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ALHED (William B.), On Commer-
cial Corners,' 532-537
Harkness (Miss Margaret E.), Women
as Civil Servants, 369-381
Harrison (Frederic), Pantheism and
Cosmic Emotion, 284-295

-the Deadlock in the House of Com-
mons, 317-340

Hartington (Marquis of), on dises-
tablishment, 186

Harvey, vivisections of, 931-932
Hayman (Rev. Samuel), his description

of Sir Walter Ralegh's house at
Youghal, 680

Hennessy (Sir John Pope), Sir Walter
Ralegh in Ireland, 660-682
Henry of Portugal, Prince, maritime dis-
coveries of, 712

Hereditary Rulers, 217-235. See also
Chambers, Second

Hewlett (Henry G.), County Character-
istics-Kent, 298–307
Highways, our, 555-566

Hill (Mr.), letters of, to Carlyle, 9-11
Holmesdale, Vale of, 301-302

Home Office, Industrial Schools and the,

Home Rule movement, popularity of
the, 489-491

-objects of the, 786-787

views of the Government on the, 792
Hood (Thomas), his classification of
poetry, 830

Hook (Theodore), 897-899

Hooker, his records of Ralegh's doings
in Ireland, 664-665

Hops, cultivation of, in Kent, 302-303
Hume, argument of, against miracles,

Humphry (Professor), on the vivisec-
tion question, 943

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IMPORTS, excess of, over exports,
590-591, 611-614

India, opium trade of, with China, 865-

Saracenic monuments of, 277
Indians, North American, 688, 693
Industrial Schools and the Home Office,

Instinct, definition of, 147-148
Ireland and the Land Act, 473-493

Sir Walter Ralegh in, 660-682
Ireland, right of the landlords to com-
pensation in, 107-119

Irish questions, treatment of, by the
House of Lords, 59, 188-189
Irish Jacobins, the, 785-793
Irving (Edward), his friendship with
Carlyle, 5-6, 14-15

-letters of, to Carlyle, 28, 30, 33, 35,
38, 40


his conversation with Carlyle on
religion, 34-35

Italy, love poetry of, 770, 772-773

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Land Act, 321, 809, 810

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the Parliamentary wrangling over
the, 322-325

Land Court, obstacles to the success
of the, 484-486

Land laws, reform of the, 910-911
Landlords, Irish, how affected by the
Land Act, 474-478

Land Question, the Scotch, 791-812
Language, 150-151

La Rochefoucauld, 839-840
Laveleye (Emile de), The Future of Gold,

Lawless (Hon. Emily), A Dredging
Ground, 131-141

Lawrence (Bishop), letter of, to Dr.
Lee, 761-762

Leavitt (Dr.), on the refusal of interna-
tional copyright in America, 725
Lecky (Mr.), on the policy of Queen
Elizabeth's Government in Ireland,

Lee (Rev. Dr. F. G.), The Order of Cor-
porate Reunion, 744-762
Leicester, Church Congress at, 121
Lespis, his observation of ants, 248
Lessing, scepticism of, examined in the
light of evolution, 395-400

Letters, English, four Centuries of, 405–


Leuckhart (Professor), his observation
of ants, 256

Leycester (Catherine), afterwards Mrs.
Stanley, 873

Liebrecht (Felix), 77-78
Life-Peerage Bill, 232

Lincecum (Dr.), his observation of ants,


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[ACAULAY (Lord), his prophecy
respecting the House of Lords, 60
-book-quests of, 65

McCarthy (J. G.), his summary of
Ralegh's career in Ireland, 681-682
McCook (Mr.), his observation of ants,
255, 256

Mackay (Dr. Charles), Boileau and
Pope, 830-855

Magnus (Mrs.), on the Mohammedan
sympathies of the medieval Jews,

Maidstone, defence of, in the Civil War,

Mainhill, early home of Carlyle, 11-12
Maize, uses of, 435

Manchester (Duke of), Isolated Free
Trade, 181-183

Man's Place in Nature, 142-160
Mariette Pasha, 279

Markets, New, for British Produce, 43–


Marriages in the fifteenth century, 411–

curious Kentish custom at, 307
Jewish, 814

Martin (Dr.), his vaccinations from
heifer-lymph, 549

Medical Congress, International, 538
Messiah, the Jews' hope of, 815
Midleton (Viscount), Our Highways,

