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MAR 13 1933


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SIXTH DAY.-Morning Session.

THE Fortieth Yearly Meeting of Progressive Friends convened at Longwood, Chester County, Pennsylvania, at 10.30 o'clock, on Sixth day, May 27, 1892.

The Presiding Clerk, FREDERIC A. HINCKLEY, Occupied the chair.

The SWAYNE FAMILY led the audience in singing the hymn commencing

"O Life, that maketh all things new."

The Call for the meeting was then read, as follows:


The Fortieth Yearly Meeting of Progressive Friends will be held at Longwood, Chester County, Pennsylvania, near Kennett Square, on the Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroad (from which place conveyance is had by stage), on Sixth, Seventh, and First days, the 27th, 28th, and 29th of Fifth month, 1892. All religious faiths, all honest opinions, all earnest convictions, are at home on this platform, which we aim to make as solid as truth and as broad as human thought.

Let us come together in council for the consideration of the unsolved problems of life, never more pressing than now.

FREDERIC A. HINCKLEY, Florence, Mass.,
MARY M. BAILEY, Philadelphia,

AARON MENDENHALL, Hamorton, Pa., Treasurer.



In the absence of the Recording Clerk, MARY M. BAILEY, ELIZABETH B. PASSMORE was elected pro tempore to that position.

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