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other poisonous, vegetable alkaloids, and their salts, essential oil of bitter almonds, opium and its preparations, except paregoric and other preparations of opium containing less than two grains to the ounce, aconite, belladonna, colchicum, conium, nuxvomica, henbane, savin, ergot, cotton root, cantharides, creosote, digitalis, and their pharmaceutical preparations, croton oil, chloroform, chloral hydrate, sulphate of zinc, mineral acids, carbolic acid and oxalic acid, without distinctly labeling the box, vessel or paper in which the said poison is contained, with the name of the article, the word "poison," and the name and the place of business of the seller. Nor shall it be lawful for any registered pharmacist, or other person, to sell any of the poisons above enumerated, without, before delivering the same to the purchaser, causing an entry to be made in a book kept for that purpose, stating the date of sale, the name and address of the purchaser, the name of the poison sold, the purpose for which it is represented by the purchaser to be required, and the name of the dispenser; such a book to be always open for inspection by the proper authorities, and to be preserved for at least five years. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the dispensing of poisons in not unusual quantities or doses, upon the prescription of practitioners of medicine. Any violations of the provisions of this section shall make the offender liable to a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars and not more than one hundred dollars, and upon conviction for the second offense, in addition to the fine, he shall have his name stricken from the register.

vendors of drugs, and persons

cures must


SECTION 15. Any itinerant vender of any drug, nos- Itinerant trum, ointment or appliance of any kind, intended for the treatment of diseases or injury, who shall, by advertising writing or printing. or any other method, publicly procure profess to cure or treat any disease, or injury, or deformity, by any drug, nostrum or manipulation, or other expedient, shall pay a license of one hundred dollars for the term of one year or less, to be paid to the treasurer of the Board of Pharmacy and by him paid into the territorial treasury; whereupon the secretary of the Board shall issue a license for one year. Any

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Pharmacists exempt from

person violating this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall upon conviction be fined in any sum not less than one hundred nor more than two hundred dollars.

SECTION 16. All persons registered under the projury service. visions of this act, and actively engaged in the practice of pharmacy, shall be exempt from serving as jurors.

Board to pay money into territorial treasury.

SECTION 17. Annually, on the first day of July of each year, the Territorial Board of Pharmacy shall pay into the treasury of Oklahoma, all moneys then held by said Board over and above the sum of three hundred dollars, which may have been received by said board as penalties for violation of this act, or as registration fees for the expiring year: Provided, That the moneys thus paid into the territorial treasury, shall he held and used as a fund for educational and scientific purposes.

SECTION 18. That chapter 61, statutes of the Territory of Oklahoma, 1893, entitled, "Pharmacy," and chapter 38, session laws of 1895, are hereby repealed.

SECTION 19. This act shall be in force and effect from and after its passage and approval.

Approved March 12, 1897.

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AN ACT to authorize the making of a contract for Territorial Printing and
furnishing of stationery and supplies for Territorial Officers.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of

authorized to

term of two

rants to other


SECTION 1. The governor of the territory is hereby Governor authorized and directed to enter into a contract, in contract for, the name of the territory, with some responsible per- years; warson, partnership or private corporation, to do all persons for printing, binding, stereotyping, and to furnish all void. stationery of whatever character which is paid for out of the territorial treasury, the treasury of the board of regents of any of the territorial institutions, or from the territorial school land fund, for a period of two years from and after the 15th day of March, A. D., 1897; and every territorial officer having work of this nature to be done, or stationery to be purchased during the life of said contract, shall furnish the copy to, and have the same done by, the party named in said contract. Any warrant drawn by the auditor to any other person or corporation for printing or stationery than the person named in said contract, or his assigns, during the two years above specified, shall be absolutely void.

give bond.

SECTION 2. The person, partnership or corpora- Printer to tion that may be contracted with, as provided in section 1 of this act, shall execute to the Territory of Oklahoma a good and sufficient bond, with at least three satisfactory sureties, in the sum of five thou sand dollars, conditioned for the faithful and prompt performance of his contract. Said bond shall be

Contract in duplicate; price of

printing to be specified.


approved by the governor and filed with the auditor of the territory.

SECTION 3. The said contract shall be executed in duplicate and one copy filed and retained in the office of the auditor, and shall specify the character of stationery to be furnished and the price to be paid in territorial warrants, which price shall not exceed the fair market price of same in the Territory of Oklahoma at the date of execution thereof. The price to be paid for printing, binding and stereotyping shall not be greater than the price established and paid by the government of the United States, through printed instructions of the secretary of the interior to the secretary of the territory for territorial printing, unless the price is otherwise established by the territorial statutes; and the contract shall further stipulate the manner of approval and payment of accounts for supplies furnished and printing done thereunder.

SECTION 4. All acts and parts of acts in conflict with this act are hereby repealed.

SECTION 5. This act shall be in force and take effect from and after its approval. Approved March 12, 1897.


in which

and advertisements, published.




1. Newspapers in which legal no- 2. Time of taking effect.
tices and advertisements, pub-

AN ACT to regulate the printing of legal notices and advertisements.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of

SECTION 1. No legal notice, advertisement or publegal notices lication of any kind required or provided by any of the laws of the Territory of Oklahoma to be published in a newspaper, shall have any force or effect as such, unless the same be published in a newspaper of the county having general circulation therein, and which newspaper has been continuously and uninterruptedly

published in said county during the period of fifty-two consecutive weeks prior to the first publication of the notice or advertisement: Provided, That nothing in this act shall invalidate the publication in a newspaper which has moved its place of publication from one part of the county to another part without breaking the continuity of its regular issues for the requisite length of time, or the name of which may have been changed when such change of location may have been made: Provided further, That failure to issue or publish such newspaper for a period of fourteen days on account of inability so to do arising from fire, accident, or other unforeseen cause, or by reason of the pendency of mortgage foreclosure, attachment, execution or other legal proceedings, against the type, presses, or other personal property pertaing to such newspaper, shall not be deemed a failure to maintain continuous and consecutive publication as required by this act, nor invalidate the publication of a notice otherwise valid: And provided further, That nothing in this act shall apply to counties wherein no newspaper has been published the requisite length of time: Provided, That nothing in this act shall affect legal publications in newspapers published prior to the passage of this act, or such newspaper as may hold contracts with county commissioners to do county printing. And any newspaper that was published and circulated one week prior to the taking effect of this act shall be in law considered to have been published continuously for fifty-two weeks and shall be a newspaper entitled to publish all legal notices.

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after August 1, 1897.

Approved March 12, 1897.

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