Mill (J. S.), his scheme of Irish land
reform, 111

Millet (Jean François), 517-519
Milman (Dean), 877

Miracles, M. Renan and, 90-106
Miracles, arguments against, answered
by help of evolution, 389-395
'Mist's Letters,' 891-892

Mitchell, Robert, a correspondent of
Carlyle, 12

Moggridge (Mr.), his observations of
ants, 247-249, 255

Mohammed Ali, his employment of
Europeans, 648-649

Mohammedanism, influence of, upon
Arab art, 278


- favoured by the medieval Jews,

Mommsen, historical method of, 91
Mongredien (M.), 170, 592
Montenegro, legislature of, 57
Müller (Max), on language, 150
Murray (Thomas), letter of, to Carlyle,

Myers (F. W. H.), M. Renan and Mira-
cles, 90-106

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- objects of, 810

Reynolds (Sir J.), his portrait of Dr.
Johnson, 888

his picture of Puck, 889
Rhyme, 834-835

Pope's faults of, 851-852
Riaz Pasha, 648, 659

Roads, early English, 555-556

management of the, 558-566

Rogers (Samuel), a brief letter of, 416
Romanes (George J.), Intelligence of
Ants, 245-258

Romney Marsh, 304

Rossiter (Elizabeth), Child Life for
Children, 567-572

Rowsell (F. W.), The Administrative
Machinery of Egypt, 641-659
Roxburghe Library, 64

Royal supremacy, the, 124-125
Ruskin (John), Fiction, Fair and Foul,


Rulers, Hereditary, 217-235. See also
Chambers, Second

Russia, persecutions of the Jews in,

ST. PAUL'S Cathedral, Wren's origi-

nal plan for, 740-743

St. Paul's Industrial School, 913–914
Sainte-Beuve (M. de), his criticism of
Boileau, 841

Sanderson (Prof. Burdon), his investi-
gation of an epidemic of anthrax, 544
Saracenic monuments of India, 277
Saxony, Upper Chamber of, 56
School Board, its duty of supervising
industrial schools, 915-916, 918-
Science repressed by Act of Parliament,

Scientific Optimism, 573–587
Scoones (W. B.), his 'Four Centuries

of English Letters,' 405, 420-421
Scotch Land Question, the, 794-812
Scott (Sir Walter), fiction of, 521–531
Scrutin de Liste and Scrutin d'Arron-
dissement, 357-367

Seals, eating of, in Ireland, 138-139
Serres (Mrs.), 73–74, 892-895, 900
Sfax, capture of, 450-451

Shakespeare, his view of human nature,


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Spain, senate of, 56

former persecutions of the Jews in,
506, 842*

Speaker, power of the, 327-328
Speculation, commercial, 532-533
Spencer (Herbert), optimist doctrines
of, 580-587

Spenser, friendship of, with Ralegh, 678
Spider, trap-door, habits of the, 154
Spinoza, argument of, against miracles,

Stanley (Dean) as a Spiritual Teacher
and Theologian, 869-885

Stanley (Hon. E. Lyulph), Industrial
Schools and the Home Office, 913-919
Star-fish, thread-rayed brittle, 137
Steeple-chasing, 409

Sterling (John), letter of, to Carlyle,

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TAINE (M.), his history of the French
Revolution, 786-791

Taverner (Richard), his translations of
Erasmus, 86

Taylor (Sir Henry), Four Centuries of
English Letters, 405–422

Tenants, Irish, how affected by the Land
Act, 478-480

Tennyson (Alfred), Despair, 629-640
Thiele (Dr.), experiments of, with
small-pox virus, 550-551

Thoms (W. J.), Gossip of an Old Book-
worm, 63-79, 886-900

Ticknor (George) on international copy-
right, 728-729

Trade, British, with foreign countries

and the colonies, compared, 44-45
- depression of, 193-195, 198
Tripoli, French designs upon, 452–453
Troubadours, poetry of the, 769
Tuberculosis, artificial induction of, 554
Tulloch (Principal), Dean Stanley as a
Spiritual Teacher and Theologian,

Tunis, doings of the French in, 448–


Turton (Dean), 887-888

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