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AN ACT to locate and establish an Agricultural and Normal University of the Territory of Oklahoma for the use and benefit of the colored people of said Territory.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Oklahoma:

SECTION 1. The Colored Agricultural and Normal Locating and University of the Territory of Oklahoma is hereby purposes.

located and established at or within a convenient distance from Langston, in Logan county, Oklahoma Territory, the exclusive purpose of which shall be the instruction of both male and female colored persons in the art of teaching, and the various branches which pertain to a common school education; and in such higher education as may be deemed advisable by such board, and in the fundamental laws of the United States, in the rights and duties of citizens, and in the agricultural, mechanical and industrial arts.


SECTION 2. The Colored Agricultural and Normal Board of regUniversity shall be under the direction of five suitable persons, to be known as a board of regents of the Colored Agricultural and Normal University of the Territory of Oklahoma, two of which shall be from the colored race, and the school aforesaid shall be governed and supported is hereinafter provided.

of board of

SECTION 3. Said board shall consist of the Terri- Organization torial Superintendent of Public Instruction, Territo- regents.

Powers of board of regents..

Duties of board and

of pupils for

rial Treasurer and three others to be appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice of the Council of the Legislative Assembly. The tenure of office of said board shall be for the term of four years. The Territorial Treasurer, by virtue of his office, shall be Treasurer of said board, and the members of said board shall elect from their members the president and the secretary. It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep an exact and detailed account of the doings of said board; and he shall make such reports to the Legislative Assembly as are required by this act.

SECTION 4. Said board shall have power to appoint suitable persons as president and assistants to take charge of said university, and fix the salaries of each, and their several duties. They shall also have power to remove either the president or assistants, and appoint others in their stead. They shall prescribe the various books to be used in said university, and shall make and prescribe such laws as may be necessary for the good government and management of the same.

SECTION 5. The said board shall ordain such rules qualification and regulations for the admission of pupils to said admission. university as they deem necessary and proper. Every applicant for admission shall undergo an examination in such manner as may be prescribed by said board, and the board may in its discretion require an applicant for admission into said school, other than such as shall, prior to such admission, sign amd file with said board a declaration of intention to follow the business of teaching school in the Territory, to pay or to secure to be paid, such fees or tuition as the board shall deem reasonable: Provided, That this feature shall be applicable only to the normal branch of said university.

Examiners, appointment and duties.

SECTION 6. After said Agricultural and Normal university shall have commenced its first term, and at least once in each year thereafter, it shall be visited by three suitable persons, at least one of whom shall be colored, to be appointed by the Governor, who shall examine thoroughly the affairs of the school and report to the superintendent of public instruction and to said board their views in regard to its condition,

success and needs, and any other matters they may
deem expedient.
Such visitors shall be appointed


of pupils.

SECTION 7. As soon as any person has attended Examination said university 22 weeks, said person may be examined in the studies required by law, and if it shall appear that such person possesses the learning and other qualifications necessary to teach a common school, said person shall receive a certificate authorizing him or her to teach a common school.

how audited.

SECTION 8. The funds appropriated for the benefit Accounts, of said university, shall be under the direction and control of the board herein created. The Treasurer of the Territory shall pay out of such funds all orders or drafts for money expended under the provisions of this act; such drafts and orders to be drafts of the Territorial Auditor, to be issued upon a certificate of the secretary of the board, countersigned by the president of said board. No certificate shall be given except upon accounts audited and allowed by said board at a regular meeting.

regents, fac


SECTION 9. Services and all necessary traveling Salary of expenses, as hereinafter provided, incurred by the ulty and members of said board in carrying out the provisions of this act, shall be paid as herein before provided out of any funds belonging to the said funds of the said university in the hands of the treasurer of said board during the erection and completion of the necessary buildings. The principal, assistants, teachers and said board, and other officers and employes of such university, shall be paid out of the Colored Agricultural and Normal University school fund, which fund is hereby created. The members of said board of regents shall be entitled to three dollars per day, and five cents per mile, for all time actually used and distance necessarily traveled in attending the meeting of said board.


SECTION 10. Said board of regents shall hold four Meetings by regular meetings in each year, viz: In the first week board of in April. the first week in July, the first week in October and the first week in January, of each year. At the meeting in April of each year, the officers of said board shall be elected. The meetings of the board

Duties of president and


shall be held at the office of the Governor until such time as the building for the use of said university shall be completed and thereafter in said building. Special meetings of said board may be called upon the written order of the president of said board, which order shall specify the object of such meeting; the majority of said board shall constitute a quorum to transact business.

SECTION 11. The secretary of said board shall secretary of annually, on the first day of January of each year, transmit to the Governor a full report of the expenditures of such university by such board for the previous year, itemizing the same in detail, and the president of said board shall at the same time make a full and complete report of the results attained by said school.


tests not required.

Manner of locating.

Appropriation for.

Granting of diplomas.

SECTION 12. Such board shall exercise a watchful guardianship over the morals of the pupils at all times, and no religious or sectarian tests shall be applied in the selection of teachers, and none shall be adopted in said university.

SECTION 13. For the purpose of locating and supporting said university, there shall be furnished forty acres of land lying within a convenient distance of Langston, which shall, without cost to the Territory, be conveyed by good and sufficient warranty deed to said board of regents for the use and benefit of said university, not less than ten acres of which land shall be reserved for a site upon which to erect buildings for said university, and the remainder shall be used in experimental agriculture.

SECTION 14. For the purpose of this act the sum of five thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of any funds in the Territorial Treasury not otherwise appropriated, which appropriation shall be for the erection and completion of one wing of a suitable building for such university, and for the maintenance of the officers and the board, and corps of teachers and instructors created and authorized to be employed under this act.

SECTION 15. Any person who shall complete the full course of instruction in said university, shall, upon passing proper examination, receive a diploma, which shall be signed by the president of said univer

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