Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, Volumen7

Geo. W. Martin, 1881

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Página 6 - Proceedings of the Monthly Meetings of the Entomological Section of the Academy of Natural Sciences. Philadelphia.
Página 15 - Without at present venturing into any speculations on the subject of the origin of the Nahuals of Nicaragua and San Salvador, it may nevertheless be observed that the hypothesis of a migration from Nicaragua and Cuscatlan to Anahuac is altogether more consonant with probabilities and with tradition than that which derives the Mexicans from the north. And it is a significant fact, that in the map of their migrations presented by Gemelli...
Página 37 - Berlin worsted is then made, including red, orange, yellow, yellow green, pure green, blue green, blue, violet, purple, pink, brown, gray, several shades of each color, and at least five gradations of each tint, from the deepest to the lightest. Green and gray, several kinds each of pink, blue, and violet, and the pale-gray shades of brown, yellow, red, and pink, must especially be well represented.
Página 23 - They accepted, but on no condition would they come until they had been to the spring and daubed their faces and ponies with the gray mud from its banks, and when they came, their appearance in the light of the bonfires built for the occasion was frightful in the extreme.
Página 20 - For generations these strange architects and faithful priests have waited for the return of their god — looked for him to come with the sun, and descend by the column of smoke which rose from the sacred fire. As of old the Israelitish watcher upon Mount Seir replied to the inquiry, "What of the night?"
Página 38 - ... by a fine of not less than two hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars or by imprisonment not more than six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment; and all vessels, their tackle, apparel, and furniture, whose crews are found engaged in the violation of either this or the preceding section shall be forfeited to the United States.
Página 38 - ... is not correctly weighed and reported in accordance with the true weight and the provisions of this article, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, upon conviction...
Página 37 - This test, which is applied only to those completely color-blind, should be continued until the person examined has placed beside the specimen all the skeins belonging to this shade, or the greater part, or else, separately, one or several colors of confusion.
Página 20 - The morning cometh,' so the Pueblo sentinel mounts the house-top at Pecos, and gazes wistfully into the east for the golden appearance — for the rapturous vision of his redeemer, for Montezuma 's return — and though no ray of light meets his watching eye, his never-failing faith, with cruel deception, replies, 'The morning cometh.
Página 37 - ... and 7), or the light or deep shades of one kind of green or gray inclining to blue (8 and 9). " Diagnosis. — 1. He who is color-blind by the first test, and who, upon the second test, selects only purple skeins, is incompletely color-blind. " 2. He who, in the second test, selects with purple only blue and violet, or one of them, is completely red-blind.

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