P.O. Orders must be accompanied by Letters of Advice.

Communications intended for the Editor should be addressed to him at 94, Cornwall Gardens, London, S.W.

Subscriptions to the Treasurer, 32, Leicester Square.

Subscriptions to the Benevolent Fund to the Treasurer, A. J. Woodhouse Esq., 1, Hanover Square, W.

All contributions intended for publication in the Journal must be written on one side of the paper only. The latest date for receiving contributions for the current number is the 5th of the month.

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