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G. F. CALE-MATTHEWS, Secretary, Central Counties Branch; A. T. HILDER (Birmingham); PARKER CATER (Stafford); F. VINCENT WALKER (Llandudno); G. H. JONES (Shrewsbury); L. RICE OXLEY, Treasurer (Shrewsbury); G. H. MUGFORD, Secretary (Shrewsbury).



8.30 p.m.-Informal Reception (Music Hall).


9 a.m.-Representative Board Meeting (Council Chamber, Guild


10.15 a.m.--General Business Meeting (Members only) (Concert Room, Music Hall).

12 p.m.-Meeting open to visitors.

12.5 p.m.-Welcome by the Mayor of Shrewsbury. 12.15 p.m.-Presidential Addresses.

I p.m.-Adjournment (Luncheon in various Hotels, 2/6).

2 p.m.-Benevolent Fund Meeting (Music Hall, Smaller Rooms). 2.30 p.m.-General Meeting resumes (Smaller Rooms, Music Hall).

Papers, &c.

5 to 6 p.m.-The Head Master, the Rev. H. W. Mears, has courteously invited the Members to inspect the Schools. 8.30 p.m.-Reception by the President-elect, Mrs. Harding and the Local Entertainment Committee (Music Hall).

During the afternoon, drive for the ladies to Haughmond. After the drive Mrs. Harding invites members and ladies to tea at Acton House at 5 p.m.

10 a.m.-General Meeting.


Papers and Discussions (Music Hall).

12.30 p.m.-Microscopical Section.

Presidential Address (Music Hall).

I p.m.-Adjournment.

2.30 p.m.-Demonstrations in the Corn Exchange. 2.30 p.m.-Microscopical Section.

Papers and Discussions (Music Hall).

7.15 p.m.-Annual Dinner (Concert Room, Music Hall).

8.30 p.m.-Ladies' Entertainment (Smaller Rooms, Music Hall). Excursion for ladies, drive to Much Wenlock, see ruins of Priory Church, lunch and tea there.

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10.30 a.m.-Demonstrations in the Corn Exchange.

II a.m.-General Meeting.

Papers and Discussions.

Concluding Business.

12.40. p.m.-Excursion by special train to Church Stretton, returning about 5. Lunch and tea at Church Stretton Hotel. Tickets (inclusive), 5s.

General Section.

The following papers have been promised :—

Mr. T. E. Constant, "The Morphological Significance of the Incisor Teeth of Rodentia.”

Mr. J. F. Colyer, "Oral Sepsis and General Disease."

Mr. Booth Pearsall, “The Association as it is and as it might be." Mr. Field Robinson and Dr. G. Rolland, "Somnoform."

Dr. Eugene S. Yonge, "The Treatment of Intractable Suppuration in the Maxillary Antrum."

Mr. R. M. Hatch, "A New Anaesthetic Apparatus, and some Suggestions in the Use of Ethyl Chloride."

Mr. H. T. Dreschfeld, "A Scheme to Neutralise the Advertiser."
Mr. Walter H. Coffin, "What should an Association Journal be?"
Microscopical Section.

President: J. LEON WILLIAMS, L.D.S., D.D.S.
President-elect: G. G. CAMPION, L.D.S.

The President, Mr. G. G. Campion, will deliver his Inaugural Address.


Mr. T. Law Webb, M.B., Ch.B., on "The Removal of Portions of Suspicious Growths or Ulcers in the Mouth for Microscopical Examination," followed by a demonstration of "A Simple Apparatus. for Facilitating the Ablation of a Piece of Tissue of Convenient Size and Thickness."

Dr. A. W. W. Baker, M.D., M.Ch., F.R.C.S., L.D.S., on "The Late Eruption of a Bicuspid," and a note on a very early eruption of a tooth.

Messrs. W. H. Dolamore, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., L.D.S., and A. Hopewell-Smith, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., L.D.S., on "Two Odontomes." Mr. G. W. Watson (Edinburgh), will show some pathological sections.


Drs. Field Robinson and Rolland, "Somnoform."

Mr. H. B. Gill, "The Buttner Crown."

'These papers will be illustrated by means of lantern slides.

Mr. J. Charters Birch, "The Dental Lathe."

Mr. V. Knowles, "A Further Use for the Compo Swaging Flask; the Making of Special Impression Trays, introducing special pliers, and a new Swaging Compo."

Mr. F. Lonnon, "Immediate Regulation."

Mr. J. H. Gartrell, "Twelve Months' further Experience in the Denture Casting Process;" "A new Apparatus for making Gold Crowns."

Mr. C. F. Anderson, "A New Method of Crowning."
Mr. G. S. Bonnalie, "Matrices and their Application."

Mr. A. E. Donagan, "Shaping and Staining Porcelain Teeth."
Mr. F. R. Howard, "The Dove-tail Porcelain Inlay.

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Mr. C. Rippon, "New Method of making Retaining Points for fused Porcelain Inlays."

Mr. P. T. Leigh, "An Electric Hot-air Syringe.”

Mr. G. W. Rose, "Improvements in Ash's Method of making the Matrix for irregular-shaped Inlays."

Mr. J. E. Husbands, "Gold Filling with White's Moss Gold.”

N.B. The Guild Hall, Music Hall, Corn Exchange, and Working Men's Hall are adjacent.



The Raven, Bed, Breakfast and Attendance, 7s. to 8s.

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Other Hotels.-Jones' Hotel and Restaurant, Station, 5s.; The Queen's, and The Grosvenor (Commercial).

At CHURCH STRETTON (13 miles, good train services).
The Hydro, Bed, Breakfast and Attendance, 6s.

Church Stretton Hotel.

Luncheon will be served at several of the hotels, price 2s. 6d. Members staying at Church Stretton Hotel can have lunch at the Crown Hotel, Shrewsbury.

Members desiring private apartments in boarding houses should communicate with Mr. Meek, 25, Castle Street, Shrewsbury.

Letters, &c., for members, will be received at the Secretary's office during the meeting.

An Exhibition of Dental Instruments and Appliances by Messrs. C. Ash and Co., The Dental Manufacturing Co., The Western Dental

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