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2. "Ulysses tried to catch the bird, but it fluttered nimbly out of his reach, still chirping in a piteous tone, as if it could have told a lamentable tale had it only been gifted with human language."

I.e." if it had been gifted."

d. Expressions of purpose.

Tanglewood Tales, Circe's Palace.

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1. "Not so,' replied the Nightingale, . . . I cannot build my nest in the palace, . . . but let me come when I feel the wish; then I will sit in the evening on the spray yonder by the window, and sing you something, so that you may be glad and thoughtful at once.""

ANDERSEN, The Nightingale.

2. "They went on a little farther, and soon heard the sound of a drum and fife. Daffydowndilly pricked up his ears at this, and besought his companion to hurry forward, that they might not miss seeing the soldiers.

"Quick step! Forward march!' shouted a gruff


"This is certainly old Mr. Toil,' said Daffydowndilly, in a trembling voice, 'Let us run away, for fear he should make us enlist in his company.""

e. Expressions of desire.

Little Daffydowndilly.

1. Rosalind. "The little strength I have, I would1 it were with you."

2. Celia. "Your heart's desires be with you!"

3. Cassius.

As You Like It, I. 2.

"Ay, do you fear it?

Then must I think you would1 not have it so."

1 See footnote, p. 90.

4. Brutus. "I would not, Cassius, yet I love him


Julius Cæsar, I. 2.

5. "And grant it, Heaven, that all who read

May find as dear a nurse at need."

Dedication to A Child's Garden of Verses.



When the conjunctions "if," "though," etc., introduce admissions of fact, the indicative, not the subjunctive mood, is used." 2


1. "If I'm a beggar born,' she said,
'I will speak out, for I dare not lie.'

"If you are not the heiress born;

And I,' said he, 'the lawful heir,

We two will wed to-morrow morn.'"

Lady Clare.

2. "If my lord was not a little proud of his beauty,

my lady adored it."


THACKERAY, Henry Esmond.

"John Gilpin kissed his loving wife;

Well pleased was he to find

That though on pleasure she was bent,

She had a frugal mind."


1 Here" would" is the subjunctive form not of the auxiliary but of the notional verb "will," meaning "to wish."

2 Often the indicative instead of the subjunctive mood is used after these conjunctions in expressions of doubt or uncertainty; the modern tendency is to do away with the use of the subjunctive in cases of uncertainty, except in the past tense of the verb "; was" is not used instead of "were."


to be "


4. "But remember always, as I told you at first, that this is all a fairy tale, and only fun and pretence; and therefore you are not to believe a word of it, even if it is true."

The Water-Babies.

5. "If in my youth I have been pure in heart,
If mingling with the world I am content
With my own modest pleasures, and have lived
With God and Nature communing, removed
From petty enmities and low desires,

The gift is yours." WORDSWORTH, The Prelude, Bk. II.


In the passages that follow select one of the two words in brackets, and give the reason for your choice in each

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[be] dropped out of the nest, it belongs



to the man who picks it up. If a jewel cast by the


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win it and wear it.

2. If to do




as easy as to know what

good to do, chapels had been churches, and poor men's cottages princes' palaces.

3. "And will you kill the Minotaur? How, then?" "I know not, nor do I care: but he must be strong if he

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5. Nevertheless, whether or no it

was were

entirely owing

to the inauspicious commencement of their acquaintance, she still acted under a certain reserve.

6. There's a strange lonesome look about this side of the house; so that my heart misgave me, somehow or

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how much less to be endured is that which a man suffereth from the multitude.

8. Let us do the deed this very day; or verily, if this



and it

be is

not done, I will go before any

so, we need good

other, and tell the whole matter.

9. Seeing then that these things [be]


counsel that we may return in safety.


10. If thou


thyself able to meet me in

battle, stay from thy wanderings and fight with me; but

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13. "Come along at once, my little one," cried the leader. "The King wants you for robbing his table." "Tell the King," he answered, "that I am holding

high court at home to-day, and that if he must come after me himself."



me, he

14. And now that he had found them, he looked as

though he


afraid of them both. Just about the

same time the sun had gone down, and as the fog was collecting rapidly, it began to grow dark in

earnest. I saw I must lose no time if I



to find

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not Italy within a month,

ill will it fare with his friends.

16. If a man

has have

been gifted with the heart of a hare, he can not exchange it for that of a lion.

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19. There was nothing remarkable to be detected, at first sight, in any of the valleys and dells that lay among the precipitous heights of the mountains. Noth

ing at all; unless indeed it


three spires of black

smoke, which issued from what seemed to be the mouth

of a cavern.

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