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the wondrous truths of thy law, and have grace and power to show them with effect unto others. Look down O Lord! with an eye of favour and grace upon the people that may at any time be committed to my charge-take from them all blindness, hardness of heart, and contempt of thy word thy sacraments-thy ministers-and so dispose their minds to the reception of my labours among them, that I may become an humble instrument in Thy hands of spreading the light of Gospel truth. To this end I beseech Thee, correct whatever Thou seest amiss in my temper or conduct, that may in any degree tend to destroy the fruits of my ministry; and grant unto me that heavenly disposition of mind, which may enable me to bear with the infirmities of my flock; imparting to me a portion of that spirit of meekness which prevailed with my blessed Master, to preach to a people who regarded Him not, who despised, who crucified Him. Give me, Lord! a discerning mind, an upright heart, and a sanctified spirit; that in all my thoughts, words, and actions; my first aim may be to show forth thy glory, by setting forward the salvation of my fellow creatures-that both ministers and people being preserved faithful members of thy Church, in the bond of peace, and in righteousness of life, may be saved together as one fold under one shepherd, in the day of the Lord Jesus. This imperfect prayer, offered up at the throne of grace, in the deepest sense of my own unworthiness, and manifold infirmities, I most humbly beseech Thee to accept, O merciful Lord! for thy dear son Jesus's sake. Amen.

No. IV.

Prayer on the Sickness of their first Child-1779.

O BLESSED Lord God! supreme director of all things both in heaven and on earth; Thou knowest what is best for us at all times and under all circumstances; unto the dispositions of thy allwise providence, we therefore resign both ourselves and

our concerns.

O Lord, infinitely merciful, thy very corrections are the effects of thy love; therefore do thy faithful servants rejoice in the midst of their sorrrows steadfastly believing, that all things shall work together for good to those that fear God and trust in his mercy. But, O gracious God, should not this our humble petition prove contrary to the direction of thy Divine will, we most earnestly entreat Thee, in the name and for the love of thy dear Son, to regard the supplication of afflicted parents, who cry unto Thee in their distress, because they know that without thy blessing, vain is the help of man. Look down, O Lord, with an eye of pity upon us, and upon our childIf it be thy good pleasure, restore her to us in health; and although, for our unthankfulness for thy past mercies to us, for our lukewarmness in thy service, for our manifold transgressions, and for our repeated negligencies, we are deeply sensible how much we deserve to be visited with thine afflicting hand; yet, O Lord, we beseech Thee in thy wrath to think upon mercy. Spare us, O Lord,

spare us; and grant that we, being comforted by the returning light of thy countenance upon us, and upon our child, may become more mindful of thy continued goodness towards us than we hitherto have been; and more expressive of our thankfulness for the same, by a steady and uniform discharge of every obligation, which it has pleased thy Divine wisdom to lay upon us; that we, loving Thee above all things, may in all our thoughts, words, and actions, become the blessed instruments in thy hands of promoting thy honour and glory; to the praise of thy name, and the salvation of our souls. Grant this, O blessed Father, for the sake of thy Son, and our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

No. V.

Prayer on going abroad-1788.

O LORD God omnipotent, the creator, and preserver of all mankind, in whose hands are the issues of life and death, and from whose goodness all blessings are derived. Thou, Lord, whose kingdom ruleth over all, whose dominion reacheth from the sea unto the ends of the world, who orderest all things according to thy will, and permittest nothing but what seems fitting to thy wisdom; look down, we beseech Thee, and hear the prayer that we now put up unto Thee, for ourselves and our connections. Thou knowest, Lord, the circumstances

of our present condition; prosper, we most earnestly beseech Thee, the undertaking we have in hand: grant that it may be productive of the desired effect, that we may return with renewed health and spirits to the prosecution of our respective duties. Thou, that leddest Abraham from his kindred and his country, and broughtest him safely to the promised land—Thou, that wentest down with Joseph into Egypt, and prospered him in all his ways-lead us, we beseech Thee, through every stage of our intended journey: let thy good providence accompany us wherever we go; direct our going out, and our coming in; and preserve us from all those accidents and dangers which might otherwise prevail against us; for thou, Lord, art our hope and our confidence, and into thy hands do we commend both ourselves and our concerns. More particularly, O Lord, we beseech Thee to take our spiritual welfare into thine especial care and guidance; that whilst we are wandering from country to country in search of bodily health, our souls may not be left destitute of that spiritual nourishment, necessary to keep them alive unto Thee. That whilst we are deprived, in consequence of our present situation, of many of those means of grace, ordained for the purpose of enabling Christians to persevere in the great work of salvation, we may not be left wholly comfortless. To this end we pray Thee, let the Holy Ghost, the comforter, take up his abode in our hearts, and there work that spiritual work necessary to qualify us for spiritual employment; that amid all the corruptions of a vain and ensnaring world, amid all

the temptations that assault us both from within and without, we, through his gracious assistance, may remain steadfast in our profession, and unshaken in our practice; carrying about with us, wherever we go, the marks of the Lord Jesus: that we may be a holy family, sincerely dedicated to thy ser vice in this world, and continually advancing towards the enjoyment of thy presence in the world to come. And whilst we pray unto Thee, O Lord, for ourselves, we beg a blessing likewise upon those friends and relations that we have left behind. Let the light of thy countenance shine upon them, and the comfort of thy salvation be ever with them; and if it be thy good will, O Lord, grant that we may again meet together in health and peace, to celebrate, unworthy as we are, these fresh instances of thy goodness towards us; and to acknowledge, with hearts full of grati tude, that Thou art a God of mercies and of comforts; that Thou art the Lord who never failest them that seek Thee. Hear, O Lord, we beseech Thee, this the imperfect prayer of Thine unworthy servants, for Jesus' sake, to whom with Thee and Holy Ghost, be glory for ever. Amen.

Prayer of Thanksgiving on returning from abroad-1790,

PRAISE the Lord, O my soul, while I live will I praise the Lord-yea, as long as I have any being, I will sing praises unto my God. Praise the

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