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EXOD. xx. 3.



HAT the heavens and all the hoft of them, in which we obferve fo much magnificence and order; the earth, air, and fea, with their various and innumerable inhabitants, in which we see and experience fo much use and beauty, are the workmanship of fome fuperiour power, and the contrivance of a wisdom exceeding infinitely that of poor mortal man; has been readily allowed by almost VOL. II. A all

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Mark xii. 22.

all perfons in every nation and age. Trifling difputes may have been raised, and the appearance of oppofition kept up; but to little effect, except the confirmation of the truth. For the doctrines of Priests, the opinions of Philosophers, the traditions of the Vulgar, unite in the support of each other; and all agree to establish this great article of our faith, That the world was made by a Divine Hand; that there is a God.

But then, that there is none other but he that all things were made, and are governed by one alone, this is a point which has not been acknowledged fo universally. The Unity of God has been unknown to the common people for many ages, in almost all nations: and the learned are but debating at this day, whether it can yet be proved by the light of nature.

But, fuppofe we fhould want a demonftration, that there is but one God; we


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plainly have no grounds on which to build fo much as a conjecture, that there

are more.

In the frame of nature we difcern the marks not only of defign, but of uniformity; we see a connection between the parts, extending as far as we are able to carry our obfervations: which is an Intimation to us that the Universe is One Whole.

This Whole indeed is too vaft for our understanding to grasp; and the parts are tied together often by links too fine for our distinct inspection. Can Man comprehend the curious proportions, nice adjustments, the intricate and endless cooperations of every atom of worlds unnumbered through the immensity of Space? Yet even Man is not furnished with fuch dull organs, but that from his ftation in the midst of this awful dome of nature, where all things, great and small,

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