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MAR 14 1892



The twelfth annual meeting of the Kansas Academy of Science was held in Topeka, opening on the afternoon of Thursday, November 6th, 1879, and occupying the evening of the 6th and the whole of the 7th.

The lecturers chosen were Prof. B. F. Mudge, who spoke upon the "Mound Builders of North America," and Prof. J. H. Canfield, whose theme was, "The Relation of the State to Higher Education."

The session of Friday, the 7th, was given to the reading and discussion of the papers on the following programme:

Additions to the Catalogue of Kansas Lepidoptera-Prof. F. H. Snow.

List of Kansas Minerals—Prof. B. F. Mudge.

Mounds of Southern Kansas-Joseph Savage.

Recent Additions to the List of Kansas Plants-Prof. J. H. Carruth.

Kansas Meteorites-Prof. G. E. Patrick.

Phonetic Representations of Indian Language-Hon. F. G. Adams.

Notes on Kansas Botany-E. A. Popenoe.

On a Recent Indian Find near Topeka― Dr. A. H. Thompson.

Metamorphic Deposit in Woodson County-Prof. B. F. Mudge.

Impressions of New Mexico-J. C. Cooper.

Entomological Collections Made at Idaho Springs, Colorado, in 1879-Prof. F. H.


Sink-Holes in Wabaunsee County -Joseph Savage.

Magnesian Limestone in Kansas-Prof. G. E. Patrick.

Elementary Sounds of Language-Prof. J. H. Carruth.

Mound Builders in Davis and Riley Counties-Prof. B. F. Mudge.

The officers elected for the year 1880 were:

President-B. F. Mudge, of Manhattan.

Vice Presidents+J. H. Carruth, of Lawrence; Joseph Savage, of Law


Secretary-E. A. Popenoe, of Manhattan.
Treasurer-R. J. Brown, of Leavenworth.

The members of commissions of last year were selected for another term.


The thirteenth annual meeting of the Academy was held at Topeka, November 11th, 12th, and the forenoon of November 13th, 1880.

The popular lecture of the evening of the 11th was delivered by President George T. Fairchild, of the State Agricultural College, whose subject was, "Science in Every-day Life."

The lecture of the following evening was by Prof. J. T. Lovewell, of Washburn College, Topeka, upon "Science in Schools." This lecture was followed by a paper by Col. T. L. Case, of Kansas City, describing the "Ruins of the City of Pécos, New Mexico."

The sessions of Friday, and the forenoon of Saturday, were devoted to the programme given below:

The Fossils of the Judith River Group-Chas. Sternberg.

Description of the North American Species of Conops-Dr. S. W. Williston.

Glacial Scratches-Dr. W. S. Newlon.

Tornadoes of May 30, 1879-Prof. J. D. Parker.

Fragments of Pottery from the Upper Solomon-Prof. D. C. Tillotson.

Artificial Propagation of Food Fishes-Hon. D. B. Long.

Notes on the Botany of Central Kansas-B. B. Smyth.

Douglas County Additions to the List of Kansas Coleoptera-Prof. F. H. Snow.
Preliminary List of the Reptiles of Kansas-Frank W. Cragin.
Traces of the Aborigines in Riley County-Prof. G. H. Failyer.

The Burlington Gravel Beds-Robert Gillham.

Additions to the List of Kansas Lepidoptera - Prof. F. H. Snow.
Memorial of Prof. B. F. Mudge-Prof. J. D. Parker.
Concretionary Forms-Joseph Savage.

Weather Observations in Kansas-Prof. J. T. Lovewell.

The Feldspar Group of Minerals-E. H. Chandler.

The Last New Kansas Bird-Prof. F. H. Snow.

The Igneous Rocks of Kansas-Prof. Robert Hay.

Color-Blindness-Dr. John Fee.

Irrigation-Hon. F. G. Adams.

The Ornithology of Riley County — Dr. C. P. Blachly.

The Rainfall in its Relations to Kansas Farming-H. R. Hilton.

Some New Experiments Lately Exhibited in Boston-Prof. J. T. Lovewell.

Preliminary List of Kansas Hymenoptera - Prof. F. H. Snow.

Stone Implements Found in Trego County―Joseph Savage.

On the Skeleton of an Elephant Found Near Manhattan - Prof. Geo. H. Failyer. Science Teaching in Common Schools-Hon. F. G. Adams.

A New Form of Pinch-cock-Prof. H. E. Sadler.

Recent Addition to the List of Kansas Plants-Prof. J. H. Carruth.

Mining in New Mexico and Colorado-J. C. Cooper, Esq.

The Coleoptera Collected in Santa Fé Cañon, August, 1880, with Descriptions of New Species by Drs. LeConte and Horn-Prof. F. H. Snow.

Officers for the year 1881 were elected as follows:

President J. T. Lovewell, of Topeka.

Vice Presidents-Joseph Savage and James H. Carruth, of Lawrence.

Secretary-E. A. Popenoe, of Manhattan.
Treasurer-R. J. Brown, of Leavenworth.

The commissions for the ensuing year were filled as follows:

Geology-O. H. St. John, Joseph Savage, and Robert Gillham.

Mineralogy-J. C. Cooper, E. H. Chandler, G. E. Patrick, G. H. Failyer, and George S. Chase.

Chemistry―J. T. Lovewell, G. H. Failyer, H. E. Sadler, G. E. Patrick, and R. J. Brown.

Physics-J. T. Lovewell, L. A. Thomas, and I. D. Graham.

Meteorology-F. H. Snow, J. T. Lovewell, G. H. Failyer, H. R. Hilton, and J. D. Parker.


Astronomy and Mathematics-H. S. S. Smith, J. T. Lovewell, Miller, and J. Lee Knight.


J. H. Carruth, E. N. Plank, and B. B. Smyth.

Entomology-E. A. Popenoe, F. H. Snow, and T. B. Ashton.
Ornithology-F. H. Snow, N. S. Goss, and C. P. Blachly.

Ichthyology-D. B. Long and F. H. Snow.

Herpetology-F. W. Cragin, F. H. Snow, and Miss Annie E. Mozley. Anthropology-F. G. Adams, E. P. West, A. H. Thompson, G. H. Failyer, and J. D. Parker.


Philology-Geo. M. Stearns, D. H. Robinson, and Geo. T. Fairchild. Board of Curators-J. T. Lovewell, Orestes H. St. John, F. H. Snow, E. A. Popenoe. Publication Committee-J. T. Lovewell, J. K. Hudson, and E. A. Popenoe.


The committee appointed to prepare suitable resolutions upon the deceased members of the Academy of Science submitted the following:

Whereas, The following members of this Academy have been removed by death since our last annual meeting: Professor Benjamin F. Mudge, of Manhattan, for many years State Geologist, and our honored President at the time of his death; Professor William K. Kedzie, formerly occupying the chair of Chemistry at the State Agricultural College, for several years Chemist to the State Board of Agriculture, and an active member of this Academy, even after his removal to Oberlin College, Ohio; and George P. Cooper, of Topeka, an enthusiastic and promising young entomologist, well known to Eastern specialists as a successful collector of rare Western coleoptera—therefore,

Resolved, That, by the death of these members, the Academy has sustained an irreparable loss.

Resolved, That the sympathy of the members of this Academy is hereby extended to the families of the deceased in their great bereavement.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be entered upon the minutes of this Academy.




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